In Loving Memory of Lois Ivie Newton.

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Lois was born February 11,1925 to Dewey and Tirza Ivie in Salina, Utah. She was the third of eight children. Lois grew up during the depression and had to work hard to help the family. Lois worked in the fields along side her father and brothers and with her mother cooking to feed the men. Lois attended and graduated from North Sevier High School where she met and fell in love with Riley Newton. Lois and Riley were married in Yuma, Arizona during WWII. Lois followed Riley to numerous military bases during his tour of duty with the Army Air Corp. While Riley was serving and protecting our country overseas Lois was at home keeping the home fires burning. Lois and Riley had five [plain ordinary] kids as Riley referred to them. As one of the plain ordinary kids I can tell you Lois was an extraordinary mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Lois was an active member of the LDS church holding several positions in the Primary and Relief Society. Lois was a den mother to a cub scout troop and a room mother every year for better than twenty years by the time she got us all through school. My mother was an extraordinary domestic engineer, she was able to take a pound of ground beef and a few potatoes and serve a meal to a multitude She could find room to have relatives and friends spend the night while we only lived in a three bedroom home with the family of seven. She could put us outside to sleep and convince us we on great adventure in the wilderness in order to make room for the extra people spending the night. My mother loved the mountains and spending time with her family there. She loved taking rides up the canyons to look for wildlife and in the fall at leaves that had changed colors. She love the freshness of the first snow fall and making snow angels in the new snow.

She always made the best of every situation and taught us to do the same. My mother was there for us in the good times and the bad to share the laughter and wipe our tears. Lois died leaving a legacy of caring and compassion that few will ever be able to duplicate. I can tell you that she is loved and missed everyday by many people.

Lois died November 19, 2012 at home surrounded by family. She is survived by her five not so ordinary kids, their spouses and 19 grandchildren 46 great-grandchildren. Lois was joined in death by Riley on February 7, 2018.

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Oct 07, 2018

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