K y l e . L y n n . C l e m e n t s

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K y l e . L y n n . C l e m e n t s

the Man , the Legend


Expanding always, and forevermore rippling outward, are memories and reveries of the many myriad moments touched by Kyle the noble Lynn Clements.

A being of wonders, knight of Light and of Love, instigator of mystery and play, spreader of passion and of all the magics too. A man whose courage shines brighter than the sun, and heart continues even now to grow within all who have come to know and feel the warmth of his energy and his love.

Yes, even within the waving boughs of dancing trees are the whispers of mountains singing tales of his triumphs always, and forevermore flowing onward with ribbons of meandering streams are chantings of his memories.

As we are here, so is his spirit here, rising with every sun of days' beginnings, shining brilliantly as nights' blanket of stars, riding the waves of winds and sailing in with the breeze.

Every moment of existence is truly a gift unique, and this Kyle's soul has known through and through. This deep piece of awareness shows in his ways with words and carefully crafted letters through time, and is showcased within the careful precision gifted to every creation and project he has built and brought to be. With every breath, he willed all his gusto and put forth gift of his whole heart too. Yes, the charismatic nature sent coursing through his every heartbeat continues to ripple within this World. For he deeply knew; as we beings reach and grow through life, we absolutely inspire many others throughout our journeys here. We conjure and spread energy by simply being true to our rhythms, and those melodies of existing shall forevermore carry onward, travel outward, and continuously be growing.

Large and of such immense light has been Kyle's being here on Earth, touching so many of us with his kindnesses and instigating countless smiles through time! We know him as son, as brother and nephew, as grandchild and uncle, as cousin, family and friend. Nomatter how or when we came to know him, always his heart has been open, his kindness apparent, and his exuberance potent within his presence. Each moment and every experience we have come to share midst this journey through time has indeed been a gift to cherish and a treasure to know

Yes, with Love always to just me, Kyle


Kyle has always hosted Here on Earth we met, in the Stars we shall be dancing forevermore, & always your soul will shine an adoration for flowers as well as an immense love for sharing all and every kindness with every living being, and especially with those held close to heart. If ever a moment is witnessed that could be made better by your being, please do make it so.


Come spring we will gather midst the mountains of Utah in honour of Kyle's life, celebrating his memory with breakfast, tales and stories. If you feel tickled to join in this celebration and wish to be present with your memories and heart, know that you are absolutely welcome.

For each and every soul who has come to know Kyle, who has shared mischiefs and laughs, shenanigans and toils, moments of all shapes and sizes through his time here on Earth is invited to be present.

As more clarity comes to the exacting details of precisely where midst the majestic mountains and upon which date in particular this celebration shall be held, we will be sure to share those knowings.


Thank you and many gratitudes to all who have been and are continuing to send well wishes and good tidings to a peaceful journey to the stars.


Here's to Kyle, a most wonderfilled gentleman who shall be always loved by many and whose light will be rippling onward forevermore


We Love You Kyle Lynn Clements,

always and forever




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Dec 31, 2023


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