Hartmut R. Gulla, age 66, passed away peacefully November 27, 2018, surrounded by his family and friends who expressed love and final farewells. Hartmut was born in Erfurt, East Germany on August 27, 1952, to Herbert George Gulla and Johanna Hedwig Gulla. He moved his family from East Germany to the United States in 1982 to pursue the American Dream.

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Hartmut was a man of big dreams and big ideas, so it is only fitting that he would start a new life in the land of opportunity. He sought adventure and loved to explore the west. He was an accomplished artist and craftsman and had exquisite taste in music. Hartmut loved to joke, and he had a passionate soul.

While still in East Germany, Hartmut completed a plumbing trade school and apprenticeship, and with those skills he built his own business in the United States, H.R. Quality Plumbing, which he ran for 36 years. He had many loyal customers that became his friends.

Hartmut is survived by Christina Gulla, Siegrid Jahnke, and his six children, Carmen Jahnke, Dayana Gulla, Marie Wilde (Steven), Johanna Pay (Jordan), George Gulla (Katie), and Martina McBride (Mike). Hartmut was also a proud grandfather to six grandchildren, Reagan and Hazel Pay, Cedar and Cash Wilde, Jolene Gulla, and Aspen McBride. He is survived by his siblings Baldur Gulla, Anita Janke, Christa Schroeder, Annemarie Dzierzon, Manfred Gulla, Leonore Aszmann, Eva-Maria Ulfich, Lothar Gulla and Michael Gulla. He was preceeded in death by his brother, Hans –Joachim Gulla.

Hartmut was loved by many, and his memory and legacy live on through the beautiful souls who knew him. In celebration of his life, his ashes will be spread by his family members.

Ps. “Nicht Verzagen, Hartmut Fragen.”

“Hartmut, Wir wünschen dir eine schöne Reise zum Himmel.” -Mit Liebe, Deine Familie

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