With heavy hearts we announce the passing of Jeremy Lee Lund on August 9, 2020. He was 62 years old. Jeremy, or Jerry, as he was often called, was born in Pasadena, CA. to Gordon and Lillie Lund and six other siblings. He had four brothers and two sisters and then, as always, he was the youngest of a band of seven. His siblings ranged from 15 to 2 years older, and from the top, they are Jeffrey, Michael, Randall, Kristine, Deborah, and Daniel. The family lived for many years in Arcadia, CA., near the foothills of 5712 foot tall Mt. Wilson. Jerry enjoyed all the fun and interesting things to do, such as visiting the beaches, mountains and deserts, along with school sports and church activities.

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We were fortunate our parents appreciated camping, fishing, and skiing. Through the Boy Scouts and family, there were many trips to places like Ellery Lake, in the High Sierras, and Jumbo Rocks, in Joshua Tree National Park, and the ski area at Mammoth Mt. In a December, 1963 newsletter, our mother wrote, under “events of the year”…..”Look…..Jerry is Skiing”. She also mentioned each child, and of Jerry she wrote, “Our youngest in First Grade! He is eager, happy, polite (usually), sometimes stubborn, always a joy”. Over the years Jerry was an L.A. Dodgers fan, and he enjoyed the events in neighboring Pasadena, such as the Rose Bowl games and the Rose Parade. In 1971 our parents packed up and moved back to their roots along the Wasatch Mountains, and settled in Cottonwood Heights. Jerry was 13 at the time, and soon participated in the offerings from school and local recreation. He played football for Brighton High. He had a camaraderie with Dan, the next oldest, that involved local skiing, and even a year or so in Colorado.

Jerry enjoyed camping trips with friends to places such as the Colorado River in the red rocks by Moab. He became talented and impassioned with golf and spent many hours in that enjoyment, including trips to Mesquite, NV., and even Cabo San Lucas in Baja, Mexico. Jerry also had promising abilities to write prose and poetry, and he produced some thoughtful and creative works. He was also a fun person to have at family gatherings, many of which were held at the family mountain home in Sundance, UT, Our parents died, almost simultaneously, in 2009. Jerry had lived with them a number of years, and kept the nest from being empty. He had to readjust and consolidate, and was able to obtain a condominium. In recent years Jerry started having some medical problems, including chest surgery for cancer. He also had some financial difficulties. He tried hard to make his situation better, even with failing health. Before he could win the battle he was taken from this life by a sudden catastrophic medical event.

Jeremy is survived by all six of his siblings. We have many good memories of Jerry and his life. We all miss him very much, and with love we say goodbye…………………..’till we meet again.

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Michael Lund

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Sep 04, 2020

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Jeremy was really a good friend to me growing up. We used to play volleyball ever Sunday. He was a really great guy and friend.

Guy Foote , Midvale, UT, US Oct 19, 2020

Jer I will forever treasure our friendship you were an amazing, caring giving and loving person. I remember the camping trips and especially the bowling you will always be my Erkul. Rest in Paradise my friend we will see you on the other side.

Much Love Carrie

Carrie Lopez , Midvale, UT, US Sep 17, 2020

Oh Jeremiah......too soon my friend. I remember our golfing excursions with my brother Mike (who introduced us)....will never forget your sense of humor. One particular day (at Wolf Creek methinks) at a little par 3 across a pond...your first shot was wet, unfazed you reteed and that ball went submarinal....undaunted you confidently teed up the third and when that one found a watery grave as well ( just an off day for you golfing) you walked to the waters edge and launched the now empty cardboard sleeve box on the water like a small houseboat so that it could rejoin its recent inhabitants.....so funny! You will be missed! R.I.P.

Alex Parr , Burlingame, CA, US Sep 15, 2020

So sad to hear this devastating news. RIP my friend!!!!

Dennis Woodruff , Sandy, UT, US Sep 14, 2020

Thank you so much for this amazing tribute. It is so sad to see one of our classmates leave us. Just recently he had made contact with a few of us alumni.... I have posted his obituary in the Brighton High 1975 FB as well as our website. With heavy hearts we send condolences and prayers for the family. - Maile Hutchings Evans, 1975 Sr Class Sec

Maile Evans Sep 13, 2020

God Speed, Jerry!

Scott Wilson , Hotchkiss , CO, US Sep 13, 2020

I met Jerry at School (Brighton High). We had many of the same friends and Jerry was a very nice guy that always had a big smile on his face! Most of the time he could be seen hanging out with Kenny Miller.

Bless Jerry's family and many friends he had!

Laurie Hardman

Laurie Hardman , West Jordan , UT, US Sep 13, 2020

RIP Brother...yes, I will see you on the other side.

Gil Roberts , Grant's Pass, OR, US Sep 13, 2020

I am SO devastated to hear this news! Jeremy was a fun person. We called each other “cuz” even though we weren’t related. Many memories of hanging out with him back in the day. My condolences to the family. See you on the other side, my friend!

Cynde Lund Sep 05, 2020

I knew Jerry for over 45 years, he was my fishing buddy for many of those years, golfed all the time. I will miss you my friend RIP Jerry!

Ken Miller km245801@gmail.com , Slc, UT, US Sep 12, 2020