Love is rare. We all experience death, but love is rare and precious. The love we have received from our dad is true and warm and unending love. Scott, as most know him, has filled our lives with happiness and strength, with a positivity and resilience that never wavered, with laughter and joy as unique as him. We have shared sorrow with him, we have shared beauty, we have shared achievements and mistakes and the minutiae of every day. Through all of this, Dad helped us to open our hearts to life and love. He will always help us with that.

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Born January 19th, 1964, in Salt Lake City, to Judy Ann Davis and Jerry Reed Rowley, Scott is the fourth of five siblings: Trina, Troy, Debbie, Richie. He grew up in Salt Lake City. He met Sung Eun Kim, his wife, November 7th, 1984, while she was having lunch with his grandmother at The Tiffin Room at ZCMI. He walked in wearing flip-flops and short-shorts – he says our mom fell in love at first sight – she says she thought, who is this crazy man wearing summer clothes in a snowstorm?

Together, they have two children, Rex Rowley and Brooke Tittle. Scott is survived by his wife and children, their spouses, Lauren Rowley and Chris Tittle, his siblings, his in-laws, and many close friends. He is reunited with his grandfather, Warren Edgar Davis, his grandmother, Beatrice Marie Davis, his mother, Judy Ann Davis, and his father-in-law, Yong Jin Kim, who Scott said he looked forward to meeting.

Graduating magna cum laude from Weber State University in Psychology, he was proud to have done so in under four years while raising two children and working two full-time jobs. He became a successful business owner, settling eventually in Bountiful, Utah. After years of setting a valiant example of patience, understanding and humility in the face of chronic illness, cancer and physical pain, and the emotional burdens that those ailments carry, Scott died in his sleep at home on November 13th, 2021.

In the days since his death, we have felt his presence, in the rich memories we carry and in our grieving hearts. He has comforted us when we needed him most, and we know he will continue to do so.

Gregarious and charming, with a sharp-wit, Scott could start and keep a conversation with anyone, even if it could get one-sided at times – his excitement and energy completely infectious. Every store we went to, people seemed to always know who he was – Hey Scott, Good morning Scott, Scott, so good to see you! Scott, bubbly and cheerful, would return a greeting in a hurry, but more often than not, he’d stop for a conversation, always pleasant, not always brief. He made neighbors and friends that truly knew him feel welcome.

His mom would often say how sweet Scott is. There have been many car rides (some terrifying as Grandma weaved in and out of lanes, humming along to Nat King Cole) when she would tell us stories of her Scott, Oh, your dad, isn’t he handsome, I mean, just gorgeous? she would croon, proud of his athletic achievements, of his intelligence, of his accomplishments, of him. If Scott was ever absent from a family gathering, she’d always tell him it is never as fun without him.

As a brother to Trina, Troy, Debbie, and Richie, we have heard him described as funny and kind. We have also heard of his mischief and wildness. Debbie has spoken about Scott’s ever present stereo, blazing at high levels, the perfect soundtrack for her studies. Troy has reminisced with Scott about shared friends and experiences, their laughter and head nods as in-sync and cool as they ever were, as boys becoming men. Trina frequently has said, Oh, Scott, you are such a character, in response to some anecdote or quip, with a tone of sisterly reproach and undeniable affection. Richie has guffawed with Scott, seemingly each time they have ever been together, dialoguing with diction unique to them alone – laden with hand-gestures, nicknames, and non sequiturs – giggling about anything, everything.

For Sung, his wife, Scott is the best husband, the best dad. In their first year of marriage, Scott got her a present every month. Three things he always taught us, she says, is to always have a prayer in your heart, to be the exact same person inside and outside the home, and that the grass is never greener on the other side, just a different shade of green. He always adored her, always said how gorgeous she looked. The last thing he told her was, We will be together forever and ever with our kids. We are an eternal family.

Scott provided for so many. Because of his hard work and his welcoming personality, we had years of irreplaceable experiences with family nearby: Sung’s mom, Chun Ja Cho, and Scott’s other in-laws, Shauni Berry, Tae Il Kim, Jana and Mark Lampert, Sung Hee Kim, and nieces and nephews, all spent warm and happy times within a home that belonged to every one of us in full.

For his children, our dad is the most reliable source of unconditional love. He is our hero. He has shown us so much beauty in this world. He has been our source of comfort. He has helped us search for depths within ourselves, things we never knew we had, things only he could see. Our dad was not perfect, but he taught us to love fully both the strengths and weaknesses in a person, their virtues and their flaws. He taught us that imperfect things need forgiveness, and through forgiveness there is love. We have needed that more than we have known, but we think he always knew. We think he still does. We have never doubted the love our father has felt for each of us.

We all have dear memories of Scott. Our dad built a center of love in our family, in a way and with a tenderness that only he could. When we ache for him, when we feel overwhelmed, just as he has always done, he will help us be calm, help us keep our heads up, help us smile. From each person who loves you, thank you dad, husband, brother, son, friend. Thank you for your love, thank you for your example, thank you for every part of who you are. You are beautiful. We love you, forever and ever.

We will gather for a memorial service on Friday, November 19th, 2021. The viewing will be at 9AM, with a service starting at 11AM. All services will take place at the Bountiful East Stake Center, 650 East 2150 South, Bountiful, Utah, 84010. Any donations can be made to Venmo: @ScottRowleyFund. Scott would want there to be a spirit of love and happiness at his memorial, a celebration of his life and the lives we have shared together. Please remember his kindness and optimism and hold that with you always in your hearts.

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More than a cousin, Scott was my friend. He loved me, but he also loved to tease me. At one of his birthday parties, he received a plastic model kit that came with human skeletons as accessories. I was probably nine at the time which would have made Scott thirteen. He discovered that I was terrified of the little plastic skeletons and, despite warnings from the adult supervision, they kept popping up unexpectedly and I kept screaming to the delight of the older boys.

I ended up spending six years in the basement at Idaho State University working to identify Native American skeletal remains so they could be repatriated. Not a day went by in the lab that I didn’t think of that birthday party with fondness. Our loved ones help us overcome our fears and make them strengths.

David Brewer , North Logan , UT, US Nov 18, 2021

This obituary was such a joy to read. Very articulate, informational, and heartfelt. I know Scott was an excellent Husband and Father. Hang on to your fond memories and you will always have Scott's presence with you. He was my brother and I loved him. It has been special to spend quite a bit of time with him these past few months, and with Sung Eun, Rex, Lauren, Brooke, and Chris. I will cherish those moments always. Love you all, Debbie Barnett

Debbie Barnett , Santa Clara, UT, US Nov 17, 2021