In deep sorrow, yet profound admiration for a life lived vibrantly, we bid farewell to Laura Hannant Winegar. Laura gracefully departed this world at the age of 54 on April 12th following her valiant battle with cancer. Her legacy is not one of sorrow but of joy, love, and resilience, forever cherished by those she impacted throughout her life.

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She was born to devoted parents Ross & Lorraine Hannant on December 8th, 1969 in Calgary/Alberta Canada. They immigrated to the United States in 1977 and made their home in Orem, Utah. The Hannant home and Laura's beloved siblings Dave (Jody), Joy (Channing), Mark (Emilee), and Paul (Jenny) was a bustling household, filled with gatherings that overflowed with laughter, water fights, and sleepovers, these nurturing bonds would withstand the tests of time.

Laura's youth was a canvas painted with the hues of adventure, whether she was atop her beloved horse Flare or racing through fields on motorcycles. Her love for skiing mirrored her zest for life, a passion that fueled her spirit through the years, igniting joy in every turn.

Laura's journey led her through the halls of Spencer Elementary, Lakeridge Junior High, and finally, Mountain View High School where she graduated at the age of 17, a testament to her intellect and determination. Her career as a dental assistant blossomed after her certification from Provo Dental Assisting School, marking the beginning of her lifelong dedication to serving others.

Marriage to Scott Price and the arrival of their sons, Damon Price (America) and Jordon Price (Breanna), were not just her children, but the pride of her heart. As a devoted mother and a PTA president, Laura made sure to take care of students that struggled or felt left out.

Laura was a soccer mom, skateboard mom, entrepreneurial mom and so much more. Their home became a sanctuary for many kids who looked at her as their mom and felt welcome in her "modern family", where laughter echoed and memories were forged.

Radiating elegance and grace, Laura was renowned as the "fancy" aunt, her impeccable style a reflection of her inner beauty. Her magnetic personality drew people in effortlessly, making each person feel cherished and valued. With a captivating storytelling ability and an unwavering sense of humor, Laura lit up even the darkest of moments, infusing them with light and hope. She spoke to everyone with kindness while effortlessly becoming the center of attention, yet the most humble person in the room.

Laura found her “other piece” and rock in Eric Winegar. Not only her husband, but a soulmate and kindred spirit with whom she built a life of joy and fulfillment. Together, they welcomed friends and family into their home, where hospitality reigned supreme, and every gathering was infused with warmth and laughter. Their travels took them far and wide, weaving a tapestry of memories across Europe, Australia, Mexico, Hawaii, and beyond.

Laura’s devotion to family and love of two sons, Damon Price (America) and Jordon Price (Breanna), who were not just her children, but the pride of her heart. Her joy expanded by marrying her best friend Eric, adding his children Andrew (Olympia) Brianne (David) and Alec (Katie). In Eric, Laura found the anchor of her existence. Their bond, a testament to enduring love, illuminated the lives of all who knew them. Her joy multiplied with the arrival of her grandchildren: Barron, Blaine, Jaxxon, Clove, and Oliver who brought laughter and warmth into her life.

An ardent patriot, Laura embraced her US citizenship with pride, her home adorned with the flag she held dear. Active in politics, she served as a delegate for the Republican Party, her passion for her country unwavering.

Laura’s business acumen and drive lead to the opening of Avanti Medical Center in Lehi, Utah. Her passion was to help people, "feel on the inside as good as they look as on the outside", this was her absolute focus. As President of the company, she touched countless lives, guiding patients on their journey to wellness and beauty with compassion and expertise. Her leadership and care of others lead many women to feel empowered and driven to achieve bigger and better things.

Although Laura's physical presence may be gone, her spirit lives on in the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing her. Her legacy of love, laughter, and resilience will continue to inspire generations to come. As we bid farewell to a truly rare gem, let us celebrate the light and sparkle she brought into the world and carry it forward in her honor.


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