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Melissa "Missy, Sis" Ward S.

Nov 16, 1981 Jul 12, 2023

Melissa Sharon Ward, "Sis" or "Missy", peacefully went home to our God in heaven on July 12, 2023 with loved ones by her side in Orem, Utah due to acute liver failure. She was 41.

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Melissa was born to mother Dottie Adams on November 16, 1981, in Cheyenne, WY. Her father was Gregory Singer, and her bonus mother was Lynette Singer. She was always a Wyoming girl at heart. Home of the cowgirl, and what a beautiful cowgirl she grew up to be - tough as nails on the outside, kind-hearted and loving on the inside.

Sis as a little girl was silly, ornery, always smiling and loved Jesus. Sis grew up in a very large ‘blended family’ where her bonus-father Gary Adams added to the amount of love, jokes, care and many life lessons that were instilled in her. Surrounded by her many brothers and sisters: the pranks, water fights, spear grass fights and sibling rivalries and chaos were plenty! Growing up the sisters were not treated any differently than the brothers, and were expected to work just as hard, much to their dismay. Have you ever shoveled a Wyoming snow drift out in the country before? Work hard, be accountable, and do the job well is how a Wyoming kid is raised. If you’re lucky enough, you get to do all of this out in the country and be blessed to own some amazing animals.

Melissa was born with a passion for God’s four-legged creatures. This passion was first and foremost, and ultimately defined who she was as a person.

Sis growing up was surrounded by numerous dogs, cats, bunnies, ducks and geese, a peacock and the various other animals country kids find and bring home to raise. As a teen, she worked hard and saved for her first horse Blaze and first dog Omega. Missy’s horses and her dogs were kin, and their wellbeing and care were always a priority to her. From Blaze, Babe and Fancy to Omega, Punkin and Scooby - her fur babies were number one. They all had premium care and never went without being spoiled rotten.

Wyoming girl at heart. Home of the cowgirl, and what a beautiful cowgirl she grew up to be.

Through her passion for horses and Wyoming upbringing, Missy’s work ethic was defined. She was one of the hardest workers anyone could have ever known - always putting 110% effort into her work, whether it was for employment or on the farm. You could count on Missy to put in the overtime or throw more hay harder and farther than the guys. She never gave up, or quit until the work was done.

It was through her love of animals that Missy’s strongest feature shone through - kindness. Missy would give any human or animal anything they needed, even if it was to her detriment. Although she was allergic and they would give her itchy eyes and runny nose, Missy would make time to give the farm kitties love and affection. If she was needed for anything, all you had to do was ask and she would be there. Sometimes you wouldn't even need to ask, she would just be there offering any help she could.

She was fiercely loyal to those she loved and was the type of person you would want in your corner if you ever found yourself in the ring. She would have your back no matter what and would defend her loved ones without hesitation.

Missy always spoke her mind and never backed down from what she believed in. One would never need to question where she stood on any given topic.

She was sassy, tough, strong-willed and fiercely independent throughout her life on earth. She will always be remembered for her sass, joy, laughter and insurmountable strength to endure some of life’s hardest lessons.

Like the rest of us though, she was not invincible and had trauma that went unaddressed. It is our hope and prayer that her life will help to save even one person's life, and for you to be brave enough and strong enough to not go it alone and reach out for help.

Missy is survived by all her parents, all her brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, "Farm family" and her best friends.

A celebration of life will be determined at a later date. Announcements will be made on social media.

*If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction or mental health, please seek assistance. Whether you talk to a professional or attend AA, please get help. Know that you are never alone and you are loved and cared for.

1-800-662-4357 is the national SAMHSA helpline for those in need of resources and referrals

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