I like to start off by saying words which I think describe Pitt:




Selfless Service



Personal Courage

Pitt was man. He was an old-school type of man who grew up in different low income areas of Japan, Pennsylvania, and Compton CA. Pitt felt a need to serve the United States during the Vietnam war which helped him develop his sense of the values that I recently mentioned. After his first tour, Pitt volunteered to serve more tours in Vietnam as a warrant officer piloting helicopter scout air ships and fixed wing aircraft. All of the words I’ve described Pitt as being, are directly instilled upon him by the Army value systems bestowed upon soldiers by way of training.

Pitt is like a cat, or more like two maybe even three cats in that he has lived through so many life threatening situations that he’s needed between 20 to 30 lives. Recently, Pitt mentioned, lightly, that his aircraft had been shot and grounded behind enemy lines seventeen times. He always found his way out from behind enemy lines due to his stubborn way of staying alive. The maintenance and accountability teams who were in charge of the aircraft that Pitt would fly begged Pitt to "please stop being shot down because it was just too damn expensive each time."

After Pitt returned home to the United States, he graduated from college with a degree in pre-law and then worked for income in many different ways.

Pitt always supported work for ones own self because "there's nothing better than being the person in charge who knows how to get the job done." Pitt has a lot of pride in the fact that he had created so many companies with such ease.

Pitt loved fishing, golf, flying aircraft, and riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Whenever I watched Pitt swing a golf club, it was clearly perfection. Whenever I watched pitt look at his Harley he beamed with pride at the sheer amount of chrome it had. Pitt cared for his equipment and the people he loved.

Pitt was a lover of dogs and cats. Animals were a real soft spot for him. When meeting Pitt he'd mention his big black shaggy dog Jesse and other dogs which he had from a previous relationship. Pitt had a way of attracting stray alley cats from the neighborhood. A cat he named Johnny was his buddy during the last few years of Pitt's life. Pitt would worry about Johnny during incIement weather and relax as soon as the cat would appear. I guess it takes one to know one. Pitt had a way of commanding the attention of animals in a way that was so emotionally grounded that I knew had to have been instilled by his past experience with the Army.

Pitt had a real sweet tooth pertaining to California style toffee, cappuccinos, bear claw donuts, sweet pepper jam (from Georgia), and chocolate. If there was ever any mention of a donut run, Pitt would be the first to suggest to all that we move on the opportunity instead of waiting til tomorrow, dinner be damned. One of Pitt’s most used metaphors to Lannie is “why put off til’ tomorrow what you can do for today.” During Pitt's earlier career years, Pitt loved to be a connoisseur of foods from different regions he'd fly from. His favorite food of all time was Hawaiian tuna nigiri style sushi.

All of the things recently mentioned and described are things that made Pitt fun to be around and admire. However, what is truly admired is the amount of love that Pitt contained for Lannie Sullivan. Pitt truly loved Lannie. He loved her so much that he decided to give up his bachelor pad he had in Beaver Dam, AZ to move in with Lannie at Santa Clara, UT. Since Pitt and Lannie met, it was clear to the family that they are soul mates. These people were clearly inseparable on a 24/7 time basis.

While living with Lannie, Pitt had really cared for the property as a way of showing Lannie that he loved her through acts of service and kindness. They spent fun sunny days in the pool and enjoyed their animals together. One of their favorite dates was to gamble and eat sushi on the weekend in Mesquite. They traveled together too.

In October 2017, a gang of us went to Maui Hawaii to enjoy ourselves. We had a load of fun and ate enough to gain a few pounds. The short amount of time we had in Hawaii was appreciated because we were really tested as a group through complete highs and lows. One day in particular we were really enjoying ourselves on a beach as a family. When we returned to our vehicle we realized that it had been burglarized. While some in the family were panicking, Pitt was instinctively calm and collected to help keep track of everyone’s needs like an over viewing, all knowing Chesire Cat. He helped us all feel better about the lost items and remembered that as long as no one had been hurt we would recover with ease. Though, some people would put a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles high on their list of painful experiences.

Pitt was a type of man that you don’t get to come across anymore in the sense that he comes across as hardened. However, if you can show him that you care about the relationship he will open up to you to express care, love, and interest to help you succeed in whatever interests beheld for your own life. Pitt saves others and is always attempting to give back in multitudes of ways. The latest companies that Pitt had owned were moving and consignment which served the elderly and recently divorced communities. Pitt literally takes everything he learned from his younger years and turns it around to contribute back to everyone around him.

Pitt has been a husband, step-father, father-in-law, papa, and sage to us. Pitt contributed his love and we love him back. Pitt will truly be missed as he has left us to become one with the energy we have been created by. The family is comforted because we know that Pitt will be ok and without pain from his multiple ailments. Thank you Pitt, for everything. Thank you for your service, your love, friendship, and contributions to this family.


  • Survived By
  • Merelann Sullivan, Wife
  • Nikki B. Duvall, Daughter
  • Michael Sullivan, Step-Son
  • Chelsey Adams, Step-Daughter

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Devon Adams

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May 11, 2021

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Irumagawa, Japan


Santa Clara, Utah, United States

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Construction & Skilled Trades

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  • Army


  • Vietnam War
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I Love You

randy martin , westbury, NY, US Nov 14, 2021

He was married to my mother in 1987. We lived in Palm Harbor. I have his original Army medals (one of which I believe is the distinguished flying cross) I would love to give to his children. My email is in here please contact me. I’m sorry for your loss.

Melony McCracken , Tarpon Springs , FL, US Nov 03, 2021


craig church , st. george, UT, US May 16, 2021


  • 2020
  • May 16, 2021

    Great times together, time to short

  • May 16, 2021