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  • Ways to Honor Your Late Loved Ones During the Holidays

    Losing a loved one is never easy. But holidays often intensify grief — regardless of how recent your loss  — and you may feel like the season lacks the celebratory appeal you once enjoyed. This is normal. It doesn’t mean you have to forego festivities altogether, however. Rather than internalizing or ignoring your feelings, try externalizing and embracing them. There is joy in starting new traditions to keep your loved one’s memory alive during the holidays. 
    Traditions to keep your late loved one’s memory alive during the holidays
  • Tips for Writing Condolences

    Wondering how to write condolences? It’s not always easy to express how you feel. There isn’t a perfect combination of words to make the pain of losing a loved one disappear or a single “sorry for your loss” quote that applies to every situation. But the simple act of sending your sympathy means so much to those who are grieving, helping them feel loved and supported. Find inspiration in this guide to write a short, yet sincere, message of hope and comfort.
    Tips for writing condolences.  Whether you're writing to a friend, family member, or an acquaintance who has recently lost someone, these tips will help you to know just what to say.