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Larkin is a full-service funeral provider. We make it easy for loved ones to get the details right so they can honor and celebrate the life that has passed on. While we recognize that there are a lot of options out there, the right service is really the only option. At a time when emotions are tender, receiving guidance by someone who has been around and understands your needs can help you find the perfect service. Six generations of serving Utah’s communities has given Larkin a few insights.

Life Stories posted by Larkin Mortuary

Photo of Steve Emerson Stephens

Steve Emerson Stephens

Feb 9, 1938May 16, 2024

Photo of George Matthews

George Matthews

May 26, 1953May 18, 2024

Photo of Lenée Lynn Lameyer

Lenée Lynn Lameyer

Feb 24, 1987May 15, 2024

Photo of Kenneth Mark Sowby

Kenneth Mark Sowby

May 15, 1956May 13, 2024

Photo of Dallas Ray Johnson

Dallas Ray Johnson

Dec 23, 1985May 11, 2024

Photo of Janet Louise Blackhurst Romney

Janet Louise Blackhurst Romney

Oct 24, 1931May 16, 2024

Photo of Kerstin Ingalill Hedstrom Kramer

Kerstin Ingalill Hedstrom Kramer

Dec 24, 1937May 8, 2024

Photo of Craig William Petersen

Craig William Petersen

Jan 26, 1956May 11, 2024

Photo of Vicki Lynne Evans Kolan

Vicki Lynne Evans Kolan

Apr 22, 1946Apr 15, 2024

Photo of Martin Anthony Frustaci

Martin Anthony Frustaci

Oct 30, 1947May 11, 2024

Photo of Steven Gregory Parker

Steven Gregory Parker

Jul 25, 1968May 2, 2024

Photo of K. Brent Keate

K. Brent Keate

Oct 7, 1948Apr 25, 2024

Photo of Ethel Gottfredson Gottfredson

Ethel Gottfredson Gottfredson

Sep 29, 1934May 1, 2024

Photo of Evelyn "Schmidt" Erna Pollaehne

Evelyn "Schmidt" Erna Pollaehne

Nov 11, 1936Apr 30, 2024

Photo of Swen Russel Swensen, M.D.

Swen Russel Swensen, M.D.

Oct 17, 1937May 2, 2024

Photo of Richard Junius Carling

Richard Junius Carling

Dec 6, 1937Apr 30, 2024

Photo of Karen Jo Case

Karen Jo Case

Feb 29, 1956Apr 24, 2024

Photo of William "Bill" Herman Scavezze

William "Bill" Herman Scavezze

Nov 17, 1941Apr 26, 2024

Photo of Frank "Tad" Bonell

Frank "Tad" Bonell

May 11, 1927Apr 20, 2024

Photo of Leanna Michele Johnstun

Leanna Michele Johnstun

May 8, 1954Apr 25, 2024

Photo of Michael "Coach" Furness

Michael "Coach" Furness

Apr 18, 1944Apr 24, 2024

Photo of Robert Farrell Gordon

Robert Farrell Gordon

Apr 21, 1941Apr 24, 2024

Photo of Arthur Hughes “Bub” Horne

Arthur Hughes “Bub” Horne


Photo of Elizabeth "Betty" Ann Green

Elizabeth "Betty" Ann Green

Jul 28, 1929Apr 13, 2024

Photo of Robert John Scarcelli

Robert John Scarcelli

Dec 2, 1940Apr 9, 2024

Photo of Irene Parehuia Ruru Teran

Irene Parehuia Ruru Teran

Mar 18, 1947Apr 8, 2024

Photo of Richard Scott Tyner

Richard Scott Tyner

Mar 15, 1948Apr 6, 2024

Photo of Kathren "Joyce" Baum Hill

Kathren "Joyce" Baum Hill

Jul 14, 1935Apr 9, 2024

Photo of Geneva Deon Sweatfield Wilkins

Geneva Deon Sweatfield Wilkins

Apr 23, 1935Mar 29, 2024

Photo of Thelma Colene Oviatt

Thelma Colene Oviatt

Nov 16, 1933Mar 27, 2024

Photo of Cameron Ammon Cloward

Cameron Ammon Cloward

Sep 22, 1988Apr 2, 2024

Photo of Helen H. Gabler

Helen H. Gabler

Jan 22, 1940Mar 30, 2024

Photo of Laauli Lemanua Teofilo

Laauli Lemanua Teofilo

Feb 24, 1952Mar 30, 2024

Photo of Karl Perry Woolsey Jr.

Karl Perry Woolsey Jr.

Mar 14, 1934Mar 30, 2024

Photo of Douglas Karl Jones

Douglas Karl Jones

Aug 21, 1939Mar 28, 2024

Photo of Marilyn Walters

Marilyn Walters

Feb 10, 1934Mar 27, 2024

Photo of Ricky "Rick" Harvey Dearr

Ricky "Rick" Harvey Dearr

Oct 11, 1954Mar 23, 2024

Photo of John Paul Byington

John Paul Byington

Jul 26, 1966Mar 23, 2024

Photo of Penny Margetts

Penny Margetts

Nov 29, 1935Mar 23, 2024

Photo of James Arthur Bruner

James Arthur Bruner

Jun 9, 1944Mar 24, 2024

Photo of Lon Dale Secrist

Lon Dale Secrist

Feb 21, 1948Mar 15, 2024

Photo of Isla Daun Lundell

Isla Daun Lundell

Jul 17, 2019Feb 29, 2024

Photo of Janice "Jones" Brown Beardall

Janice "Jones" Brown Beardall

Apr 28, 1948Mar 13, 2024

Photo of Judy Lynn Powell Seal

Judy Lynn Powell Seal

Aug 1, 1941Mar 11, 2024

Photo of DeAnn Clinger Williams

DeAnn Clinger Williams

Jul 18, 1939Mar 8, 2024

Photo of Kirk Jay Larsen

Kirk Jay Larsen

Jul 1, 1942Mar 7, 2024

Photo of Herbert 'Herb' Joseph Oborn

Herbert 'Herb' Joseph Oborn

Nov 17, 1942Mar 3, 2024

Photo of Richard Mark Bartholomew

Richard Mark Bartholomew

Dec 5, 1949Feb 20, 2024

Photo of Karyn Ann Jensen Haeckel

Karyn Ann Jensen Haeckel

Oct 10, 1939Mar 1, 2024

Photo of Jerry Vern Nielsen

Jerry Vern Nielsen

Jul 31, 1943Feb 26, 2024

Photo of Tommy Ray Zarogoza

Tommy Ray Zarogoza

Jun 30, 1961Mar 1, 2024

Photo of Richard Lee Burt

Richard Lee Burt

Mar 12, 1932Feb 29, 2024

Photo of Joanne Huntsman Waters

Joanne Huntsman Waters

Jan 21, 1938Feb 26, 2024

Photo of Jarett Edward White

Jarett Edward White

Aug 19, 1971Feb 25, 2024

Photo of Evan Blaine Brown

Evan Blaine Brown

Sep 30, 1927Feb 24, 2024

Photo of Marilyn Robinson Holt, PhD

Marilyn Robinson Holt, PhD

Feb 16, 1928Feb 24, 2024

Photo of Elizabeth Rhinesmith

Elizabeth Rhinesmith

Aug 11, 1949Feb 25, 2024

Photo of Virginia Ruesch

Virginia Ruesch

Dec 24, 1925Feb 24, 2024

Photo of Patricia Wilkins Cannon

Patricia Wilkins Cannon

May 29, 1925Feb 2, 2024

Photo of Linda Kay Shields Tanner

Linda Kay Shields Tanner

Aug 24, 1944Feb 20, 2024

Photo of Avery "Reb" ElRay Oxley

Avery "Reb" ElRay Oxley

Oct 18, 1937Feb 17, 2024

Photo of Dale Eldon McLing

Dale Eldon McLing

Nov 19, 1948Feb 16, 2024

Photo of Sharen Grace Dayton Daimaru Dick Sharpton

Sharen Grace Dayton Daimaru Dick Sharpton

Feb 4, 1937Feb 15, 2024

Photo of Thomas Kent Hollberg

Thomas Kent Hollberg

Oct 9, 1943Feb 17, 2024

Photo of Jerry D Durrant

Jerry D Durrant

Apr 8, 1942Feb 13, 2024

Photo of Harry Junius Collard Jr.

Harry Junius Collard Jr.

Dec 4, 1937Feb 16, 2024

Photo of Aston Caleb Evenson

Aston Caleb Evenson

Aug 19, 2021Feb 10, 2024

Photo of Joan Alice Jensen Peterson

Joan Alice Jensen Peterson

May 11, 1941Feb 12, 2024

Photo of Elwyn Langley Bergstrom

Elwyn Langley Bergstrom

Mar 19, 1922Feb 3, 2024

Photo of Rick C. Allen

Rick C. Allen

Aug 4, 1958Feb 6, 2024

Photo of Gordon "Lee" Balka

Gordon "Lee" Balka

Jul 3, 1945Jan 27, 2024

Photo of Alice Kay Silver Anderson Watson

Alice Kay Silver Anderson Watson

Apr 4, 1946Feb 5, 2024

Photo of Pauline Dearing Sturdy

Pauline Dearing Sturdy

Jun 27, 1950Feb 2, 2024

Photo of Merilyn Petersen Harvey

Merilyn Petersen Harvey

Jul 7, 1929Feb 3, 2024

Photo of Troy Allen Boone

Troy Allen Boone

Jul 20, 1962Jan 24, 2024

Photo of Edith Inge Neumann Baker

Edith Inge Neumann Baker

Mar 10, 1934Feb 1, 2024

Photo of Dewey Voy Taylor

Dewey Voy Taylor

Jan 31, 1933Jan 31, 2024

Photo of David Amon Mong

David Amon Mong

Oct 6, 1950Jan 26, 2024

Photo of Lester Martin Partlow, Ph.D.

Lester Martin Partlow, Ph.D.

Jan 14, 1943Jan 29, 2024

Photo of James Angus “Jim” Kelley

James Angus “Jim” Kelley

Feb 24, 1934Jan 27, 2024

Photo of Rose Marie Rogers Wiley

Rose Marie Rogers Wiley

Sep 15, 1929Jan 28, 2024

Photo of Renee June Barker Melville

Renee June Barker Melville

Oct 12, 1935Jan 27, 2024

Photo of Bessie Gail Fifield Saxton

Bessie Gail Fifield Saxton

Apr 16, 1940Jan 26, 2024

Photo of Dennis and Joanne Darke

Dennis and Joanne Darke


Photo of Kenneth "Scott" Scott Gillette

Kenneth "Scott" Scott Gillette

Dec 20, 1953Jan 16, 2024

Photo of Carolyn "Carrie" Garrett Nate

Carolyn "Carrie" Garrett Nate

Jan 21, 1938Jan 20, 2024

Photo of Eddie Joe Gilcrease

Eddie Joe Gilcrease

May 22, 1952Jan 17, 2024

Photo of Dr. Robin Winnifred Gray Bennion

Dr. Robin Winnifred Gray Bennion

Jan 4, 1932Jan 17, 2024

Photo of Vickie Lynn Adamson

Vickie Lynn Adamson

Aug 28, 1948Jan 20, 2024

Photo of Dorothy Anne Hicks Barber

Dorothy Anne Hicks Barber

Jul 1, 1951Jan 15, 2024

Photo of Nathan "Nate" Todd Kershaw

Nathan "Nate" Todd Kershaw

Jan 16, 1973Jan 18, 2024

Photo of Jenny Beth Murdock

Jenny Beth Murdock

Apr 25, 1933Jan 17, 2024

Photo of RueDell M. Sudweeks

RueDell M. Sudweeks

Oct 30, 1932Jan 12, 2024

Photo of Edith Lyman Isaacson

Edith Lyman Isaacson

Dec 31, 1924Jan 13, 2024

Photo of David Alma Hale

David Alma Hale

Oct 16, 1950Jan 14, 2024

Photo of Christopher Thomas Nelson

Christopher Thomas Nelson

Feb 20, 1963Jan 10, 2024

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