Elvin S "The Man" Harward

Elvin S "The Man" Harward


I worked with him for many years, he was generous to all of his solders to a fault, he had a temper like a fire cracker but it was over very quickly and we all moved on, I have a picture of all of the old Loggies from Camp Williams hanging on my Den wall I think of him often, my deepest condolences to his wonderful family.

Michael R Mellenthin , KEARNS, UT, US Nov 25, 2019

I don’t think I would be who I am today without the influence of the Man In my life. He was always so hard on me, as a young man, I needed every bit of it; it taught me how to work hard. I owe my success in business to him, he will be missed.

Bryant Baxter , Lehi, UT, US Nov 22, 2019