If there’s anyone who lived life to the fullest, it was Taylor. He was the life of the party and the party of life. His motto was “full throttle” and you were lucky if you could keep up. Whether it was spontaneously imitating a skater at a party -- with all the bruises to show for it – taking advantage of any and every hike in Utah or performing his signature dance moves like “stirring the bowl” and using his slang words like “yolo” and “gang-gang”, he never stopped.

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Taylor spent his life helping the people he loved. Though he died much too young, he made a monumental impact while he lived. From the moment Taylor was born, he had a way of making everyone around him feel special. Arms continually outstretched to others, he never experienced stranger anxiety or shyness. He was everyone’s baby. Instead of crying when he woke from naps, he would smile and burst with excitement at the sight of his mother.

As he grew, he was always on the go. He’d often accompany his mom to her college campus, introducing her as “his mother” to everyone they met. She would have kept him by her side forever, but he had a world of people to love and influence.

He connected with all personalities, and was happiest around other people, especially if he was making them laugh. No one could put a smile on your face like Taylor. He had a knack for keeping in touch with friends, often leaving voicemails that lasted minutes long with jokes, words of affection, and encouragement. He spread joy with his obvious love for others, and his big bear hugs.

Taylor’s active lifestyle included playing wide receiver for the Taylorsville Bantams in 9thgrade. With his dad as his coach, Taylor and his teammates made it all the way to the World Championships in Little League Youth Conference. They had the spirit to win, despite being the underdogs. Their theme song, “Give Me Fuel, give Me Fire,” echoed their energy and their fight to the finish. Taylor knew how to work in a team, and never let anyone tell him what was impossible.

Taylor loved travelling, the outdoors, and all things adrenaline. He could often be found having Brunch at Redrock and drinking with friends.

Taylor is survived by Tim and Linda Mattson (parents), Tawni Mattson (sister), Alix Mattson (brother) and the Redwood Elite. He is preceded in death by Duane Burns (grandfather).


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Memorial Redwood Mortuary & Cemetery
6500 S Redwood Rd
Salt Lake City, UT

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Jul 23, 2020

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This absolutely breaks my heart. It has been years since I have seen you all, but I have always held you close to my heart. I am so very sorry for your loss. Many prayers and positive thoughts. Love Sharla Miller and Austin, Taylor and Dylan Fizer

Sharla Miller , St George, UT, US Aug 12, 2020

Linda and Tim, I'm sending you my condolences and love. You are a great family!

Sue Parker , Taylorsville, UT, US Jul 30, 2020

Tim and Linda

Hi I am so sorry to see and just hear that Taylor passed away the other day I saw and found out so sad he was kind when I said Hi to him on Facebook and told him I new his parents you guys Tim and Linda even thow he did not remember me from baseball because he was younger hi was still kind to me and did not block me on Facebook and let me be a friend to him as well very neat

Taylor's kindness will be missed my prayers are being sent to your way to you guys and love you guys in a good way Tim and Linda and I am here to help give support 👍😪❤

Jess Wright Jul 26, 2020

No words could ever express our saddness for your loss. He was always such a polite, respectful young man. We love you guys so very much. Please know that if we can ever do anything for you, just ask.

Kim Ingraham Jul 24, 2020

Tim and Linda, family

We have been thinking of you all with so much sadness. We all had so much fun doing the Taylorsville little league football. Craig and i met so many good friends and Ryan was able to look up to Taylor and his team mates. Although we haven't seen you for awhile we still have very wonderful memories. We will not be here for the celebration of life in honor of Taylor but we will be thinking of you all. Love Craig, Julie, Ryan and Alyssa

Julie Morgan , Taylorsville, UT, US Jul 24, 2020

Thank you for raising such an amazing and sweet son. It’s been too many years since I’ve seen Taylor but throughout all this time whenever I thought of him I could always hear his laugh and kind voice so vividly inside my mind. Whenever I thought of Taylor I could see his smile and eyes gazing down at me, the sun shining down brightly on his face and backpack. The memory never faded, I don’t remember others from high school like that but when it comes to Taylor I have a perfect memory of the way he spoke to me and what it was like being near him. Out of all the kids in high school, he was one of the only ones that I can remember so vividly. He never made me feel out of place or like I wasn’t part of the group. Between classes, all the kids would gather in groups to socialize for a couple minutes. When I was too intimidated to walk up into the group (even though I had been going to school with all these kids for for so long) it was Taylor who made me feel like I was a part of them. I would be scared and felt like nobody would notice me, then I would see Taylor and easily be able to walk up to them and feel like I was part of the gang. I could always yell “Taylor!!”And and I was guaranteed a giant smile and a “Hey Del!” back every single time. Taylor had no idea the impact he had on me and how that simple gesture helped me get through the day at school. He was 100% unique in every way and I always thought that any woman who ended up with him would be really lucky. The last time I think I talked to him was about a year or so after we graduated and we talked on the phone for over an hour. He was so nice and so excited to hear about my goals and my dreams even if they were really out of this world. He made me feel completely good about myself and told me to “forget the haters” which was really rare from high school boys in that time. I remember Taylor perfectly one time, sitting with his mom at the football game dressed really nice for his team and he was really sad that he couldn’t play because I think he just had a surgery, I’m not sure. But I remember him being with his mom and being a doting son in a way I found very charming and sweet, embracing her when she wrapped her arm around him. He was a gentleman beyond his years even if he had a little bad boy streak in him sometimes. Taylor deserved the absolute best in his life. A few months ago I was walking and I saw him, I squealed like a little girl and ran because he was too handsome that day and I didn’t have makeup on. He never saw me and I really regret not just running up to him and yelling “Taylor!!!!!” and jumping on him because I know he would have looked at me and probably yelled back “Del!!!!”. I guess I’ll never be certain if it was him or not, but I do know for a fact that I was spazzing out the entire rest of the day over the fact that I thought I saw THEE TAYLOR MATTSON. Thank you Taylor for being my inspiration and one of the only people I can look back on and remember smiling really hard just by looking up into your eyes. You’re more than an angel. You are this city and you are the entire sky. You are everything to everyone.

Delanie Walser , Taylorsville, UT, US Jul 24, 2020


Get in touch with me, please.



Kayli Apr 03, 2021

Tim and Linda,

I am SO sorry to hear about this, Sharon and I would love to attend any services that are planned for Taylor. These kids brought a group of good adults together to do some great things. To many memories to be discussed. My number is the same it was then. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help.

Chuck Taylor , TAYLORSVILLE, UT, US Jul 24, 2020