Hartmut R. Gulla, age 66, passed away peacefully November 27, 2018, surrounded by his family and friends who expressed love and final farewells. Hartmut was born in Erfurt, East Germany on August 27, 1952, to Herbert George Gulla and Johanna Hedwig Gulla. He moved his family from East Germany to the United States in 1982 to pursue the American Dream.

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Hartmut was a man of big dreams and big ideas, so it is only fitting that he would start a new life in the land of opportunity. He sought adventure and loved to explore the west. He was an accomplished artist and craftsman and had exquisite taste in music. Hartmut loved to joke, and he had a passionate soul.

While still in East Germany, Hartmut completed a plumbing trade school and apprenticeship, and with those skills he built his own business in the United States, H.R. Quality Plumbing, which he ran for 36 years. He had many loyal customers that became his friends.

Hartmut is survived by Christina Gulla, Siegrid Jahnke, and his six children, Carmen Jahnke, Dayana Gulla, Marie Wilde (Steven), Johanna Pay (Jordan), George Gulla (Katie), and Martina McBride (Mike). Hartmut was also a proud grandfather to six grandchildren, Reagan and Hazel Pay, Cedar and Cash Wilde, Jolene Gulla, and Aspen McBride. He is survived by his siblings Baldur Gulla, Anita Janke, Christa Schroeder, Annemarie Dzierzon, Manfred Gulla, Leonore Aszmann, Eva-Maria Ulfich, Lothar Gulla and Michael Gulla. He was preceeded in death by his brother, Hans –Joachim Gulla.

Hartmut was loved by many, and his memory and legacy live on through the beautiful souls who knew him. In celebration of his life, his ashes will be spread by his family members.

Ps. “Nicht Verzagen, Hartmut Fragen.”

“Hartmut, Wir wünschen dir eine schöne Reise zum Himmel.” -Mit Liebe, Deine Familie

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Dec 04, 2018


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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

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Liebe Familie Gulla,

heute erst erreichte uns die Nachricht, dass Hartmut im November verstorben ist. Wir können es nicht fassen und fühlen mit Hartmuts Familie insbesondere, aber auch mit allen anderen Angehörigen.

Harmut hat vor ca. 40 Jahren in unserem Haus die Wasserleitungen installiert und immer, wenn ich den Wasserhahn aufdrehe, denke ich an den "Muskelmann" Hartmut der mit der Schneidkluppe die Rohre zusammengefügt hat. Diese halten übrigens bis heute.

Wir denken gerne an die Zeit zurück und und sind heute sehr traurig.

Dennoch, wir können es nicht ändern, manchmal trifft und das Schicksal hart und wir müssen damit fertig werden. Bleiben werden immer die wertvollen Erinnerungen, Hartmuts Lachen bei uns auf der Baustelle und bei Euch in der Ferne vielleicht auch das gemeinsame Weinen miteinander.

Wir wünschen allen Gullas Stärke und senden aus dem fernen Old Germany unsere herzlichste Anteilnahme. Leider haben wir Hartmut nach seiner Ausreise nicht wieder getroffen und auch den Kontakt verloren. Das bedauern wir heute und haben uns mit den schönen Bildern an ihn dankbar erinnert. Mit unseren Erinnerngen müssen wir uns begnügen.

Viele liebe Grüße aus Erfurt

Jürgen Zerull und Familie

Jürgen Zerull , Erfurt, Thüringen, DE Dec 27, 2018

My condolences to Harmut's family.

Unfortunately, since moving to North Carolina almost five years ago, I lost contact with Hartmut. But, I always considered him a friend. To the best of my recollection, I met Hartmut on a job about twenty years ago. He introduced me to "The Resolution" by jazz pianist Michel Camilo and many other wonderful musicians. We had some wonderful dinners together and I enjoyed his company. You are gone but not forgotten.

Gary Couillard , Hendersonville , NC, US Dec 13, 2018

The news about Hartmut’s passing is very sad. He was a good man. For over 10 years HR Quality Plumbing worked with The Emergency Home Repair Program, helping hundreds of very low-income families with critical plumbing repairs. Hartmut was a master plumber who was not afraid to climb right into a nasty place and resolve a difficult problem. HR Quality Plumbing, first with Hartmut then Hartmut and George, performed their work with a level of old-world craftsmanship seldom seen anymore- Hartmut and HR Quality Plumbing will be missed. On one occasion Hartmut saved a client’s life. He went to a home and found a very sick man, Hartmut called the paramedics the fellow was taken to the hospital and survived. This story made the T.V. news. Hartmut and I shared a passionate love of woodworking-although my level of skill will never approach his. He was always encouraging and complimentary about my limited abilities. I would like to offer my condolences to Hartmut Gulla’s family and friends. David Woodman

David Woodman , Salt Lake City, UT, US Dec 11, 2018

Hartmut moved into our neighborhood a few years ago. While not close friends, we were well acquainted as I asked Hartmut a couple of times for help with plumbing issue. He was always friendly, helpful and made himself available. I will truly miss him in the neighborhood as he was the perfect neighbor - friendly, helpful, available and reliable. I am so sorry for your loss, as it must be hard without him. I knew him only casually, but I will truly miss his smile, waves and being able to speak German as we met. God speed Hartmut.

Veldon Sorensen , Millcreek, UT, US Dec 10, 2018