Nannette Herndon, 80, of Utah County, passed through the veil on Sunday January 23rd, 2022 at the Timpanogos Hospital, surrounded by family.

She was born Nannette Bobeng on September 2nd, 1941 in Chicago, IL to parents Milton and Alicia. Nannette was the third oldest in a family of five children; Carolyne, Eugene, Michelle and John. Her parents moved the young family from the east coast, to a large plot of land they used as a farm in Fontana, California. There they raise cows, horses, chickens and goats. In her early 20's Nannette married James Cramer, with whom she had daughter Alycia. Three years later she was widowed. While still living in Southern California, Nannette worked as a legal secretary in Downtown Los Angeles. A point she often reminded friends and family members of, and what probably brought on her lifelong habit of wanting everything written down in detailed notes.

Nannette met and dated Wayne Herndon, while he was working as grounds keeper and maintenance on a large estate in California. Nannette and Alycia moved to Utah, and soon after Nannette and Wayne married. The two married in the LDS temple on June 26th, 1976. A little over two years later on February 9th, Nannette and Wayne welcomed their son Cory. The pair remained busy, working, raising a family and dedicating time to their church, temple work and family history. Nannette and Wayne were married for forty-four years before her passing. Nannette was passionate about her wellness business, holistic healing and helping those around her better their own personal health and happiness. She was a confidant of many and enjoyed being involved in loved ones lives. Nannette loved daisies, bald eagles, The Carpenters, Barbra Streisand, collecting paintings and works of art of the savior and talking about her many childhod memories on the farm, her grandparents and the love she held for her siblings.

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Feb 12, 2022

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Nanette lived in Los Robles Apts. in Thousand Oaks before she met Wayne. We were neighbors. She and Alicia moved to Utah and we lost touch. Blessings to you Alicia and greetings to Wayne.

Claudia Brock (Escalante, Anderson) Jun 19, 2022