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Mar 21, 1948 Apr 4, 2024

Dear Friends and Family of Kristen Benson,

Early in the morning of April 4th, 2024, Kristen was having trouble breathing. I gave the medicines the hospice nurse had told me to for just such a situation, but nothing seemed to work. After what seemed like forever, but was just a few hours, and another dose of medication, she felt some comfort and stopped struggling and relaxed. Finally, I thought, she’s able to rest. I checked my phone as I needed to record when the meds were given. It was 4:44 in the morning. I sat with her a while, so relieved she was getting some ease of her discomfort. I couldn’t help having a good cry, but silently, as I didn’t want to disturb her. Eventually I realized her rest was not one from which my clever, courageous sister was returning. I couldn’t possibly disturb her now. My tears turned from relief to sorrow.

Kristen Benson departed from the 4 corners of this earth on 4/4/24 at 4:44. Trust Kristen to have some touch of the unusual and dramatic, even in death.

If you knew Kristen well and for any length of time, at some point in your relationship she probably fumed at something you said and stormed out. The next day she would be taking you to a doctor’s appointment or picking up something for you at the store. For her, love was an action verb. Kristen could be crusty and cantankerous, but always, always deeply caring, concerned, and kind.

Speaking of kind, she certainly was one of a…

In her truly one-of-a-kind way, she is actually hosting a partay on April 20, 3 PM. To join us, text or call 801 360 3252. Also, Kris FORBADE an obituary or celebration of life. This is an announcement, just an announcement -- NOT an obituary, an announcement only. And the 20th is a food-filled party, not a meeting of weepy friends who extol her virtues to a height that would make her eyes roll.

If it wouldn’t annoy her, I’d also announce the details of how heroic Kristen was these last few months. I’d tell you of the years she spent in service to others. I’d speak of her bravery, and her indomitable cheer, and positivity. I’d talk of the funny, quick-witted, clever comebacks, unusual perspectives, and the fair amount of zaniness that was her way. There were some things Kristen never was: boring, ordinary, mundane, subtle, cowardly.

How is Kristen doing now, you ask? We who knew her in mortality know for a certainty: She really is, finally and truly, "damn fine."


Elizabeth Cutler

P.S. [For you genealogists: Kristen Benson AKA Kristen Benson Cleary: March 21, 1948 to April 4, 2024 (cancer), born to Margaret Jane Benson (né Todd) and Theodore Nelson Benson in Logan, UT, survived by sisters, Elizabeth Cutler (Jim), Carolinda Benson, and nephew Noel Benson (Suzette), all of whom reside in Springdale, UT, niece Emily Cutler, of Millbury OH, and nephew Matthew Cutler, of Chicago IL.]


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