Shawn Thomas Eggett


Born October 5, 1962

Affectionately known as Mag, he left this earthly experience June 4th, 2020 at 10:19pm

Most of which time was spent in laughter and Tomfoolery, well knowing that his choices would affect everyone around him. And they did. For every second he spent in pain, he spent millions in joy and true understanding of what living is and shared it freely.

The short of the long of it is this: Body, Mind and Spirit.

His body has taken a beating pretty much from Day 1. If it wasn’t something that got him in trouble with mom, it was some grandiose, bigger than life scheme with danger lurking around every corner that would somehow require stitches or debreeding. It wasn’t always his body taking a beating either, it was anyone in earshot that became infected with his intense sense of adventure and wonder. He believed we all could fly or at least recover from the crash.

His mind was a bit like a fun house. His sharp, stingy wit and steel trap mind was filled with intensely sensitive sensory nodes. Sharp as a tac, smart as a whip and crazier than a shit house rat, whatever that means. He was Einstein, Butch Cassidy and Spicoli all wrapped into one bright beautiful deranged package.

His soul was another story all together. A deep sense of the universe made him fearless, both forgiving and unforgiving, light in spirit and seemingly older and wiser than time. He never truly feared what life would bring for his soul knew it was but a blip on the radar. All the while, his tender soul shared his love, his heart, his opinions with anyone who could possibly understand where it was coming from and even some that couldn’t. He shared his essence freely.

As we say goodbye to his physical presence, we welcome his spirit to guide us and all who want to share what infectious riot lay in wait. Take that. Run with that.

We can honor him by remembering where his heart always lay, by always doing our best with what we have been given and when it comes time to practice dying, knowing that is exactly what living is.

He is survived by his loving wife Tammy (he was her best friend), Dad: Larry Lynch, Brother: Larry Max (Cheri) Sisters: Marci (Keith) Rasmussen, Jodi (Lee) Hugoe, Nikki Nelson. Daughters: Ashli Reschke, Charity (Jason) Hughes, Heather (Kurtis Kowboy) Munden, Step kids and grankids: Aaron, Dustin, Emerson the Skittlebug and Alister the Pirate

Granddaughters: Bayli Mae, Hayder Tater, Ellie Belly and Tessa Jay.

Preceded in death by his loving Mother: Sigrid Madsen Eggett, Grandparents: John Thomas (Edna Lynch) Eggett, Eugene (Clara Belle Downey) Madsen, Lance Dixon Downing, Nina Eggett, Aunts and Uncles and cousins that held him dear. He has said goodbye to too many others he felt were family, friends, all who were waiting on the other side with open arms. Especially Todd Harrison who has waited many years to catch up. Quite the band of gypsies as mom would say, all together guiding and loving us all from afar.

Thanks to all who have shared this time with us, know that your presence and sharing of love and memories is what helps us get through. Much appreciation for celebrating Mag and making new memories with us. For more information and online condolences please visit


Mag was specific with his wishes.

Friday June 12th, 2020

Escorted by the Bountiful City Jeep Posse, a precession will begin at 2:30PM from Independent Funeral Service at 3363 South Highway 89, Bountiful, Utah to The Bountiful City Jeep Posse Clubhouse at 250 West 1050 South, Bountiful. Utah. Followed by a Celebration of Life and open house for anyone wishing to pay respects to the families, share your memories and your love with us, from 3 until 5 pm.


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Independent Funeral Service - Bountiful
3363 S. Highway 89
Bountiful, UT

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Jun 06, 2020

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My heart goes out to the whole family. We didn't stay in touch after High School but what fun memories I've held onto all of these years. Driving around in the summer with Shawn, Todd, and Lael is where I learned to love Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. So many of us loading up in the back up of the pickup truck to drive to the Eggette Land and open the gate or driving straight up the hill climb to the B only to have several of us jump out pretty fast. And many more fun memories I could go on...

Thanks Shawn! :) RIP

Dawn Dalby Jun 11, 2020

Shawn was a great guy and a hard worker , so sorry for your loss tammy he was a great man

brent allen , ogden, UT, US Jun 06, 2020