Steven Dean Pyper

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May 4, 1961 - October 14, 2020

The definition of a brother in law is a man who is related to you through marriage to your spouse or sibling, not through blood. This would imply that a simple "I do" makes a brother in law. I beg to differ. A true brother in law will see you're in a jam with the family and fake an emergency to get you out of trouble. Not just any emergency either. I'm talking carefully crafted then executed without a flaw emergencies. A true brother in law will see you're a single mother with 3 boys and open his door and let you live under his roof so you can try to save money for a car, a home, expenses for 3 growing boys for months on end sometimes years with a smile, a huge hug and a "how can I help'"? Never once making you feel you are a burden. A true brother in law will share private jokes with you. From far across a crowded room you can hear him talking when you're in a bad spot. You can hear him talking effortlessly and no one else knows the words he is speaking are really meant for you. Maybe they make you laugh, maybe they will bring you strength but you know no matter what happens, he's got your back. A true brother in law will loan you money a thousand times and never make you feel like you're a drain on his finances when you know the money for your sons first guitar came out of his food budget. A true brother in law in loves your sister with all his heart. He doesn't leave when things get hard. He works hard year after year providing for his family and proud to do it. A true brother in law will lose his good health and slowly start to disappear before your eyes as his body is ravaged by infection and disease but he will never lose his sense of humor or his love for you. A true brother in law will be leaving this world but stir when you enter his room. He will call you over and tell you what a joy it was to have you in his life and comfort you when he is the one in terrible pain. A true brother in law will create a spot in your heart that can never be filled, not ever because he is one of a kind. A true friend, a true mentor, a true blessing in my life. We were supposed to be in this world for years to come but life isn't fair. They say the good die young. That must be true because last night in the early morning hours at just 59 yrs of age you left us. I know there is joy beyond compare in heaven today as you and Sandee finally are together again. 32 yrs of love and marriage doesn't die. It just waits til you are reunited. I know you are healthy again and free of pain but oh how we will miss you. Not a day, not one single day will go by that you are not loved, missed and remembered. Shoes like yours can never be filled and that is one hell of a legacy.

Written by Sherry Crichton


  • Survived By
  • Timothy 'Chadd' Ellis, Son
  • Samantha Pyper, Daughter
  • Stacee Pyper, Daughter
  • Preceded in Death By
  • Sandee Pyper, Wife

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Aunt Sherry

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Oct 15, 2020

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You look so much like your dad! I thought of you often throughout the years hoping you’re doing well! Always a big bear hug when I would see you! Thank you for the memories! So sorry for your suffering but happy it’s no more!!! Love to you and your family always!!!

Love your cousin, Stephanie Danjanovich

Stephanie Austin Danjanovich , Herriman, UT, US Apr 18, 2021

I love you Dad!!! Thank you Aunt Sherry!

Love you forever,

Stacee Dell

S Pyper Oct 30, 2020

That was such a loving, tender, and beautiful obituary.

Stephanie Miller Oct 22, 2020