Beloved husband and father, Matthew Bingle, passed away January 21, 2021 of COPD. He was born in Salt Lake City, May 13, 1959, to Mary and Edmund Bingle. He was the youngest of six children.

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Matt married me, Katherine Blair, on September 13, 1988.

We had a son, Jesse Bingle, on March 19, 1992.

Matt and I met at Junior's Tavern sometime in 1987. We liked to shoot pool and have a few beers together. He was very good at pool and could keep the table for hours. Once he tried to throw a game and let me win, and I yelled at him for it so it never happened again! I learned how to give him a run for his money. We were good friends and could talk for hours.

Matt was a road trip and camping master. We visited many great places in the West; he knew all the good camping spots in the deserts and mountains, was very competent, and had all the accoutrements needed to make you comfortable in a tent. While on the road, he let me pick out all the music and snacks. We visited countless one-of-a-kind shops, cafes, and coffee joints. He instilled a love of camping, travel, and appreciation of the natural world to his son. He was an environmentalist and cared deeply about the preservation of our beautiful natural lands. He also enjoyed blues music, Edward Abbey and civil war books, good movies and documentaries, and sudoku puzzles.

Matt had empathy and concern for children, refugees, and the downtrodden, and he tried to make sure people were fed, especially during this pandemic. He gave generously to several charities. He also believed very firmly in equality for all people.

He loved get-togethers with family and friends and we enjoyed many dinner parties, Christmas and birthday parties, and camping outings. He could talk your ear off!

Matt was an electrician, first with the IBEW, and later at the University of Utah. He was smart and reliable and could fix almost every problem, so employees at the University were always glad to see him coming.

Matt is survived by his wife, Katherine Blair, his son, Jesse Blair Bingle, daughter-in-law Amanda Vance, sisters Joanne Koenig and Barbara Bingle, brothers Mike and Joe Bingle, and several nieces and nephews.

He is preceded by his parents and a brother, Rick Bingle.

Please give to the World Central Kitchen or the charity of your choice in his honor.

A party to celebrate his life will occur later this year, when the weather is nice and it's safer to get together.

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Katherine Blair

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Feb 06, 2021

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Vik just told me about Matt I'm so sorry to here of his passing he had such a great out look on Life, and was always fun to talk to.


Ed Munford , Kamas, UT, US Feb 26, 2021

I'm sending my sincere sympathies to all who loved Matt.

I knew him in high school where we were good friends, hanging out, hiking, and playing hockey.

Matt introduced me to two of the great loves of my life, on one of the greatest adventures I have ever experienced: backpacking and the desert. He, and Ed, and Mike and I (on my first true backpack) did an epic trip to Escalante in 1975, in an attempt to walk from Coyote Gulch to Harris Wash - about 40-50 miles. We made it about 12 before it snowed, rained, and flooded the river. We had to go back, through the cold water, surrounded by ice and snow, putting our old leather boots on every morning, frozen hard as stone. I was's wonderful to read that Matt continued to be a happy camper.

Matt was a gentle true spirit, and even though I probably haven't seen him in 40 years, I will carry him with me in my pack forever. Rest easy, my friend...

Scott Dissel

Scott Dissel Feb 12, 2021

Matt and I went to high school and played little league football together a year or two. I loved to be around him for his genuine smile, humor and humanity even back then. Nobody did not like Matt. Seems like yesterday. Reading this makes me wish our paths had crossed again somehow. Lucky to have been his friend for a time though. See you down the road Matt.......

Matt Ivers Feb 10, 2021

I knew Matt from Our Lady of Lourdes and Judge. I knew him as a gentle soul whose heart touched us all. Be at peace, until we meet again.

Kim Russo Feb 08, 2021

Always liked Matt, we had some nice conversation then lost track over the years, his love of the outdoors mimicked mine, nice to see, Matt you'll be missed....

Guy Coley , Salt Lake City, UT, US Feb 08, 2021

Matt was a good friend. I met him many years ago when he married my great friend, Kathy. I had many interesting conversations with Matt over the years. I always remember his little laugh when he talked. He was a good husband and father. I hate this this illness took him. I am glad he is no longer suffering. I hope his early death will help any of you that still struggle with smoking addiction to find a way to stop. Much love to all Matt touched.

Lori Rosendahl , Magna, UT, US Feb 06, 2021


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  • Feb 10, 2021

    Matt and I grew up together going to grade school at Lourdes and then Judge. Living just a couple of blocks away in Sugarhouse, I spent many days hanging out at his house raiding the fridge and kicking around the neighborhood.