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  • Ways to Honor Your Late Loved Ones During the Holidays

    Losing a loved one is never easy. But holidays often intensify grief — regardless of how recent your loss  — and you may feel like the season lacks the celebratory appeal you once enjoyed. This is normal. It doesn’t mean you have to forego festivities altogether, however. Rather than internalizing or ignoring your feelings, try externalizing and embracing them. There is joy in starting new traditions to keep your loved one’s memory alive during the holidays. 
    Traditions to keep your late loved one’s memory alive during the holidays
  • Honor your loved one by creating and sharing an online tribute is a tool for creating an online tribute — or Life Story — for your loved ones who have passed away. Unlike a traditional obituary, enables family and friends to post unlimited photos, stories, quotes and condolences. The pain of losing someone never goes away, but we offer a place to share memories that will last forever.
    Man walks through cemetery to visit loved one
  • How to Have Meaningful Thanksgiving Conversations

    Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get to know loved ones on a deeper level. Before anyone has the chance to address the elephant (or donkey) in the room this year, use these tips to avoid topics of debate and have discussions of a lifetime. Forget what you hate about Thanksgiving conversations and focus on those you love. Even if you aren’t able to gather around the dinner table, you can still talk meaningfully with older friends and relatives via a virtual feast or an old-fashioned phone call.
    Have fun, meaningful conversations with your family and friends using these conversation starters.
  • How to Write an Obituary

    Obituaries are intended to announce the loss of a loved one and should include information about the memorial and/or interment services. Beyond these details, however, you may wonder exactly what to include and how to write an obituary. Don’t worry about following a standard obituary format. Your tribute on can be as long or short as you wish. And the more unique you make it, the more meaningful it is. Use these tips to get started.   
    Follow these steps to write an obituary.
  • Tips for Writing Condolences

    Wondering how to write condolences? It’s not always easy to express how you feel. There isn’t a perfect combination of words to make the pain of losing a loved one disappear or a single “sorry for your loss” quote that applies to every situation. But the simple act of sending your sympathy means so much to those who are grieving, helping them feel loved and supported. Find inspiration in this guide to write a short, yet sincere, message of hope and comfort.
    Tips for writing condolences.  Whether you're writing to a friend, family member, or an acquaintance who has recently lost someone, these tips will help you to know just what to say.
  • 7 Things to Remember When Writing an Obituary

    Grief and forgetfulness go hand in hand. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you put your keys in the fridge or can’t remember why you walked into a room in the days after losing a loved one — it’s natural. It’s also natural to forget certain elements when writing an obituary. Use this guide as a reminder when creating a Life Story on, so you truly tell their whole story.
    Tips to remember when writing an obituary
  • How to Support the Bereaved During a Pandemic

    When others are hurting we have an overwhelming urge to help, especially those who have recently lost a loved one. You don’t have to be a frontline worker to provide solace  during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone can acknowledge a loss and give support during unconventional circumstances like these. Here’s how you can help a grieving acquaintance, coworker, neighbor, friend or family member.
    How to support the bereaved during a pandemic.
  • In Memory of Dad: How to Honor Your Late Father on Father’s Day

    Grief is not a linear journey. In the days and years following the loss of your dad or another male role model, certain things may make your heart ache in ways it hasn’t for a long time. It might be something small like seeing his favorite road-trip snack at a convenience store or something big like the nationwide celebration of Father’s Day. Though you are no longer able to physically be in his presence, there are ways to keep his memory alive as well as find comfort and contentment. This Father’s Day, consider honoring your deceased father, grandfather, husband or an important father figure in one of these ways. 
    Elderly Man's Hands
  • Meaningful things to do on Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is often celebrated by attending family picnics or local parades. With current restrictions on public gatherings, however, the federal holiday is likely to look a lot different this year. But that’s okay. Memorial Day isn’t just the unofficial start to summer. It’s about more than spending time on a patchwork blanket in the park or waving a flag as vehicles adorned with glittering stars float by.
    Flags in cemetary