Jeremy Ace Odle, doting father, beloved son, proud brother, and loving boyfriend, passed away on June 6, 2021, surrounded by his girlfriend Kendal, his mother Laura, sisters Abra and Samantha, and his "brother in love" Jeremy Stone.

Jeremy was born on August 24th, 1977, to Stacey and Laura Odle in Salt Lake City, Utah. He grew up in Magna and graduated from Cyprus High School where he discovered a love for woodworking. At the age of 19, he found a home at Superior Roofing where he took on many roles during his 16-year career. Jeremy was a true craftsman; he took pride in his work and strove for perfection. Second to his son Beau, his greatest pride was his home in Midvale. His tremendous craftsmanship was displayed in the ornate kitchen cabinets and the garage, which he designed and built from the foundation up in order to house the muscle cars he so loved, which were left to him by his father. His garage had a massive 6+ car capacity and a full-length loft, which he planned to build into a living space. If he wasn't in his garage working on miscellaneous projects, you could find him in his house building his custom die cast cars, of which he had hundreds.

Jeremy had a very special bond with his mother, which most can only dream of. Throughout his life she was his go to person through all of life's trials and triumphs. Her wisdom and judgement free attitude helped move him through the tough times and her pride and admiration enhanced the good times. No one understood Jeremy's heart like his mother.

Jeremy's favorite sister was the youngest, Samantha. Every time they talked or texted, he made sure to tell her that he was proud of her. He talked often with friends about what a great teacher she was and what an amazing woman she had become. Her most prized teacher possession is the podium he built for her. She has used it every day in her classroom for the past 12 years.

Jeremy's other favorite sister was Abra. It was with her that he understood the true meaning of unconditional love. Jeremy and Abra shared a love for classic cars and good music. They often shared songs with each other and enjoyed the random funny videos she saved for him. Abra would have given her life for his. Her love had no bounds. He takes of piece of her with him.

Jeremy welcomed his only child, a son Beau Ace Odle on August 19th, 2019, with his beautiful girlfriend Kendal. Although a little scared, Jeremy was over the moon to have his little boy. Beau gave Jeremy's life meaning and purpose when he needed it most. In the last months of his life, Jeremy was able to be a stay-at-home daddy, where he devoted himself to his little farty-pants and developed their unbreakable bond. Beau was the highlight of his life.

As a family, we are so proud of the man and father Jeremy became. We admire his strength of heart, his capacity for hope, and his character. More than most, he experienced great tragedies in life, but he always found a way to learn from them.

Jeremy is survived by his loving mother Laura Odle-Parry, step-father Glenn Parry "daddy Glenn", oldest sister Abra (Jeremy) Stone, little sister Samantha (Cory) Vore, girlfriend Kendal, his son "farty-pants" Beau and his beloved grandma Margaret Medel. He is preceded in death by his grandfather Ace Odle and father Stacey Odle.


  • Survived By
  • Laura Odle-Parry,
  • Abra Stone, Sister
  • Samantha Vore, Sister
  • Kendal Christensen, Partner
  • Beau Odle, Son
  • Jeremy Stone, Brother-in-Law
  • Cory Vore, Brother-in-Law
  • Glenn Parry, Step-Father
  • Margaret Medel, Grandmother
  • Preceded in Death By
  • Stacey C Odle, Father
  • Ace Odle, Grandfather

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Aug 06, 2021


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Magna, United States


Salt Lake City, Utah, United States




  • High School
    Cyprus High
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Bruda, ugh I miss you so much. Today will be another hard day as we order your headstone. Tater beans is growing up to be such a smart boy, just as we expected. His mannerisms and mischievous ways are a constant reminder of how much he is just like his dada. Love you bruda, save a little room for me.

Abra Mar 25, 2022

Jeremy you are my nephew I never got to know I'm sorry we never really got the chance to no one and other but it hurts me inside to no I lost another family member your mom is my sister and I love her with all my heart so watch over her and your family and rest in peace we will meet one day

Martin Inger , Salt Lake city, UT, US Aug 24, 2021

Bruda, I miss you more than anyone knows or could understand. You made me so proud of the man and father you became. Give pops a bug hug from me. Save a little room. Love you more than you will ever know

Abra Aug 07, 2021


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  • Sep 2005

    You found so much peace and happiness in Jamaica. We will get back there soon and you will be with us ❤

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    Living our dash at a concert