This is John and Chris Eldridge, Lem’s boys. We’re truly sad to share the news that Lem Eldridge passed away on 10 August 2021. He was a loving brother, father, husband, colleague, classmate, and dear friend to more people than we can ever imagine. If you knew Lem, then memories of him likely rush to mind and a smile naturally spreads across your face. Everyone cherishes at least one story of that one-of-a-kind Lem Eldridge. The family is hosting a memorial and reception on August 21, to share stories and celebrate Lem’s amazing life.

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If unable to attend in person, this website offers an opportunity to “attend” the online livestream of the service from the comfort of your home. Find the link in the “Services” section on the left margin of this site. For family and friends who have fond stories/memories of Lem, please feel free to share them in the “Guestbook” and/or the “Timeline” found on the left margin of this site. Join this celebration in any way you are able or comfortable.

In May, Lem was stricken with symptoms related to late stage brain cancer. In June, Lem returned from El Salvador to New England for further diagnostics. In July, Lem hosted his children and grandchildren at the family lake house in New Hampshire. Chris and Kelly Eldridge traveled from Vienna, VA with their children Jackson (16) and Lily (12). John and Marianne Eldridge returned from Brussels, Belgium with Marshall (12) and Quinn (10). John’s older children, Brooke (20) travelled from Santa Clara, CA and Ethan (23) from Chicago, IL. This wonderful gathering offers priceless memories of time spent with Lem. In August, Lem traveled to Frederick, MD to remain close to family and to receive treatment. Lem passed peacefully from this life with his boys by his side.


Livestream Service

Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021 12:20 PM - 1:50 PM


  • Survived By
  • Lemuel Christopher Eldridge, Son
  • John David Eldridge, Son
  • Virginia “Ginny” Eldridge (Richards), Sister
  • Patricia “Pat” Eldridge (Bauer), Sister
  • Preceded in Death By
  • Elizabeth Helen Eldridge (Thomas), Wife
  • Lemuel Christopher Eldridge, Father
  • Florence Elizabeth Eldridge (Connolly), Mother

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Aug 14, 2021

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States


Frederick, Maryland, United States

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U.S. Governement


  • Bachelor's
    Arizona State University
  • Master's
    Northern Arizona University
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Lemuel fue un gusto compartir con usted, gracias por formar parte de mi vida.

Mirna González Mar 07, 2022

A time mismanagement created the perfect opportunity for two souls ment to be together to meet at the most odd time in the most odd way.

I never imagined to find such an alike human being that became my inspiration.

I guess he knew way before sharing our time together that our history together would last as little as it did. But there is no doubt in my mind that even at the very last minute he was remembering our history and making plans to continue it where time and matter doesn't interfere with the inevitability of our fate.

Chris and John, even though we never met, he made me a part of your wonderful families and made me love and care about your children as much as he did. You have no idea how much time we spent talking about you and your children, creating worlds of wonder for each of them in our writings.

I love you through him, and I will always love him as well.

Celina Hernandez Mar 03, 2022


I met John and Chris's father two years ago, when I was serving in NATO/Brussels. The fact which I noticed, it was that mr Eldridge, the Lem had a luminus face and the smile was continually painting on his face. I supposed that the main reason was: he had met his son John again, he was satisfied because his son was aclaimed or something such. But the main main reason for Lem to be so delighted was that he was pleased and glad from all his life . He had the confirmation seeing his child life that the aim of his life succeeded.

Dear John and Chris, your father is with your mother together. Both of you are the continuation of Lem Eldridge. Now, he is in the hug of his love, your mother. Be proud of your father, be proud of your parents.

Lets rest in peace.

Xenophon CHASOURAS , Athens, Attiki, GR Sep 19, 2021

I knew Lemuel... A very good friend and a haré working man.. always doing something... In his house in his place in Planes de Renderos, in his ranch in the sea...

Always smiling, always loading on unloading something in his pickup truck...

WOW what a man

We miss him

We need more people like him


Mario Sep 05, 2021

On behalf of EDGARD MACHUCA, a neighbor in San Salvador:

Lem, el Gringo como lo llamábamos, en el poco tiempo que lo conocí, diría toda nuestra familia lo llego a querer mucho cómo hasta un miembro de la familia. A Lem lo estrano mucho, recuerdo sus frecuentes visitas a casa, siempre le ofrecía una cerveza y un puro Cubano, fue mí mejor amigo, estoy escribiendo este mensaje, y no puedo de

Parar "Llorar" que descanse en paz y Dios lo reciba, pues fue un gran Hombre.

John Eldridge Sep 02, 2021

I was only blessed to met Lem once, maybe twice. I pray his soul rests in peace.

Jude Grey , Staten Island, NY, US Aug 25, 2021

Don Lemuelito, sé que el cielo está feliz de tenerlo pero es demasiado extraño no tenerlo entre su familia salvadoreña, gracias por todas esas platicas por horas y tantas enseñanzas que dejo en mi vida, recuerdo que siempre tenía una nueva broma que me hiciera reír por mucho tiempo!! Siempre estará presente en mi corazón y en mi mente, le mando abrazos grandotes hasta el cielo❤️

Lisseth Flores Aug 24, 2021

Translated: Don Lemuelito, I know that Heaven is happy to have him but it is too strange not to have him among his Salvadoran family, thank you for all those talks for hours and so many teachings that I leave in my life, I remember that he always had a new joke that made me laugh for long time!! He will always be present in my heart and in my mind, I send him big hugs to the sky❤️

John Eldridge Sep 02, 2021

Dear John and other members of the family,

thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to participate remotely. I enjoyed hearing the stories that depicted Lem so well. I remember visiting the beach house in El Salvador and admiring Lem's initiative in building it and taking care of the small community it was in. With every good wish, NR

Nicholas Reynolds Aug 21, 2021

Memories of my baby brother begin in Cambridge, Massachusetts during the WWII years. Our family had returned from Venezuela where our Dad was working for Standard Brands, his first job after college. I remember Lem in a baby carriage and Mom on the steps of Harvard University trying to get some winter sun and probably hoping that some of that famed institution’s academic excellence would rub off on my brother at the same time. I call Lem “baby brother “ because I was 3 years, 11 months, 20 days older. The precise difference in ages became significant when I was a teenager and Lem was now my “kid brother”. And a royal pain. But then, what are younger brothers for?

July 3, 2018 marked a precious memory as I marked my 80th year and daughter Lori her 60th. It was a birthday bash in Fairbanks, Alaska, and Lem was there. But his arrival in The Last Frontier state was pure Lem. He made his grand entrance into Lori’s home obviously trying to channel Wille Nelson. He was dressed in appropriate western clothing, outdoor vest, and bandana circling his head! (See picture on timeline). “Did you wear that on the plane?” we asked. “Well, of course!” was the obvious answer. Silly us. I was so glad he was there for the celebration.

He had planned an extended tour of Alaska, but it never happened. He took a painful fall in the foyer of Lori and Bryan’s log home, and spent over a month recuperating in an assisted living facility. It was in the town of North Pole, Alaska and if ever anyone qualified as one of Santa’s playful elves it would be my brother, Lem. If there was any bright side to this, niece Lori and Bryan were regaled with the stories of Lem’s adventures. Some true, some?

I wish we had had more time to spend together. There was only one Lem and they broke the mold when he was born. May he Rest In Peace.

With an older sister’s love and memories always,


Pat Bauer , Colorado Springs , CO, US Aug 21, 2021

Recordare por siempre a Don Lemuel, muy trabajador, le gustaba inventar muchas cosas, un señor educado, muy inteligente, generoso le gustaba dar trabajo a muchos salvadoreños, desde los 12 años lo conozco recuerdo a Tapems la labradora que el tanto quería, y Nicolás el ultimo labrado negro que conocí de El, fue a mi boda, forma parte de nuestra familia, Dios lo tenga en el cielo, gracias don Lemuel, un abrazo hasta el cielo!!!

Cindy de Lopez Aug 21, 2021


I will always remember Don Lemuel, a hard worker, he liked to invent many things, an educated man, very intelligent, generous, he liked to give work to many Salvadorans, since I was 12 I know him I remember Tapems the farmer that he loved so much, and Nicolás the last black carving that I knew of him, he went to my wedding, he is part of our family, God have him in heaven, thank you Don Lemuel, a hug to heaven !!!

John Eldridge Aug 21, 2021

Words fall short when expressing my sadness for the loss of my Uncle Lem. First and foremost, my condolences go out to my cousins John and Chris, the entire Eldridge family and all those who have ever had the privilege of truly getting to know Lem. He has had a profound impact on my life and I will remember him in so many different ways. I have shared so many side-aching laughs with Lem that will never be forgotten.

During my college years, he came to visit and ended up pulling the old “I forgot my wallet back at your house” routine when eating out for breakfast with my roommates. Later that same afternoon, we took him to the local grocery store and witnessed him purchase numerous steaks and leg of lamb which he proceeded to put into his suitcase before flying back to El Salvador. Throughout the brief time that we had spent with Lem on that day, there was never a dull moment and everyone was completely engaged in conversation and laughter the entire time. He had a way of making people feel good about themselves by just simply asking about the other person and showing an interest, which can be rather rare these days. Perhaps I was crazy or just glutton for punishment but a few years later I decided to live with Lem for just about a year down in El Salvador.

Over that span of a year, I learned a lot more about my Uncle Lem. He always displayed concern for anybody he came in contact with, would provide a good laugh where ever he would go and never took life to seriously. He was caring and thoughtful and would often give you with a different perspective or answer than what the general masses would have provided you. A day would never go by without him sarcastically calling you a “Loser” or putting extra emphasis on your name each time he called out to you. He was an amazing story teller, listener and a Man with a big heart who loved being with people from anywhere in the world. He was curious about your story and the direction you were headed. He would often snort loudly, lick his lips when we saw food he enjoyed and was quite possibly the worst driver I have ever encountered. To me personally, his humor and uniqueness were infectious. I truly enjoyed being around him.

During his visit to Finland and one of the last few days we had together I informed him inside a grocery store that we needed to get going and to finish his purchases in order to catch the last ferry of the day because we were heading to an island off of Turku. I told him to meet back in five minutes at the same location. Twenty or so minutes later on the opposite side of the store with his back towards me, I witnessed him walking and talking to random people in a foreign land……of course, inquiring everything he could about the people he had just met. Through my observation that day, I had known that Uncle Lem had always been a ray of light to so many people, but for the first time I had noticed that he was always moving forward in his life and never looking back. He truly lived in the moment! Respect and love to Uncle Lem.

Jeff Aug 21, 2021

Met Lem briefly when he visited his nephew Jeff in Finland.

We walked around a lake and shared some more time over couple of beers..

I remember him as a kind, gentle and intelligent man.

May his soul rest in peace..I pray for peace and strength for his near and dear ones.

Eliezer Khaling , Kuopio, Pohjois savo, FI Aug 21, 2021

On behalf of Janice Lennertz (college/forever friend to Betsy/Lem, Godmother to Chris):

A good memory I have of your Dad is when I lived with your Mom and Dad in Keams Canyon, Arizona on the Indian reservation. Your Dad cajoled (as only he could do) me into doing my student teaching there while living with them. What an experience! Lem was in his element as principle of the school. The 3 of us had some fun times there and I’m sure I kept your Mom from going crazy.

John Eldridge Aug 21, 2021

Pras and I met Lem and family nearly 42 years ago, when we worked at Tripoli University in Libya in 1978.

Housing was a challenge, and Lem helped us find a villa in a lovely farm. Lem was a great DIY resource. When we could not find shelving brackets, Lem would show me how to use a string and a nail to hang the shelves. I still use that sometimes. Lem also gave us an Oud, which is a great souvenir.

After we all left Libya, we lost contact for over 20 years. But Lem was never far from our thoughts. All I had to go by was that Lem had family in Santa Barbara. In early 2000, I tried web search (AnyWho), and that pointed me to three addresses (Santa Barbara, Virginia and New Hampshire). I was lucky, as the first call was Lem's mother.

We stayed connected by email and phone. We saw Lem again when he visited us in San Jose/ CA in 2010. As always, he was cheerful and had a great smile. We had a great time.

He will be missed.

Hassan and Pras Ali Aug 20, 2021

Adiós Amigo Mio, Nos conocimos en un carnaval de playa en las playas de cuco en San Miguel al momento hicimos conexión, me comentó que quería comprar una casa en la playa, a lo que días más tarde empezamos a buscar la casa, luego empezamos a reconstruir la casa y así empezó la amistad y el trabajo. Amistad por más de 20 años, el fue un buen amigo que me ayudó grandemente y me aconsejaba por largas horas cuando me invitaba a departir al rancho en Majague, la relación de trabajo cosechó una bonita amistad al grado de agradecerle el que mi boda con mi esposa fuera en la playa, fuimos buenos amigos. Dios lo tenga en su Santa morada. Dios guarde a sus hijos Chris & Jhon.

Disfrutábamos mucho de la música de los años 70's y 80's. El saber un poco de inglés me ayuda a conversar con él y él practicaba conmigo su poco español cuando lo conocí. Era buen cocinero!, Y gustaba mucho de bañar en el mar especialmente a las 4 de la tarde que era la hora donde bajaba el sol. A muchas personas le dio empleo en la reconstrucción de la casa de la playa y así pasaban los fines de semana ocupado en la playa. En Diciembre 2020 quitamos los últimos arbustos secos que habían en la casa de la playa, fue la última vez que lo vi tuvimos una amena plática.

Lem cuántos recuerdo bonitos de nuestra amistad. Hasta pronto mi Buen Amigo.

José S. Larios San Miguel

José Larios Aug 19, 2021


Goodbye my friend, we met at a beach carnival on the beaches of cuco in San Miguel at the moment we made a connection, he told me that he wanted to buy a house on the beach, to which days later we started looking for the house, then we started to rebuild the house and thus began the friendship and work. Friendship for more than 20 years, he was a good friend who helped me greatly and advised me for long hours when he invited me to share the ranch in Majague, the work relationship harvested a beautiful friendship to the degree of thanking him that my wedding with my wife out on the beach, we were good friends. God keep him in his holy abode. God save his children Chris & Jhon.

We really enjoyed the music of the 70's and 80's. Knowing a little English helps me to converse with him and he was practicing his little Spanish with me when I met him. He was a good cook! And he really liked to bathe in the sea, especially at 4 in the afternoon, when the sun went down. He employed many people rebuilding the beach house and so they spent busy weekends on the beach. In December 2020 we removed the last dry bushes that were in the beach house, it was the last time I saw him we had a pleasant talk.

Lem how many beautiful memories of our friendship. See you soon my Good Friend.

Jose S. Larios San Miguel

John Eldridge Aug 21, 2021

On behalf of Leslie Jensen:

Oh the stories....hard to know where to begin.  Our friendship began in the early 80s in Somalia! We remained family through the ensuing 40 years. I will always hear Lem saying my name..Lesss. with such oomph and drama.

The home leave summer where Lem ended up spending most of his time cutting down a fallen tree on my property in Vienna Virginia.

That same summer, he took my boys to the camp. My youngest son, Robert,  decided to have a growth spurt and Lem just kept serving him hamburgers!

Lem loved the kids. I am grateful that he did. My eldest son, Brian, says it best, "He treated everyone like family and the summer we spent in NH he treated me like one of his sons. Always good for a laugh and a story about the incredible journeys he had been on."

My last memory was in 2017. He wanted pie. I said,  I don't bake.  He wasn't hearing me. So, I baked him an apple pie.  You had to be there. It was funny. 

Leslie Jensen

John Eldridge Aug 19, 2021

Lem was a unique and wonderful human being and my great honor and privilege to count as a dear friend for more than 60 years, from our first meeting at Santa Barbara High In 1959 to my last visit to his beloved Tall Pines in 2019. Lem was genuinely interested in all his friends and their families and had a quirky and wonderful, unmatched sense of humor ( like yelling “help” from the trunk of our car as we tried to sneak him in to the drivein theater!). He was a happy guy and seemed always to love his life and it was infectious! I remember fondly our 1961 summer spent as “Hot Shots” for the Los Padres Natl. Forest and our drives to and from Santa Barbara every week, his visits to Calif., including a celebratory pre-Christmas dinner in 2002, attending our 45th reunion in 2005 and coming to Santa Barbara for our high school “mini reunion” in 2014. Two trips to Tall Pines were also a memorable highlight. It is wonderful to know that Lem lived a happy and rewarding life and one of true service to others! All his many friends will miss his special presence in their lives! I know he is smiling at us all wherever he is! Dave Meyers

Dave Meyers , Petaluma, CA, US Aug 19, 2021

The Santa Barbara High School Class of 1960 will never forget Lem and the many laughs he provided. A few of us, including Lem, enjoyed sneaking into the cinemas through the exit door which led to the first row of seats down near the screen. One night another guy and I snuck in and sat quietly in the front row. Lem happened to be there with a date and saw us sneak in. He walked quietly down the aisle until he was behind us; he then put a strong hand on each of our shoulders and said, "You guys come with me"....we about had a heart attack.

I will be ever grateful to Lem for introducing me to Lynda, my wife of 55 years. Lem came to Ukiah a dozen or so years ago, met our whole family and spent time with us and with Dave Meyers, another 1960 SBHS grad living in Napa. We had a grand time.

He will always remain in our hearts. All the best to all family members.

Don and Lynda Coursey.

Don Coursey , Ukiah , CA, US Aug 18, 2021

Lem and Betsy entered our lives during the 1960s, (Lem did his student teaching under my father). Throughout our associations with them we never lost contact. Lem's influence upon my life was profound. His perspectives on life were so out of the ordinary sometimes; yet when stripped of their sarcasm they were actually true.

I frequently visited the Eldridge family during the 1990s. The proximity of the D.C. area to New York City was just a few hours by train. This led to several solo stays up at their cabin in New Hampshire and eventually an entire summer at the beach house in El Salvador.

Lem planted the seed of Central America within me during those years and I have been living in Panama since 2010. Both he and Betsy, along with Chris and John, have entered my life at various times. . . a wonderful family. Oh, Chris, thanks again for being my Best Man in 1998.

- Jack Coffroth

Jack Coffroth , Panama, Panama, El Cangrejo, PA Aug 18, 2021

The Pig Caper

Beneath Lem’s classic smile has always been a hint of mischief. Nowhere has this been more manifest than in his perfect execution of the “Caper” (or “Gotcha”, as we have all come to know it ). Many high school friends—including Carol Davidson, Jerry Shalhoob, and (in a “reverse gotcha” where Lem was the “Gotchee”) George Beckmanis—have all endured the fruits of Lem’s capers.

But the “Caper de Tutti Capi” was pulled off by our beloved friend, while serving as a member of the American Foreign Service delegation at the US Embassy in Sudan. There, while attending an event with members of the Chinese delegation, he learned of their craving for pork in this host country which forbids its consumption.

Ever the empathetic and creative problem solver, Lem hatched his plan:

On a subsequent trip on leave to the US, he purchased two baby pigs—one of each gender—which he surmised, over the years were destined to ensure the consumption of pork by generations of Chinese in Sudan in perpetuity.

He loaded the piglets into his secure diplomatic pouch and boarded his Lufthansa flight back to Sudan. All seemed to be going well until the piglets began to squirm and squeal. Ever the resourceful planner, Lem had brought a syringe containing a sleep sedative for just such an eventuality:

While leaning down surreptitiously to open his pouch and inject the piglets, Lem accidentally injected himself. And so things immediately became a “race” to see who would emerge from the fog first.....

Fortunately, for Lem and for the ongoing success of US-China diplomatic relations, Lem won the race, and the rest is history. Lem was later honored at the Chinese embassy for the success of his heroic nutritional mission….

Mike Hallor , Wellesley, MA, US Aug 18, 2021

Quiero agradecer a Dios por haber puesto en mi vida a una persona tan especial como Sr. Lemuel, lo conocí cuando yo tenía 12 años y desde entonces aprendí mucho de él, fue como un segundo padre para mi siempre lo llevare en mi corazón. Gracias Don Lemuel hasta pronto🙏

Mario Aug 17, 2021


I want to thank God for having put in my life such a special person as Mr. Lemuel, I met him when I was 12 years old and since then I learned a lot from him, he was like a second father for me I will always carry him in my heart. Thank you Don Lemuel see you soon🙏

John Eldridge Aug 21, 2021

Lemuel ,oh Rey Lemuel, siempre le dije que ud era un Rey, proverbios 31 ,que su mamá habia conocido a Dios y que por eso le puso ese nombre, le doy gracias por todo, lo conocí con sus formas tan inventidas de siempre hacer algo nuevo, de ayudar a los demas,de enseñar, gracias por enseñar a mis hermanos, por enseñarme, recuerdo cuando le preguntaba algo de historia y me decía Oh! Marisol su conocimiento de las peliculas y recuerdo operación cromita, y me causaba tanta risa, Lemuelito, tus recetas de cocina su ensalada de atún, tu pavo de acción de gracias, sus tacos, tus espaguettis con carne, tus hotdogs y hamburguesas para compartir en los palones, sus huevos de pascua en semana santa en mahague, Lemuel ud un gran hombre, sus hijos orgullosos de usted, Lemuelito gracias por enseñar a Bea, gracias por su amor por todos nosotros.Recuerdo cuando iba a tener a Mariana y ud preparó el agua caliente, Lemuelito tappens, Nicolas,Pasto. Lemuel sus inventos sus macetas de cemento, sus cocinas para asar, su odre para poner vino que no lo pudo terminar, Lemuelito un hombre de trabajo, un hombre que amo a nuestra familia, Recuerdo su operacion de corazón cuando salio y pudo caminar usted fue a la capilla y dio gracias a Dios. Lemuelito gracias por todo, siempre en mi corazón.

Marisol Alfaro Aug 16, 2021


Lemuel, oh King Lemuel, I always told you that you were a King, proverbs 31, that your mother had known God and that is why she gave him that name, I thank him for everything, I met him with his inventive ways of always doing something new, to help others, to teach, thank you for teaching my brothers, for teaching me, I remember when I asked him some history and he said Oh! Marisol, your knowledge of movies and I remember Chromite operation, and it made me laugh so much, Lemuelito, your cooking recipes, your tuna salad, your Thanksgiving turkey, your tacos, your spaghetti with meat, your hotdogs and hamburgers to share in the palones, your easter eggs at holy week in mahague, Lemuel you are a great man, your children are proud of you, Lemuelito thank you for teaching Bea, thank you for your love for all of us I remember when I was going to have Mariana and you prepared hot water, Lemuelito tappens, Nicolas, Pasto. Lemuel his inventions, his cement pots, his cookers for roasting, his wineskin to put wine that he could not finish, Lemuelito a working man, a man who loved our family, I remember his heart surgery when he left and was able to walk. to the chapel and thanked God. Lemuelito thank you for everything, always in my heart.

John Eldridge Aug 21, 2021

Conocí a Don Lemuel a través de mi familia Alfaro cuando voy a El Salvador yo siempre tendré buenas memorias de Lemuel, cuando me invitó a Santa Bárbara y siempre cuando llego a mi país El Salvador me está invitando al Rancho en la playa recuerdo su historia de Lemuel diciéndome q el quería ser enterrado en su rancho allí en la playa wow yo me quede admirada por q el quería mucho mi país El Salvador 🥰😘🙏🙏🙏🙏hasta pronto Lemuel 🙏🙏🙏

adilia Q , Los Angeles, CA, US Aug 16, 2021


I met Don Lemuel through my Alfaro family when I go to El Salvador I will always have good memories of Lemuel, when he invited me to Santa Barbara and whenever I arrive in my country El Salvador is inviting me to the Ranch on the beach I remember his story of Lemuel telling me that he wanted to be buried in his ranch there on the beach wow I was amazed because he loved my country very much El Salvador 🥰😘🙏🙏🙏🙏 see you soon Lemuel 🙏🙏🙏

John Eldridge Aug 21, 2021

Our adorable Lem... He and his family (our "favorite Americans") have been friends with the Arndts for over 40 years now and we are blessed that we have had this wonderful person in our lives.

I remember his great sense of humor, telling wonderful stories but also was he a good listener.

Lem was one of a kind, always a humorous twinkle in his eye, sometimes a real teaser but always charming.

Lem, we love you and we miss you. You will always have a special place in our hearts! Please have a cold "St. Pauli Girls" beer with dad where ever you are🖤

Isabel Arndt Mariotto Aug 16, 2021

Lem and I first met through Boy Scouts some 66 years ago. Lem was in a patrol with me, Bill Crow, Pat Brick, Louie Venegas, and a couple of others whose names I don’t now recall. Lem was always late for scout meetings at the First Methodist Church, and couple of us would go down a few houses there on Anapamu Street to drag out. It was usually dark in the house (I don’t think his parents were home from work yet), and he always said to be quiet, that his sister was sleeping.

Anyway, Lem was always a great guy (a bit of a management problem) and everyone loved him. He just always seemed “to get along”.

A few days before his death, Michael Hallor and I drove up to New Hampshire to visit Lem. Little did we know it would be our final ‘reunion’ with Lem at #7. As we talked, I pointed out to him some of the ways he had made a difference in the lives of so many. He sort of brushed it off, but I pressed him with a couple of examples, and he acknowledged that what I was saying was true, even to the differences he made to an entire country in El Salvador.

We say it a lot about the dead, but in Lem’s case it’s undeniably true. Lem was one of a kind. Draw me a picture of anyone like him. You simply can’t. He had a generous way with people, making everyone feel great, have a good laugh, ask serious questions about the well-being of humanity (where we’ve been, and where we’re going), even love us while telling us ‘we weren’t his favorites’. Big deal! We were ALL ‘losers’. What’s now become the past will always remain within me. I know I’m a better as a person for having known him. A buddy to us all.

Martin Farren Aug 16, 2021

Conocí al Sr, Lemuel, hace 20 años, en El Salvador, su segunda casa, puedo decir que fue un ser humano muy ejemplar con principios y valores dignos de imitar. Su lado altruista y emprendedor , lo llevo a dar empleo a muchos Salvadoreños. Siempre estaba construyendo algo con el único objetivo de dar empleos. Aunque el ya no esté físicamente con nosotros se quedará en la mente de los Salvadoreños, en nombre de mi familia le agradecemos por todo los que nos enseñó. Hasta pronto Sr. Lemuel..

Héctor Alfaro , El salvador , San Salvador, SV Aug 15, 2021


I met Mr. Lemuel 20 years ago, in El Salvador, his second home, I can say that he was a very exemplary human being with principles and values ​​worth imitating. The altruistic and entrepreneurial side of him led him to employ many Salvadorans. He was always building something for the sole purpose of providing jobs. Although he is no longer physically with us, he will remain in the minds of Salvadorans, on behalf of my family we thank him for all that he taught us. See you soon Mr. Lemuel ..

John Eldridge Aug 21, 2021

Aw jeez, this one knocks the wind out of me. John and Chris, your folks and I go back to Keams Canyon on the Hopi rez, to Thessaloniki, Greece to a New Years in Tucson to El Salvador, to their time spent together or separately in Scottsdale after your mom's diagnosis of kidney failure. Stories abound about you dad - always the prankster with a droll sense of humor one had to be listening for or would miss! Always loveable, always accommodating, patient and generous without the Stop button. I'm happy for him that he made his trip back to Greece to renew friendships - genuine and long-lasting. And I'm comforted in knowing you both were with your dad as he passed from body to spirit. I am forever blessed to have been called his friend. I shall miss him just as I do your mom. Carry the torch, Chris and John. Your lives have been immeasurably enriched. Always your friend as well, Susan

Susan Shields , Elgin, AZ, US Aug 15, 2021

My life was made richer when I first met Lem, way back in 1965 when he and I were 'Dorm Masters' at Judson School, while we were attending Arizona State University. Somehow, we were able to stay in touch over all these years since and it is with profound sadness that I say must say good bye.

Lem was always the guy who lit up the room, told great stories but was able to listen to them as well, and ever-generous with a smile or his "snorting" giggle.

Rest in Peace, old friend. You ran a great race! May perpetual life shine upon you.

Michael Mallette , Pinetop, AZ, US Aug 15, 2021

We had so many unforgettable experiences together, in Greece, New Hampshire and of course times here in Germany with " the falling christmas tree!", the piggy transfer from the farmers here to Somalia (!!) in train and plane and, and and...

Lem, we miss you and Betsy!

Iris Arndt Aug 15, 2021

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John Eldridge Aug 14, 2021


  • 1940
  • 1946

    Lem & I in Caracas Venezuela, Our dad had a dark room in the house and his hobby was photography

  • 1946

    Lem & Ginny in Caracas

  • 1946

    Family Portrait in Caracas

  • 1960
  • 1965

    Ginny, Pat, & Lem Photo at Jennifer's wedding

  • 1967

    Lem & Betsy's Wedding at Montecito Country Club in Santa Barbara

  • 1970
  • 1970

    New parents!

  • 1974

    Mountainaire (Flagstaff, AZ).

  • 1975

    Mountainaire (Flagstaff, Arizona)

  • Jun 1976

    Jane Wakeham-Lopez and Lem on a ferry from Peraeus to Crete, Greece.

  • 1980
  • 1986

    Lem takes John up the Shabeelie River (Somalia) on Grandpa Thomas’ imported lake boat

  • 1987

    Lem in Ginny in front of our Arizona house in Paradise Valley

  • 1989

    The Pig Story (Lem transports baby pigs from Frankfurt, Germany to Khartoum, Sudan-a muslim country). Only Lem could tell this story well. He was known to take 3 hours to complete the acount.

  • 1990
  • 1991

    Family Photo

  • Jun 20, 1992

    Lem, supervisando la construcción del rancho en la playa de majague en San Miguel

  • Jul 1999

    The 1st MacGyver

  • 2000
  • Aug 2001

    Arriving in El Salvador to spend almost a year living and laughing with my Uncle Lem.

  • Jul 4, 2005

    4th of July Parade

  • 2009

    Lem holding his favorite Foxhole Shovel

  • 2009

    Lem holding his favorite Foxhole Shovel

  • 2010
  • Dec 17, 2016

    Mario cumpleaños

  • Mar 2017

    Lem and Porfirio near Mahagua

  • Mar 2017

    Lem and Porfirio near Mahagua

  • Apr 2017

    Con Nick

  • Apr 2017

    Lem is MC at the beach house pig roast.

  • Oct 9, 2017

    Sam Berendzen (father-in-law to John Eldridge) and Lem visiting Fort Leavenworth, KS.

  • Dec 2017

    En mi graduación

  • Jun 2018

    Father's Day 2018

  • Jun 8, 2018

    Judah and Lem at the Burg

  • Jun 9, 2018

    Lem at the Visiting the Shaool Family cabin and Mercersburg

  • Jul 3, 2018

    Lem and sister Pat at Pat’s 80th birthday party in Alaska.

  • Aug 2018

    I met Lem in 2018 and knew I needed more Lem time! After dinner one night, Chris mentioned "silence is golden," but Lem and I just looked at each other and both agreed we loved hearing ourselves talk! My deepest condolences to the family. RIP Lem.

  • Aug 2018

    Sailing with Lem, Chris, and Patti on Puget Sound.

  • Jun 2019

    Lem visits his nephew and family in Finland for a week.

  • Nov 4, 2019

    planes de renderos

  • 2020
  • Oct 15, 2020

    Elsy’s Birthday 💘

  • Jan 8, 2021

    Lem loved his juicer! (He also repurposed leftover black hair dye used to give his loyal lab “Nic” a makeover.)

  • Feb 10, 2021


  • Feb 10, 2021


  • Feb 10, 2021


  • Feb 23, 2021


  • Mar 2021

    @Los Palones

  • Mar 18, 2021

    “Day 2 Spring Break Trip March 2021. We hung out with GL (Aka Grandpa Lem) and local Salvadoran friends Anna and Valeria”

  • Mar 24, 2021

    Lem sitting with grandson Jackson, Jad, and Joey after completing a community service project near Majahue El Salvador

  • Apr 8, 2021

    Pavo de Lemuel

  • Apr 8, 2021

    Pavo de Lemuel

  • Jun 28, 2021


  • Jun 28, 2021


  • Aug 4, 2021

    All smiles:)

  • Aug 16, 2021

    First and Last Memories

  • Nov 26, 2021

    Raúl cumpleaños