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  • How to Write an Obituary

    Obituaries are intended to announce the loss of a loved one and should include information about the memorial and/or interment services. Beyond these details, however, you may wonder exactly what to include and how to write an obituary. Don’t worry about following a standard obituary format. Your tribute on can be as long or short as you wish. And the more unique you make it, the more meaningful it is. Use these tips to get started.   
    Follow these steps to write an obituary.
  • 7 Things to Remember When Writing an Obituary

    Grief and forgetfulness go hand in hand. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you put your keys in the fridge or can’t remember why you walked into a room in the days after losing a loved one — it’s natural. It’s also natural to forget certain elements when writing an obituary. Use this guide as a reminder when creating a Life Story on, so you truly tell their whole story.
    Tips to remember when writing an obituary