Roanne Duncan Rodda, our amazing Mom, Grandma and Gigi passed away of heart failure on September 1, 2021 in Murray, UT.

Mom was born on May 2, 1938 in Jackson, IL to Vora and Evelyn Archer Duncan. She had three brothers, Roy and Dennis who preceded her in death. Mom was very close to her remaining brother, Bill, and his wife Dolores who she lovingly referred to as her “BFF”.

She married Tony Rodda on August 15, 1954 in Yuma, Arizona. Together they raised 7 daughters, who she always said were “the best things that ever happened to her”; Louanne Bowles, Cindey (Steve) Beck, Kimm Partridge, Toni Rodda, Wendey (Louie) Peyton, Tami (Paul) Guidash and Debbie (Jim) Anderson.

She had 16 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren.

Her kids and their families were her whole world. She knew everything about each and every one of them and was a huge part of their lives.

To know Mom was to love her. She was one of the most fun-loving people around. If there was an adventure to be had, mom wanted to be right in the middle of it.

As per her wishes, there will be no funeral services. Our family will be having a very informal get together on Saturday, September 18, 2021, from 4:30 – 6:00 pm at Flat Iron-Mesa Park, Upper Pavilion, 1700 East 8600 South, Sandy, Utah where anyone who loved her is welcome to stop by.

Arrangements handled by Serenity Funeral Home, Bluffdale, UT. Please feel free to share memories and condolences at

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Sep 06, 2021

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Sorry to hear of her passing.

Steve vesely , Herriman, UT, US Sep 16, 2021

Well......what can I say about my mom. First, a good memory. Mom had 7 girls in 9 years and it took a toll on her teeth. She suffered with a "bad" smile for a long time and finally was able to get dentures. She had to have all her teeth pulled and wait for about 6 weeks before she could get her dentures. She wore a mask the entire six weeks (maybe she was gearing up for covid?). The day finally came and she went to the dentist and got her dentures. I will never forget when she came home that day, smiling as big as we all know she did, and saying she was so pretty now. She said, I want to show you something. She had not drank much of anything without a straw for a long time because any heat or cold hurt her teeth, so she proceeded to take a drink of water with no straw. Because she was not used to the new dentures or drinking without a straw, the water went down the front of her like a waterfall. She said "Well God damn, I can't even drink!" I laughed so hard she almost hit me!

Mom always wanted us to know that she loved us and she told us that every time she saw you or talked to you. Her heart was almost as big as her smile and her caring nature was something to learn from. She wanted us to be happy and encouraged us to grow, try, and succeed. Her presence will be missed, but her memories will be with us always. I am sure that she is making everyone laugh and teaching lots of people new card games. Mom, you are my hero, the wind beneath my wings. You let us soar and made us roar, and we will never let you be forgotten. I hope you know how much you will be missed!

Louanne Bowles Sep 10, 2021

I was fortunate enough to have been considered one of the 'Rodda girls', or one of 'my kids' as Roanne would say, back in the 1970's when I lived next door to the Rodda family on Honeycomb Road. I think of that time in my life, riding bikes outside, playing ditch 'em on summer nights with Debbie, Tami, Wendey and Toni, and waiting for Roanne's nightly call to bring the girls inside ... "Debbie Lynn, Tami Diane, Wendey Mae, Toni Marie ... time to come in!" as the night grew dark. My mom didn't have to worry about me; after the girls went home, there was no other reason to stay out so I, too, would head home. And then we'd do it all again the next night. I remember spending the night at the Rodda home on many occasions. It was always full of energy and fun and always - day or night - the smell of something yummy cooking! Roanne never seemed to mind if I was there and always made me feel welcome; a part of the family.

Later in my life, when my parents passed away, she wrote such kind words about them to me. Those words and her memories of them helped ease the pain of their passing. She was just a love. She embodied love and energy. She was a petite lady with a big smile, a big voice, and the biggest heart. It seems strangely fitting that in the end, it was her heart that gave out. That big heart ... she gave so freely of it for so many years and to so many people ... it just got tired and needed rest.

Rest well, sweet Mom#2. You've left so many memories and so many blessings here on earth in your girls and your grandchildren and great-grand children and in those lucky enough to have spent time with you. I will never forget you.

Barbara (Johnson) Kollar , Aliso Viejo, CA, US Sep 08, 2021

She one of the nicest person you would want

to know. She was very easy to talk to and made you think she care a lot and wanted to help you if she could. We loved her and the girls. Tony her husband was a good friend and enjoyed playing softball for him. Love the family.

Son and Sherry Sudbury , West Valley, UT, US Sep 08, 2021

How can you begin to leave a memory about Roanne? The memories are never ending and of course filled with lots of laughs and love. I met the Rodda family when our paths collided playing women’s softball back in the 80s. Over the years I had the great fortune of spending an incredible amount of time with Ro traveling to Florida for a Rodda girl’s trip, Reno to visit her beloved family, Antigua to simply relax and enjoy its beauty, and pretty much anywhere else anyone had an inkling to go.

Although the destination changed with each adventure, what was consistent was her love and acceptance for all. She told folks I was her 8th daughter….and then she made me feel like it.

Roanne, I will always remember when you traveled with us to St George for the Huntsman National Senior Games to cheer on our women’s softball team. And cheer us on you did! Dancing with our fans and leading the cheers. Man how much fun was that!

I love you so much and will miss your big personality and smile. Last but not least I will miss playing “Wild Kingdom” games with you…….you always hated it but you were always a great sport and played anyway.

All my love - Sharon Seppi (#8)

Sharon Seppi , Taylorsville, UT, US Sep 07, 2021

The memories of this incredible soul...”dear Roanne” goes waaaaay back. To a day she and my mother and father when they were attending bell gardens high school.

Our families shared so many fun times and memories from beaches to horseback riding.,camping trips etc! with so many laughs along the way!.

Roanne was a true friend ... til the end.

She was sooo full of life and love. She made sure you ( I ) knew it!


God bless her and her pure heart.

She was a true warrior and mother that loved her children.and grandchildren 100%.

We were ALL the better for having her in our lives.

I love you Roanne.....

you’re with your team again... God speed.💞💞💞💞

Holli “Smith”Moon Sep 06, 2021

I remember a sleepover at grandmas when I was maybe 10. My cousin and I came upstairs for a late night bowl of frosted Cheerios and sitting at the table was grandma, an empty pan and a fork. She looked at us and said “Well shit! I did it again. I ate the whole god damn pie!” We looked at each other and laughed and ate our cereal with her at the table. Grandma I hope you’re up there eating all the pie and laughing! Love you always and miss you forever!

Katie Pierson Sep 06, 2021

We’ve been friends since junior high and high school. Even though we live many miles apart, we kept in touch. I’m very saddened to hear she passed. I loved her and her energy. The smile was the best of all. Now you’re with Jesus my little friend.

Barbara Gesch , Huntington Beach , CA, US Sep 06, 2021

So sorry for the loss of a great mother, grandmother and friend.

Patty Guidash Sep 06, 2021

Best mother, person and human being in the world. Best mother to 7 great daughters. She was one of the very best friends you could ask for. Unofficially she was my mother in law. Officially she was my mom. Till we meet again. I love you.

Doug Bowles , South Jordan, UT, US Sep 06, 2021


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