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  • A Guide to Planning Memorial Services Amid COVID-19

    Planning memorial services during quarantine often creates another sense of loss during a time that’s already rife with grief. Wakes, viewings, funerals, shivas and other religious and cultural traditions associated with the passing of a loved one are a departure from what we are used to because of the pandemic. And though the services may also differ from pre-planned arrangements, you don’t have to postpone memorial services indefinitely. It’s still possible for friends and extended family members to pay their last respects, mourn collectively and find comfort in each other. Use this guide to aid the planning process, honor your loved one and grieve safely. 
    A guide to planning a Memorial Service during COVID.
  • How to Support the Bereaved During a Pandemic

    When others are hurting we have an overwhelming urge to help, especially those who have recently lost a loved one. You don’t have to be a frontline worker to provide solace  during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone can acknowledge a loss and give support during unconventional circumstances like these. Here’s how you can help a grieving acquaintance, coworker, neighbor, friend or family member.
    How to support the bereaved during a pandemic.