Deon Carlson Lindquist, came into the world on September 7, 1939, the only girl, born to Kenneth and Loraine Carlson. She was left-handed, always longed for a sister, had a “fit a nickel between her teeth” smile and wished for a head full of flowing locks. She gained a love of music from her sweet mother and even after 70 years and only one lesson, could still crank out a tune on the accordion. She learned to make every guest feel welcome, how to sew, repurpose, work hard and that a house filled with people you love is the greatest treasure.

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Ever fashionable with her manicured, glittery pastel pink, almond shaped nails perfect for the Secretarial “clickety clack” of the computer keys, jewelry to match her shoes and handbag, a freshly pressed white blouse and a colorful broomstick shirt. She always looked her best, always.

Her faith was impenetrable- she had no fear of death or meeting her Maker and carried the banner of, “If He wants me to go through it, I will do it” with stalwart enthusiasm. She found her testimony of the Gospel early and never let go.

Grandma Cookie, the only name that was sweet enough to match that of Grandpa Donut- a perfect pair for 63 years. Never one without the other. The name was fitting because there were always cookies in the jar on the counter, her own movie theater concessions stored in the blue Rubbermaid bins in her closet, nuts, Häagen-Dazs, toffee, Texas sheet cake, green Jell-O popsicles you’d hold by a toothpick and Tootsie Rolls in a baggie in her purse. Her sweet tooth made sure we were all a little soft around the middle because sweets right after dinner (or anytime for that matter) were part of “our heritage”.

Holidays were ever important- Eastering in the desert, her birthday parties at Murray Park, Christmas morning visits with bags full of pistachios and a chocolate orange, and always, some crisp dollar bills folded into a beautifully written card with Grandpa’s fluttery penmanship.

She loved to hunt for rocks- always on the prowl for a smooth, worn treasure that the Earth was waiting to give her. She had rocks from Sweden, the ocean, Lake Powell, Flaming Gorge and the mountains not far from her home.

She was always up for a game. Her Chinese Checkerboard, that she bought for $5 from a shop in San Francisco, was well used and if you beat her, it was only because she let you. She loved word games and Sudoku to keep her mind sharp. She loved to laugh, loved to tease, loved a good Parley trick, and loved a fresh bucket of KFC.

On Friday, December 18, right as the sun peeked over the mountains, Grandma Cookie quietly slipped beyond the veil to be with her angel mother and father, brother, grandparents, and friends. Her mind was instantly clear, and our hearts were immediately broken. We will miss her waving from the front door, her little songs and impromptu piano concerts. We will miss her treats, the way her face lit up whenever she saw someone she loved, and how she made friends wherever she went. Our Grandma Cookie, sweet as they come, is now making heaven a little sweeter too.


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Dec 21, 2020

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To Todd and family....sorry to hear about the passing of your sweet mother....enjoyed my contact with her many years ago. She’s was always a sweet ray of sunshine. I enjoyed talking with her. My heartfelt thoughts are with you in your loss. You have been a good friend to Jeff over the years. Deepest sympathy Brenda Deems (mother of Jeffrey Yeager)

Brenda Allen Yeager Deems , Salt Lake City , UT, US Jan 17, 2021

So many wonderful memories of Aunt Deon. I will miss hearing her stories about growing up with my dad and her seeing her inviting smile. I remember well the family parties with buckets of KFC on your back patio. I wish I could be there to hug you all in person and share more memories, hope to see you all soon.

Sending my love to you all.


Christy Lopez and family , Sammamish, WA, US Dec 29, 2020

Such a sweet lady! Always smiling!

Our prayers are for those left behind. Jim we love you!

Helen & John Maddux Dec 22, 2020

I don't know your dear mother but when I read her obituary/tribute I thought that has to be the best one I've ever read. She sounds like a wonderful wife, mom and grandma. What a delight! Bless you as you mourn her loss.

Chris Dec 22, 2020

What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful lady!! I always admired how classy Sister Lindquist was, with a warm smile and a light in her eyes. My heart and condolences goes out to the Lindquist family. So hard to say good-bye to a parent. xox

Anita Bentley Hansen , South Jordan, UT, US Dec 21, 2020

we miss you so much you were my best friend.

Barbara A Bradley , slc, UT, US Dec 21, 2020

Wonderfully written Obituary. I didn't know her, but I wished I would have. My prayers are with you especially during this Holiday Season.

Anonymous , SALT LAKE CITY, UT, US Dec 21, 2020