Suzanne with the middle of four children, born September 18th 1945 to Orville Rozell and Nady Belle Lundy. She attended college at the University of Austin Texas and went on to hold several jobs supporting Women’s issues, most notably as a coordinator for Women’s services at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. In 1977, she married Sherman Clow and welcomed her only child, Willis, two years later.

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After divorcing Sherman, she reconnected with Stephen Sparks, her long-time love whom she met in 1972 while attending the University of Texas. Suzanne and Stephen married on the island of St. Thomas in 1999. Suzanne retired in 2000 and devoted herself to volunteer work and receiving certification You can't know anything until you put your heart and hands into it. as a master gardener. She made several trips to Los Angeles to watch her son perform and attended all three of his weddings (in Charlotte, NC, Taipei, Taiwan, and Laguna Beach, CA.)

Suzanne passed away too soon on June 30th, 2021 at St. Rose Hospital in Las Vegas, NV. She is survived by her Husband Stephen, Son Willis, Daughter-in-Law Nisa, and many loving family and friends.


  • Survived By
  • Willis Clow, Son
  • Stephen Sparks, Husband
  • Nisa Clow, Daughter-in-Law

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Willis Clow

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Jul 20, 2021

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El Campo, Texas, United States


Las Vegas, Nevada, United States





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  • Intermountain Healthcare


  • Bachelor's
    University of Texas, Austin
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I was fortunate to cross paths with Suzanne at once per month. We played bunco with a larger group. It was always a delight to meet her. She was so warm and welcoming and positive. And she was very proud of her son.

Lynn , Henderson, NV, US Aug 01, 2021

Suzanne was very popular in school. Because I was Suzanne’s brother, none of the older boys ever picked on me, because they wanted her to like them. She kept me in line, too. I remember one time in junior high, I put my initials on Dad’s barbecue grill with spray paint. She warned me that I was going be in big trouble when he got home from work, and that I had better go get the paint thinner! Looking back on it now, I really appreciate her guidance.

After college, our relationship continued to develop and we began to become friends, not just older sister and younger brother. I remember many wonderful visits with her and her family. I had the best time making music with Willis more than once.

We were always good friends, but our relationship became even closer in recent years. She was becoming my confidant more than ever before. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving together recently. I really miss my weekly phone calls with her. They have helped me so much in recent times.

Johanna and Katherine also became closer with her in recent years. Suzanne made a real effort to reach out and strengthen the relationship. It was such a welcome gesture. She was so generous with her time and love, sending photos and memories of Lundy family history. We are so sad to have lost her so soon. We’re sending all of our love to everyone.

-- Don, Johanna, and Katherine

Don Lundy and family , Tucson, AZ, US Jul 29, 2021

Dear Willis, This is such a beautiful tribute to Suzanne. Your mom is the one person in your life who always loves you unconditionally and there is no doubt that Suzanne loved you always in that way. She was so proud of you and loved to share your achievements as you grew into the fine man you are today. And, dear Nisa, you surely know that she adored you too and was so happy that you and Willis found each other. Willis, I met Suzanne when you were in 1st grade in Open Classroom and your dad and I were on the science committee. We soon got together as couples and families and I was so happy to find a soul mate in your mom, after just moving to Utah. We remained friends all these years. There were several wonderful FaceTime calls, between us, over the past several months. I feel so fortunate that Suzanne made those happen. Those were a wonderful gift which I cherish as I think of her, every day. Much love to you, Nisa, your dad and of course, Stephen who loves her deeply and was such a wonderful partner to her over these past many years.

Carol and Donnie Bloswick , Salt Lake City, UT, US Jul 28, 2021

Suzanne was one of my dearest friends. We became friends the moment we met shortly after she and Stephen moved here to Sun City Anthem. Suzanne was a lovely, kind, caring woman. She was a very creative talent as well. I am the lucky recipient of some of her creativity. Suzanne and I enjoyed doing needlepoint and one of the fun things we enjoyed was going to our favorite needlepoint store and then to lunch. A fond memory of time shared with your mother. Suzanne will be missed by all who knew her. I know you have many wonderful memories of time spent with your mother and I hope those will be of help to you through this transition.

Karen Gustafson , Las Vegas , NV, US Jul 27, 2021

Willis, this is such a beautiful tribute to your Mom. She was an amazing woman, and I still can’t believe she is gone. I met Suzanne in 1995 when I joined the Women’s service line at LDS Hospital. We had a lot in common…born in the same hospital by the same Dr, our fathers knew each other and we both had deep Texas roots.

Suzanne was interesting and interested; she was very organized and yet did spontaneous without a second thought. She loved her family and was so proud of you. She maintained deep friendships over many years, and though most of us didn’t know each other, a few of us met this morning to reminisce about her. I miss her and am sending love and strength to you and Nisa, Stephen, and everyone who was fortunate enough to be in her orbit during her lifetime.

Janie Wilson , Sandy, UT, US Jul 26, 2021


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