Our beautiful Heather Elizabeth (A Little Bit) Farr passed away in her home in Salt Lake City, UT on August 18, 2021. She was born October 26, 1978 in Santa Rosa, California to Richard and Johanna Farr.

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Heather loved all of life’s odd, little things so often overlooked by others. Incredibly sentimental, tenderhearted, kind, and eclectic, her interests ranged from unusual classical music to books to antique victrola players and impossibly obscure records. She was not only a collector of eccentric treasures, but a collector of stray animals and people. Quick to see the good in others, to put their needs before her own, and to see different sides in an argument, she was a confidant to many and a peacemaker to those close to her.

Heather was known for her free spirit, her lightning quick wit, her compassion (yes, she would make family members take spiders outside rather than squishing them), her intense love of strategy games (as anyone sitting across from this formidable opponent could attest), and for always being able to find the humor in ordinary things (her hearty, rolling laughter was so contagious).

She loved: her family, her friends, animals, chess, music, poker, books, violin, bold lipsticks, and fighting injustice.

She hated: punctuality, mornings, and bullies.

She is survived by her parents, Richard and Johanna, her siblings, Rickster Farr, Mike and his wife Melaney Farr, Robin and her husband Mike Lally, and Kristin and her husband Nick Frank. Heather loved being an aunt (and was fantastic at it) to her niece, Savanna, and nephews, Gavin, Isaac, Evan and Malcolm, who will all miss her dearly. She will also be missed by her beloved dog Charlie, affectionately known as Falcor due to his resemblance to the flying dog in Neverending Story.

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Aug 24, 2021


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Santa Rosa, California, United States


Salt Lake City, Utah, United States




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