Roy Oliver Woolley, age 92, passed away at his home in Lynndyl, Utah on Monday, May 11, 2020.

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How do you measure the worth of a life... in days, hours and minutes? For my dad, Roy Oliver Woolley, he measured his life by his sweetheart, our mother, Evelyn Minnie Pratt, eight wonderful children, 39 beautiful grandchildren, 139 cherished great-grandchildren, and 13 sweet great-great grandchildren.

Roy Oliver Woolley was born on July 24, 1927 in Wiscasset, Lincoln County, Maine to his wonderful mother, Rosa Elizabeth Croucher, and his wonderful father, Harold Curtis Woolley. He grew up in the small rural town of Wiscasset, Maine (near Bath, Maine) where he attended elementary school and Morse High School. He loved to play hockey on a small pond that he, his dad, and his brothers made near their home. He loved outdoor activities like digging for worms with his best friend, Chester Grover. He was in high school plays, clubs and sport activities.

He joined the Navy had age 17, during World War II, and went to boot camp in Geneva, Seneca Lake, New York and Tacoma, Washington. He was a civilian airplane spotter during World War II, and he was proud of that. During a ship to shore electrical hookup he was introduced to the LDS gospel by a gentleman who was in the substation. The man was reading a book, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette. He asked the gentleman what he was reading and the man said “you wouldn’t be interested.” This man introduced him to the Book of Mormon, a family friendship and a lifelong love of the gospel from that moment on. My dad said his wonderful and beautiful mother always taught him the gospel, so he recognized the truth when it was presented. He was a lifelong, faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He loved the gospel, his Savior, and Father in Heaven very much, and kept the Commandments and always taught them to his family. He held positions of Youth Sunday School Teacher, Home Teacher and a member of the High Priest Quorum.

Having completed the Navy Training Course for Electrician Mate Third Class and also completed the Navy Training course for Metalsmith Second Class all awhile on his Navy ship the USS Makin Island. He was also a member of the IBEW in Ogden, Utah, District 8. He worked as an electrician for over 60 years in many different states. He did electrical work for many of his family and friends. He also had a great love for studying and learning on many different subjects, including history, nature and politics. He was a true Patriot. He loved his country very much. Mom always said he was a curious man. He loved the field of health, studying it diligently, and always willingly gave advice to friends and family. He earned his degree in the Naturopathy from Sierra States University in Los Angeles, California and Denver Colorado. Later, he served as President of the Utah National Health Federation. He earned a Photography degree at a Photography school in Connecticut. He also took Art Courses.

Mostly my dad loved his sweetheart, his dolly, his honey, his wonderful children and all his grandchildren. He married his eternal sweetheart, Evelyn Minnie Pratt, on October 24, 1952 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple for time and all eternity. They met at a dance in Ogden, Utah, went on a date, and four days later asked her to marry him. They have been married for 67 and one-half years. He said he had to come out west to find a "Mormon Girl" to marry.

My dad was loved by everyone, family, friends and acquaintances. He was loved by all. People often commented on how special he was and how they loved him.

He is survived by his wife: Evelyn; eight children: Karen Woolley, Shanna Ruth(Donley) Jones, Roy Daniel Woolley, Tamara Elizabeth Johnson, Harold Curtis Woolley, David Pratt Woolley, Christine Woolley, Katricia (David) Cloes; 39 grandchildren; 139 great-grandchildren; and 13 great-great grandchildren; 31 grandchildren-in-laws and nine great-grandchildren-in-laws. He was preceded in death by his father: Harold Curtis Woolley; his mother: Rosa Elizabeth Croucher; brothers: Ralph (Murial) and Richard (Inga) Woolley; and sister: Ruth Woolley; grandson: Donley Brennan Jones; granddaughter: Dawna Ray Langford; great-grandchildren: Trevor and Rogan Langford, Lincoln Ray and Delta Ray; daughter-in-law: Margaret Sullin Woolley (David); son-in-law: Joel Johnson (Tamara).

We love you Dad, Daddy, Poopsie, Papa Darlin, Pops, Poppie, Gramper, Grandpa, Gramps, Eternal Companion, Sweetheart, My Rock and Friend.

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Jun 02, 2020

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Roy was an amazing man. I will miss our lively conversations about religion and politics. Never once saw him angry in 30 years. He would give you his last dollar or thinking nothing of driving hours if you needed help.

The Jazz lost one of their biggest fans!

Dad, thank you for the wonderful gift your beautiful daughter has been in my life. Until we meet again, I hope to always make you proud.

Dave Cloes

David Cloes Jun 02, 2020