Marie Hughes passed away peacefully on December 27, 2021 in Bountiful, Utah surrounded by many loved ones who filled life with joy. Marie was born on November 8, 1930, in Spring City, Utah to Charles Doyle Olsen and Rozina Marie Neilson Olsen. Marie was the oldest child and only girl. She is survived by her twin brothers Billie Mondell Olsen and Bobbie Donell Olsen, and her youngest brother Richard Lynn Olsen.

Marie graduated from North Sanpete High School in 1949. She learned to sing and play piano at an early age with her mother teaching her duets. She became attendant to the Sanpete Centennial Queen and sang in a trio in the parade. Marie also sang in a small orchestra in Nephi. She performed for Governor J. Bracken Lee the year she graduated high school.

Marie performed with Promised Valley Playhouse, and the Utah Opera Company. She was a member of the Oquirrh Writers Group. She has written countless poems and stories, and had several poems published in writer’s magazines. Marie was an avid doll collector spending years of her life studying doll history. She adored her grandchildren and shared her love of collecting with all of them.

A mother of four, a poet, and a collector of memories, Marie was the author of a truly fulfilled life. She marveled in the everyday joys and inevitable tribulations alike. She brought light into the world with her endlessly cheerful disposition, quick wit, and warmhearted empathy.

Marie is survived by her daughter Cindy Sells Kerr (Lester), and her son Brent Dee Sells (Michelle).

She was preceded in death by two sons – Gary Paul Sells (Leslie), and Joel Benjamin Stewart.

She has 3 grandchildren, Tiffany Turman (Cody), Nicholas Sells (Heather), and Christopher Mebius (Lindsey).

Marie has 5 step-children together with her husband Duane Hughes (deceased). Mark (Melissa) Hughes, Mitchell Hughes, Terry (Colleen) Hughes, Diane (John) Oldham and Douglas (Angelia) Hughes. Altogether she has 23 grandchildren and 29 great grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held on Saturday, January 8, 2022, 12:00 noon at Larkin Mortuary, 260 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah. A private viewing will be held prior to the funeral for family and friends from 10:45 am to 11:45 am. Interment, Salt Lake City Cemetery. For those who cannot attend, please join us via zoom, the link is provided below, a zoom account is required

The family would like to thank the caregivers at Legacy House in Bountiful, Utah for their kindness and compassion.

We would also like to thank a dear friend of Marie’s, Joyce, whose friendship and love was a light in her life and a Godsend for her family.

Biscuits and Gravy

by Brent Sells

Spending time with mom the last few years was at times “very entertaining”. Our relationship was continually more task oriented than personable.We grew closer as we spent much more time together, but with her complete hearing deuteration, I was becoming more frustrated.

I called mom to check what was going on for the week, which I always did on Sunday evening. She indicated she had a doctor’s appointment that she had waited several months to get, and she was insistent that we make the appointment. Ok I said, I will be picking you up at 8:30 am. Mom quickly replied, “well that is pretty early for an 11:30 appointment”, to which I replied “yes, it is”. Doing the math in my head I wondered if I had factored in enough time, but quickly assured myself I’d given adequate time even for surprises. I was determined to be home by 1:00 for an appointment, something I promised my wife.

So I headed to mom’s and started doing the math in my head. Lets see, 45 minutes driving to mom’s (if traffic is moving), checking the mail room that will be 15 minutes, then she will have to glance through her bills, then I navigated the trip out of the condo, into the car. I’m still good on time, nice preparation I whispered to myself.

I entered the condo and mom was sitting in her recliner putting on her shoes. “Hi honey” she said. Before I could greet her, she said, “can you look at this recliner, it’s not working right?” I looked briefly at the recliner, and tried the controls. I determined there was a short in the wiring to the control panel, and I advised mom I’d fix it next time I came over. “Oh no, mom said, I need a new chair”. I quickly changed the subject and looked at my watch, ten minutes had lapsed. I had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Then mom stood up and appeared to be heading for the door, when she stopped and said, “while you are here, could you put a new bulb in the light fixture by the door?” I went to retrieve a light bulb from the pantry, and mom heading for the bathroom said, “I just need to finish my hair.” I thought to myself, still ok on time but no more tasks.

Mom appeared from the bathroom, and I had completed my duty replacing the bulb. Then a wave of panic drifted over me, and I had not factored in mom getting into my small sedan (time factor 2 – 7 minutes) including seat belt drama. Now I’m not sure on time, checking my watch it’s nearly 10:00 am., if I drive a bit fast we’ll have more than enough time. I relayed this information to mom (major mistake), and with infinite wisdom she said, “oh great, we’ll have time to stop at the bank.” I scream inside my head, BANK! Ok, I assured myself, it will be a quick stop. “Quick” I laughed to myself. We left the car, and slowly walked into the bank (another 2 -7 minutes). Mom went to the teller and began her instruction. I need a paper transaction printed to show the past three weeks of my checking activity. Then I need to make a deposit of a medical overpayment check. Now I’ll need to make a payment to my Visa account, and I need paper receipts of everything. One more thing, mom turned to me and smiled, then spoke to the teller, I need $300.00 dollars in cash. The teller began to grab three $100.00 dollar bills, when mom interrupted. “I will need two $50.00 dollar bills, eight $20.00 dollar bills, then the remainder in tens and fives.” By this time I was sweating, and couldn’t stop looking at my watch. I blasted out of the bank mom in tow, walking faster than I should have. Another 5 minutes getting mom in the car, then I took off in a cloud of dust.

I’m staring at my watch in a total panic, checking the time on my dashboard hoping it was fast, but knowing it probably was not. Mom was enjoying this pleasant ride to the doctor and asked if we had time to stop for breakfast. Sarcastically, I replied “yes, I’m in the mood for biscuits and gravy”. Mom replied, “Tiffany is having another baby?” I gave her a questioning glance, and she said, “I think that is crazy.” We barreled through the parking lot of the doctor’s office, and glancing at my watch it was 11:45 am. I lied to myself , being a minute or two late would be perfectly understandable. Then terror seized me realizing I had to get mom out of the car, through the parking lot, to the elevator and into the Dr. office, another 15 minutes at least. We strolled to the desk for check in, but looking at the receptionist I new it was not going to be good. “I’m sorry she said, but you are over 1/2 hour late, you’ll have to reschedule for tomorrow.” I turned away wanting to “let it out”, mom had not heard anything.” I “lovingly” yelled as loud as I could without attracting security, “we missed your appointment, and will have to come back tomorrow.”

Mom, looked at me with a smile and said, “I’m in the mood for ice cream, and tomorrow we can look for a new recliner.”

I will miss those days (kind of).

Love You Mom,



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Saturday, Jan. 08, 2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Larkin Mortuary
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Larkin Mortuary
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