Another angel got his wings on January 3, 2024. Robert Norris Jennings was born January 19, 1977 to Stanley and Dorthy Jennings in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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From the moment he was born all he wanted to do was skate and play hockey. This love was so much a part of him that he was told he needed to learn how to walk before he could learn how to skate. As soon as he learned and the very moment he was old enough, he was always part of a team.

He participated in little leagues, high school teams, travel teams, hockey camps and all sorts of various tournaments all over the United States and in Canada.

He attended Skyline High School graduating in the class of 1995.

Shortly after graduation he started working for Arctic Circle restaurants. Starting as a cook he worked his way up to store manager and ran several locations all throughout the Salt Lake Valley, the longest at the Bountiful location for 14 years before transferring closer to home to

the West Jordan location.

He got married in 2003 to his wife Jen and went on to have 2 children.

Rob was a mellow and caring individual who leaves a void in all of our lives.

Preceded in death by his mother Dorthy Ann Terry Jennings, and father Stanley Claire Jennings, and Aunt Patricia Wronski.

Survived by his wife, Jennifer Adrienne Harman Jennings (Jen), son; Christian Robert Jennings, daughter; Audrey Renee Jennings and Sister Dorthy Jennings (Dee).

Here we are on the highway.

Here we are on the road.

Here we are in the parking lot’s pink coke machine glow.

Here we are in the bedroom.

Here we are in the bed.

Here we are beside each other,

After everything we’ve said.

-Gordon Downie

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Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Larkin Sunset Gardens
1950 E. Dimple Dell Rd (10600 S.)
Sandy , UT 84092


Friday, Jan. 19, 2024 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Larkin Sunset Gardens
1950 E. Dimple Dell Rd (10600 S.)
Sandy , UT 84092

Funeral Service

Friday, Jan. 19, 2024 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Larkin Sunset Gardens
1950 E. Dimple Dell Rd (10600 S.)
Sandy , UT 84092


Friday, Jan. 19, 2024 2:20 PM - 2:50 PM
West Jordan City Cemetery
7925 S. 1300 W.
West Jordan, UT 84088

Services Handled By

Larkin Sunset Gardens
1950 E 10600 S
Sandy, UT

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Jan 10, 2024

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I met and knew Robbie playing many years on the Rockets hockey team. Robbie played center and I played center so for 20 some odd years I would call out Robbie’s name while skating to the bench fully gassed after a shift. Given certain numbers of available Rockets forwards, we would go 3 sets of wings and 2 centers. Robbie and I were many times the 2 centers because we had the “young legs”. That wasn’t even that long ago so that tells you all you need to know about the average age of our Rockets team. Robbie and I would sometimes compare notes in between periods on how to win draws against opposing centers or commiserate on how terrible the refs were at dropping the puck properly. Robbie and I both shot left so I always knew that in a broken stick situation he was where I was looking for an emergency mid-play stick replacement from the bench. I would tease Robbie for his superstitious habit of switching the stick he started the game with for his backup stick if he flubbed on a pass or missed on a shot. You pay extra attention to the player you alternate shifts with and I loved watching Robbie out there on the ice. Forecheck, Backcheck, Paycheck. I remember some big goals in big games from Robbie right when we needed it the most. If you know the Rockets there were many instances of being down a couple in the 2nd period of a playoff game but that’s when Robbie would find a corner on a wrister from the top of the circle or he’d sneak in from behind the net to tuck one on a rebound to get us back in it and give us a little hope. Robbie would often have to play the peacemaker with the other team after any dust ups which, by the way, usually meant Rog, Stewie, Bono or even all three at the same time were in the box. Robbie also spent a little time in the box over the years but that was usually a result of him doing what needed to be done when someone thought they could take a poke at Kamshaft after a save. I’m going to remember all the times, sitting on the Rockets bench, the scoreboard definitely not in our favor, listening to our dysfunctional Rockets family squabbles and the venting of some frustrations. During those times, I knew I could look over and catch that signature Robbie smile and we could share a silent little laugh. It’s not going to be the same without seven seven. Thank you for all of it Robbie. Save us Rockets a few cold ones in whatever locker room there is on the other side.

Ben Huot , Cottonwood Heights, UT, US Jan 21, 2024

F=ma. Or, if you can remember your high school physics, Force=mass x acceleration. Most of us need a little extra of that “a” to generate much force. Robbie didn’t. He could put a skater down from a standstill. I can’t count the number of times that Robbie wrapped his stick blade around my ankle when no one expected it, or made it look like he was making a play on the puck, only to ignore the puck and direct his attention to my torso. Laying on the ice with my inner Sicilian bubbling to the surface, I’d look up and see him with that wicked grin and a silent laugh that was at once disarming and enraging all at the same time. Yes, Robbie was a prankster on the ice as well as off. I will miss the opportunities to return some of those favors, but mostly, I will miss my friend and a truly decent person. Jen, Christian, and Audrey, thanks for allowing us to celebrate this good man’s life with you today.

Tony Musci , Salt Lake City , UT, US Jan 19, 2024

We’ve known your family for a very long time. I remember when Audrey was born 💛. We love you and your family. Rob was always kind. I’ll miss seeing him walking the dog.

Much love. So sorry for this tragic loss.

Angie LeBaron Jan 13, 2024

Rob (and Jen) were a huge part of my teenage years and instilled incredible values in myself and work ethic. Arctic Circle was my first job, I recall being so nervous but Rob was SO patient and always made sure we were laughing. I worked for Jen on and off for years at Arctic Circle and saw Rob often as well, literally always smiling. Sending so much love to Rob, Jen and family. This truly is a tragedy.

Ashlee Jan 13, 2024

You left us with so many happy and funny memories. I hope you know how much you were loved, Rob.

Michele Frisby Jan 11, 2024

Dear Jen and family, I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one and father. He will be missed by many friends and families. It sadden me that he is gone too soon. May be rest in peace. Hugs.

Louise Kearl Jan 11, 2024


I am so very sorry for your loss.

Becky Martinez , Salt Lake City, UT, US Jan 11, 2024

Rest in Peace brother, gone too soon. 🙏

Patrick Fromm , New York , NY, US Jan 11, 2024