Misha Himmelberger Morgan was stolen from us along with her infinitely thoughtful, kind and wonderful boyfriend, Rodney Salm, in a senseless and tragic car crash on the afternoon of Sunday, June 4, 2023.

A cherished daughter, sister, twin, aunt and friend, to know her was to love her, and if she loved you, she loved you forever.

Misha’s love is fierce and unyielding, whether it be her personal or professional life she wanted the best for everybody and put everything she had into helping others. This includes a long history of loving and advocating for animals of all kinds. Generous not only with her time and money, but also her kindness with a positive word about everyone; she was the best of us, relentless in her desire to make the worlds of her loved ones, of which there are many, a better place.

Misha impressed people from a young age, consistently creating a legacy of determination, confidence and compassion with every endeavor. Her striking outside beauty was no match for the beauty she held within herself, blessing each and every person she encountered. “Everyone needs an Aunt Misha” is a widely echoed sentiment by all those fortunate enough to even observe, let alone be touched by her remarkable and unwavering spirit of graciousness.

As a teenager Misha worked part time in the Personnel Department at Granite School District. It wasn’t quite so large back then. Her high school boyfriend’s mom hired her there so it was a loving place to work. She found many wonderful people here, including a fairy godmother named Carolyn.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Westminster College’s Nursing Program, and after a few years of nursing found a higher calling in teaching. Running the Medical Assisting Program at Granite Technical Institute, Miss Morgan beautifully educated 15 years of high school seniors who loved her. She also held dear the lifelong friendships of those she worked with during her time at the GTI.

Earning a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Leadership gave Misha the opportunity to help even more students as the Career and Technical Education Coordinator at Cottonwood High School, the very high school where she graduated nearly 30 years before. She spoke often about the wonderful people she was grateful to work with and the friendships made over these past few years.

Spending time with friends meant the world to Misha, from long time childhood friends Cerise and Jill, to her “mom” friends and her “volleyball mom” friends that she got to love through her nieces, Auntie Misha always filled brunches or lunches and volleyball tournaments with entertaining stories and fun facts. She loved them all so much.

Misha leaves behind her parents Irene and Phil Himmelberger, older brother Gordon (Teresa), twin brother Matthew (Jayne), twin sister Teri, favorite brother in-law Allen, her nieces and goddaughters who she endlessly adored with every ounce of her being Tessa and Quinn, her endlessly loved Yorkie Abby, her always loved Germany Family, her BFF Jill, the Salm family who she loved as her own, the wonderful friends she was so fond of that came with loving Rodney, and countless friends and loved ones from each phase of her life. Greeted in heaven by many loving friends and family members including her older sister Cindy, Tante Renate, her Mom across the street, Aunt Janet, and our sweet Penelope and Pepper.

We are shattered with the loss of this amazing force of nature. The world, while a better place for having had her in it, is immeasurably and forever darkened from the loss of her all encompassing light, there was so much more good she had left to give.

Celebration of Life Open House Gathering on Wednesday, June 14, 2023 from 10:30am until 1:00pm at the Adonis Church - 4176 South Adonis Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84124.


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Jun 08, 2023

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Irene and Phil, Fred and I are so terribly sorry for this tragic loss of your daughter. You are in our thoughts.

Fred Katwyk , Saratoga Springs , UT, US Jun 14, 2023

This is truly the hardest thing I have written. They say words can never express the extreme sadness that takes over your body and the hole that is left in your heart when you lose a loved one. I have experienced that yesterday when I received news that my friend of 27 years and sister in law of 14 years, was killed in a head on collision with her love, in a senseless act of road rage. They were innocence driving on the opposite side of the road enjoying a Sunday drive together. I know she would want me to have no anger, but that is so hard to do.

She called me her SisterFriend. We went through tough times together, helped each other out when it was needed, had each other's back, and laughed endlessly together. She loved fearlessly, and protected those she cared for.

I take solace in knowing she was with the man that gave her the happiness she deserved and they are together.

No one deserves to have their life taken because of a moment of rage.

Always my sister friend Misha! I love you to the stars.

Teresa Himmelberger Jun 10, 2023

I have know idea what to say….

The loss is so unbearable to a mother, father, to her twins (that have lost their other half,) her brother, and to her nieces all these people and so many more she loved dearly and she treasured them.

Misha I cherish you for being in my life and showing me what the true meaning of love is.

You will always be part of my heart.

I love you!


Ps Jazzy there to meet you!

Roxanne Himmelberger Earl , Murray , UT, US Jun 10, 2023

Irene & Phil,

Sending love, hugs and prayers, it’s been years since I seen any of you. You and Misha and Terri have been in my thoughts often. I am so sorry for your loss of Misha. Apparently she grew up the same happy, caring and beautiful little girl I knew.


Maxine Slaughter Jarmon Jun 09, 2023

Phil, we are so terribly sorry for the loss of your daughter and the pain your family is enduring as the result of this unspeakable accident. We pray that you and your family will be granted strength and peace in the days to come. I will never forget the kindness and patience you and Ernie showed me all those years ago as I was learning the ropes as a young paralegal. I became proficient at my job in part because of you two! Our hearts are with you at this terrible time. Love and light, Gene and Jan Chase Tabish

Gene and Jan Chase Tabish , Murray, UT, US Jun 09, 2023

Irene Phil Himmelberger, as well as family and friends. I am so sorry for your loss.

Donna Jun 08, 2023

You have my sympathy in the loss of such a sweet daughter; too soon, too sudden.

So sorry, my thoughts and prayer go out to your family.

Max Robinson , Jacksonville Beach, FL, US Jun 08, 2023