Our wonderful Ivonne has finished her earthly journey today November 7, 2022 from liver failure at the age of 38

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Ivonne was born November 12, 1983 in Salt Lake City, the first child of Darrell Barney and Evy Gonzalez (Bueno)

Ivonne arrived on the announced day with great enthusiasm to live

this life to the fullest. She smiled to the world from the beginning and determined to continue smiling throughout a life of adversities “doing It her way”.

Ivonne lived in Utah, Arizona, Alaska, Florida, Idaho, and Oregon, a true adventurer.

She study CNA, nursing and paralegal

She studied CNA and Nursing.

What can we say… she loved better than anyone we’ve ever known, with her whole heart. Ivonne’s memory will live on through many, beginning with her husband Tanner McDougal; her mother Evy González, father Darrell Barney, 6 children who meant the world to her Ramiro(Elizabeth)Barney; Soraya, Thomas and Temperance Veenstra; Ariel and Thea Zapata; her two sisters Grace(Christopher) Brown, Alexandria(Joan) Katz;

her two nieces LiLyAnna and Adalee Brown; and many aunts, uncles and numerous Cousins.

Ivonne was a true warrior and survivor. She always fought with incredible bravery against her biggest demos, mental illness, and addiction. Nevertheless, she maintained her wicked wit and humor to the very end.

She looked up greatly to her family and impacted many people throughout her life.

Ivonne had a love for music, fishing, hunting, dancing and cooking. She enjoyed the movies and having a good time.

She was a loveable, larger-than-life, loud, sometimes frustrating, but always beautiful. She had a sparkling personality.

It saddens us to know that Ivonne was taken home way too soon, our hearts are shattered. This is a whole different kind of grief.

Ivonne is presided in death by her grandparents, and many little spirits who did not made it unto this earth.

Ivonne we hope you will be watching over us and warn us of danger when it is near. I hope you are happy and are no longer suffering in this new realm called the “Spirit World,” “Spirit Waiting Room” to continue to grow and raise those spirits you couldn’t raise on this earth. Spread your wings and soar. You are amazing!! We know you are very busy now doing the will of our Father in Heaven. You have a beautiful family that loves you deeply and you will be sorely missed by all those you touched. You’ve left a huge hole in all of our hearts. We know this earthly life is short but now we must forge onward, keep your memory alive, and live. We only take our memories and what we have learned during our journey here.

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Nov 11, 2022

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