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Jan 3, 1916 Apr 22, 2007

Mildred Grace Stoddard was born Jan. 3, 1916, in Tucumcari, New Mexico, the second child of Lincoln Stoddard and Anna Pearl Graves. Mildred grew up close to Dot, her sister two years younger. Their mother would sew matching dresses for them, and many people thought they were twins. They loved to play with dolls together.

She met Clifford Cox while their families worked together in an onion patch, and Clifford asked her out the same day. After some months of dating, they decided to get married but had no money, so Clifford joined the army in 1934. In 1936, he got a furlough and they married on July 11. Mildred at times had to do difficult and unfamiliar things, but was brave and always pressed forward. Their first baby, Cliftine, passed away Dec. 21, 1937, and Mildred was in shock for a couple of months at the loss of their child. The following February, she finally cried for days, then felt better.

Mildred loved the tasks of homemaking. She and Clifford had three more children, Dena, Betty, and Melvin (Mel). She grew many gardens to feed the family and enjoyed getting fabric, sewing clothing, and TriChem.

As the children grew, she longed for a church and knew the children needed a church. At nights, she would cry and cry because she wanted to know the right way to live. Clifford knew some Mormons from work, and one day announced to her that they would go to that church, and it pleased her. One day, she found a pamphlet from the church. She read it and knew without a doubt that they had found the true church. She and Betty were baptized on January 5, 1952. The rest of the family later joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well.

She turned her life over to the Lord, and felt distinct guidance from Him in her life; she fully trusted Him. She wrote, “I never cease to marvel at the wonder and beauty besides the completeness of God’s plan for his children.” The rest of her family were later baptized and became sealed together forever in the Los Angeles Temple.

Mildred enjoyed spending her time with sewing and painting until near the end of her life. Clifford passed away in 2003. She missed him, and her own declining health often kept her home. She passed away April 22, 2007, in Clovis, CA. at the age of 91.

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