Our beloved wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and friend passed away at the age of 87 on June 9, 2021. Sharon Lynne Barnett was born in Princeton, Illinois, and raised in Waterloo, Iowa. When she was a senior in high school, Sharon worked as a waitress at a diner in Waterloo. While working, fate introduced her to the man with whom Sharon would spend the rest of her life. She married Clayton Joseph Curphy, September 27, 1952, and was happily married for 68 years. Together, they had two children, five grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren.

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Sharon lived a rich and full life thanks to her endless energy, strength, tenacity, family, and wide-ranging interests. At her center was love of family and friends. Sharon’s love and legendary generosity (generous almost to a fault) were her hallmark traits. They defined her, drove her, and inspired those around her. While Sharon and Clayton experienced great success in life, they never lost touch with their humble upbringings and strong work ethic.

In their early years, Sharon and Clayton and their two children traveled from town to town throughout Iowa and much of the country, following Clayton’s work in construction. They eventually settled in Colorado, where they would build their lives, family, and legacy.

Sharon was many things to many people, and her career was no different. For many years Clayton was on the road and away from the family working weeks at a time, and even when he was in town, he worked long exhausting hours. Sharon worked long and exhausting hours as a full-time Mom. Lunches, school, clothes, so many practices and games. She took care of the kids, the house, Clayton and volunteered in the community. She had many talents and soon found herself doing all sorts of things. At one point, Sharon was a heavily sought-after photograph re-toucher. She straightened ties, removed blemishes, fixed people’s hair, and even removed pregnancy bumps on negatives! Years later, when Clayton started his own construction company, Wycon, Sharon was an integral part in getting the business off the ground. She worked at Wycon for years in the role of Special Representative.

Sharon enjoyed many activities like sewing, cooking, golfing, bowling, traveling, walking with friends, and throwing crazy dinner parties! She had a sharp wit and was a dangerous card shark. She was also known for crocheting beautiful sweaters and afghans, which she enjoyed sharing with her friends and family. Sharon just loved families with young children. Wherever she went, she would “ooh and ah” if she saw a young child and have to stop and admire them.

Sharon’s favorite time of the year was Christmas. She loved everything about it! She loved everything from home decoration, preparing for guests, shopping for oodles of gifts, and most of all, having a house full of family. Year after year, it all went off without a hitch due to the hyper-organization in all that she did.

Her light shined brightest when it came to her family, whom she loved dearly. Sharon was always interested in her family’s lives and loved to listen, rejoice in accomplishments, provide a shoulder to cry on, and provide helpful advice. She looked forward to every phone call, FaceTime, and visit from family and friends. She had a way of always making people feel heard, special, and loved.

While Sharon loved her friends and family, they loved her very much in return. Everyone always looked forward to visiting or hosting Sharon and Clayton. Sharon and Clayton were both asked to officiate their grandchildren’s weddings. They felt it was a special honor and did so with dignity, humility, and humor, radiating their love for their grandchildren.

Hawaii was Sharon’s favorite place to vacation. She and Clayton made numerous trips to the islands with friends and family over the years. She especially loved the family vacations. Sharon loved the fantastic weather, walking on the beach, and looking for whales, turtles, and monk seals. She loved watching her grandchildren and great-grandchildren swim, surf, make sandcastles, bury themselves in the sand, and splash in the waves. Being with her family as they played games or flew kites on the grassy area was especially delightful. Sharon didn’t like being seen in a swimsuit, but she shouldn’t have cared. Sharon was always a beautiful person. Inside and out.

This past year was challenging for Sharon. She experienced significant, unrelenting back pain and shortness of breath, but she never complained. She was always more concerned with the emotional or physical pain of others. She would always turn the attention away from herself. When Sharon was asked about her own pain or health, she usually replied, “It’s not that bad.” Sharon was a tough and resilient woman who never wanted to burden anyone, including Clayton. She never gave up trying to get better or do better.

Wonderful memories of Sharon will live on in the hearts of her family and friends.


  • Survived By
  • Clayton Curphy, Husband
  • Melody Vecchi, Daughter
  • David Vecchi, Son-in-Law
  • Kip Curphy, Son
  • Jody Curphy, Daughter-in-Law
  • Wyatt Hamon, Grandson
  • Jody Hamon, Grandaughter-in-Law
  • Lucas Hamon, Grandson
  • Juliana Hamon, Granddaughter-in-Law
  • Justin Curphy, Grandson
  • Michelle Curphy, Granddaughter-in-Law
  • Nicole Vecchi, Granddaughter
  • Delaney Keating, Granddaughter
  • Danae Curphy, Great Granddaughter
  • Cooper Keating, Great Granddaughter
  • Jonah Hamon, Great Grandson
  • Scarlett Hamon, Great Granddaughter
  • Owen Hamon, Great Grandson
  • Autumn Hamon, Great Granddaughter
  • Sabrina Frey, Great Granddaughter
  • Samantha Frey, Great Granddaughter
  • Preceded in Death By
  • Edward Barnett, Father
  • Helen Barnett, Mother
  • Jerry Barnett, Brother
  • Martin Barnett, Brother

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Jun 22, 2021

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Princeton, Illinois, United States


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Sharon was a wonderful person and Denise and I will always cherish the time we got to stay at their house in Colorado while traveling from a college graduation in Oklahoma back to Utah. I also enjoyed the pleasure of getting to golf with her and Clayton a number of times at the Park City municipal golf course. Our condolences and prayers are with the families who grieve her loss.

Russell Edens , Draper, UT, US Jun 27, 2021

A wonderful person who was high on life. Her and Clayton were a beautiful couple.

Clark Fassett , Broomfield , CO, US Jun 24, 2021

Truely a beautiful person inside and out. Will be sorely missed by all that knew her.

Ed Byrne , Erie, CO, US Jun 24, 2021

We know Sharon was a great person and will be greatly missed. Don’t forget that she was a pretty darned good golfer.

Ed and Linda Doran Jun 24, 2021

Absolutely a wonderful person. Both her and Clayton are special people.

George Pavlick , Northglenn, CO, US Jun 24, 2021

I didn't know Sharon, but I have never read such a beautiful and complete obituary. It really made me feel like I knew her. She was a beautiful person and looked so involved with her family. She was very classy! You are so lucky that you took a lot of photos of her and your family. My prayers are with her husband and family during this difficult time.

Anonymous , SALT LAKE CITY, UT, US Jun 23, 2021

Best Next Door Neighbors anyone could ask for. Sharon's smile was contagious.

Sheila Abdel , Broomfield, CO, US Jun 23, 2021