Ronnie Mae Juarez Age: 72

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Died on August 11, 2021

Born on January 1, 1949, to Elvis (Toby) Devoy Kirby and Elizabeth Kay (Newman) Kirby

Mom/Grandma/Mama Gigi (Great Grandma) or you could call her one crafty Lady. She did all kinds of crafts.

I think her favorite crafts were the cute holiday themed paper crafts she made. They were more like paper treat holders.

She loved making these “treat holders” to give to her loved ones. She always wanted to touch more people than that of her immediate family and friends. She made enough “treat holders” for her kids and grand kids to give to co-workers (when the grandkids were younger their classmates) and the great grandkids to give to their classmate. (If you are keeping track for the last few years is was a bit more then 200 treat holders every holiday.)

Mom was amazingly talented and imaginative, she would see something in a magazine, newspaper or on the TV. Then she would create a pattern to make the treat out of paper, but that was not good enough it also had to hold candy (What is a treat if it can’t hold candy?)

When my sisters and I were young we also were voluntold to help with these paper treat projects, I think at that time we were at more then 400 paper treats (coworkers and 6 grandkids classes). We used to tease mom all the time she was running a sweat shop and all we got was the candy we ate while doing the projects. These memories are my the one I love the most, my sister, mom and I sitting around laughing and talking while our kids played havoc in the house.

This will be one thing I will try to incorporate with my family (totally on a smaller scale though)

Mom did not want to have services she would say if people would like to talk to me they can. They can just talk, and I will be listening and watching over her loved ones.

Mom has joined her mother, father, brothers and her first born child (which I know she was looking forward to seeing them) in heaven. Where she is now without and pain and in peace.

She is the strongest women I have ever known (our hero to the end). She will be missed by all of those still down here who will be thinking of her often: Her husband, kids, stepdaughters, grandkids, great grandkids, brother, sister and friends.

To the Best (Mama, Grandma, Great Grandma) Mama GiGi EVER!


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Memorial Redwood Mortuary & Cemetery
6500 S Redwood Rd
Salt Lake City, UT

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Aug 20, 2021

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Autumn and family, Thoughts and Prayers with you all. Your mom will always have a special place in my heart. So glad she is in no more pain. XOXO

Stacey Wanke Aug 20, 2021

To Sunshine and all of her sisters, children and grandchildren and loved ones you all are in our thoughts.

Crissie & Dustin Burke Aug 20, 2021

Ronnie was my best friend. We lived our

lives as best friends since high school.

We laughed and cried, took drives together,

to see parades and craft fairs. She taught

me how to climb on the roof to change

the pads on my swamp cooler. I will think

of her with love and kindness. I love you,


Leota Allen Aug 20, 2021