Dear sweet Sallie Jo Andelin Oliver, devoted mother, wife, sister, and daughter, passed away peacefully after a valiant fight against Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She blessed the lives of many, who crossed her path. Sallie had many trades throughout her lifetime including, Cosmetologist, Dental technician, Homemaker, Logistics technician, and Manufacturing technician. Sallie would light up a room when she entered. A real firecracker with her beautiful, red, curly hair and tall long legs. Sallie was a loving Mother to her three children, Hayden Oliver (Chelsea), Madilyn Oliver, and Riley Oliver Blackham (Bryce). She always made sure they had everything they needed and was so proud of them. Sallie was overwhelmed with joy when her first Granddaughter was born. "Lydia Grace" was her pride and joy. Sallie was preceded in death by her mother, Janet B. Hayes, sister, Vickie K. Andelin, and brother-in-law, Steve Vezina. She is survived by her husband, David Oliver; Step-father, Roger Hayes; father, Pat Andelin; brothers, Dennis Andelin (Kris), Chad Andelin (Cindie); and sisters, Camille Jepperson (Nicole), Pattie Vezina, and Kimberlee Womack (Jon).

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Sallie Jo Andelin Oliver

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Nov 03, 2019

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

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Religion and Beliefs

Latter-day Saint


Cosmetology & Beauty

Worked For

  • Hair Depot
  • Purple Inc.
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My beautiful sister Sallie Jo, you where always the nurturer and took care of everyone always cooking fantastic meals and loved a house full of people to share them with, I called you so many times for cooking advise... she was a loving Mother to her three children, Hayden Oliver (Chelsea), Madi Oliver, Riley Oliver Blackham (Bryce), she always made sure they had everything they needed and was so proud of them, Sallie was overwhelmed with Joy when her first Granddaughter was born, "Lydia Grace" to Hayden and Chelsea, She is the most beautiful Baby and was Sallies pride and joy.

Sallie is loved by all of her family and friends, She was a beautiful soul and brought Joy to all who knew her... rest in peace my beautiful sister, I love you...

Kimberlee Andelin-Womack , Dillon, MT, US Nov 03, 2019


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