This is Tetiana Povtoreiko, Dean’s wife. I am truly sad to share the news that Dean Hinton passed away last Friday. He was admitted to the hospital on January 7th with acute breathing issues related to emphysema and Covid. Dean passed away with his wife, family, and friends nearby.

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Dean was a loving husband, father, cousin, classmate, and dear friend to more people than you can imagine. If you knew Dean, memories of him would bring a smile to your face. Dean's laugh was infectious and he was passionate about people, politics, music, art and world travel. On a whim, Dean would often plan road trips halfway across the country or around the world to share an adventure with a friend. Dean loved life, cared about people, and was always trying to help those less fortunate.

Over early summer of 2021 Dean, Tetiana, and son, Deanie, made a month-long road trip traveling to Myrtle beach, Savannah, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Houston, and Corpus Cristi. One of the big highlights included a trip to Disney World. In August, Dean and Tetiana traveled to Ukraine and Egypt spending time with family in Kiev and relaxing on the beaches of the Red Sea.

There was never a dull moment when Your loving smile your gentle face – No one can fill your vacant place... we would travel and Dean had an unbelievable zest for life and the unexplored world!

Dean's family is hosting a reception on Friday, February 18, 2022. For those who are able to attend in person please review the link in the “Services” section on the left margin. For family and friends who have fond stories, memories, or photos of Dean; please share them in the “Guestbook” and/or the “Timeline” found on the left margin of this site. Please join the family to help celebrate Dean’s life.

Our memories will keep Dean alive in our hearts.

Thank you for taking the time to read and write a memory.


Memorial Service

Friday, Feb. 18, 2022 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Tournament Players Club in Potomac
10000 Oaklyn Dr
Potomac, MD 20854


  • Survived By
  • Tetiana Povtoreiko, Wife
  • Dean Hinton, Son
  • Albert Hinton, Father
  • Linda Hinton, Mother
  • Donnie Hinton, Brother
  • Donna Hinton, Sister
  • Devin Hinton, Brother
  • Jasmina Mustedanagic-Hinton, Former wife, mother to Dean Hinton Jr.
  • Preceded in Death By
  • Dana Hinton, Brother

Life Story Info


Tetiana Povtoreiko

Post Date

Feb 11, 2022

Personal Info


Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States


Bethesda, Maryland, United States

Cause of Death

Emphysema - Covid complications






Real Estate


Democratic Party


  • High School
    Mercersburg Academy
  • Bachelor's
    University Of Vermont
  • Master's
    United States Merchant Marine Academy
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I grew up across the street from Dean. I remember his love of music all the way back in 4th grade he was playing AC/DC with his boom box. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. I will miss Deans political posts on FB. I was very sick when an old classmate & River Falls friend called me with the news that Dean had past. I was stunned. He was definitely taken way to soon. My prayers are with his wife, son & family.

Cristi Shankland , Glen Rock, PA, US Mar 27, 2022

My friend Dean

I first met in 2015 when was a broke grad student from England trying to finish my studies.

I remember the first time I met Dean I asked him if he was in band as he seemed to have that 80s rock star vibe going on! I could tell he was embarrassed by the question because that’s how Dean was- he never wanted to make a big deal of himself.

We instantly hit it off and became friends- we both had lived in Barcelona when we were younger and had a shared love of politics, current events and travel. Dean loved to follow the news and discuss all the stories just like I did. He offered to let me stay at his place while I was finishing my studies. I ended up staying at his place for two years! During that time, we had many fun times- going to music concerts at Black Cat, DC9 and 930 Club or going for a burger at Tastee Diner or watching Game of Thrones at home on TV or goofing around dancing to music in his kitchen.

Above all, Dean was fun. You never had to worry about getting bored while you were around Dean. He was quick to laugh with a goofy sense of humour. Once we had this hair brained scheme to print off a ton of t-shirts with political slogans and sell them around DC. We ended up walking up and down U st trying to hawk our dumb t-shirts. Even some of the cops wanted to buy our t-shirts!

Dean was also very kind- he cared about people and wanted the best for them. He was always out for the underdog. He told me once that his own struggles in life had made him have more empathy for those in need. He seemed like someone who had reflected a lot on how to be a decent person and tried to live his life that way.

I can confirm the story that Jordan mentioned in his dedications is absolutely true. I was living with Dean at the time and knew all about this. He also casually mentioned once how he let a homeless guy live at his house for a while until the guy got back on his feet. Another time, the Spanish au pair staying with us got the sad news that her parents had been in an accident. Without hesitation, Dean set everything up and paid her fare so that she was on the next flight back to see her parents. That was the kind of person Dean was.

He loved his son Deanie deeply and was always ready to spend time with him and I knew he loved being a Dad. I remember me and Deanie used to play soccer together in the kitchen while Dean watched and kept score.

Dean was also a big fan of the Smiths- we used to go to The Cure vs The Smiths dance party at Black Cat I can picture him now dancing away happily to the Smiths in the middle of the dance floor.

Dean told me once that loser was a strong word to him- a word he feared. But Dean was anything but a loser. Because he knew that in the end the only way to really win at life in the end is through love and connection with others- through his wife, through his son, through his family and through his friends.

The last time I saw Dean was in Mexico at the end of 2019. We were sitting together at the beach with his wife and son. That’s how I will always think of Dean- sitting on a beach somewhere with a healthy tan and a big grin on his face laughing that infectious laugh he had - free and happy.

I will miss you very much, bro.

Your friend


Daniel Owens , Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, GB Mar 05, 2022

Sometimes life is extremely unfair and first of all takes away the best people from us.

I will always remember the day when I first saw Dean: holding hands with Tatiana, they even moved synchronously, it seemed that they were together for half their life. And a few years later we met again and I told Dean that Tanya looks very happy next to him, and he replied: "That these five years next to her are the happiest years of my life."

I was sincerely glad to meet Dean as a new member of our family. It is a pity that in such a short time. I knew he was a wonderful father, a loving and caring husband, and I am grateful to him for showing my Tanya that true love exists.

The memory of him will forever remain in my heart ♥ ️

I express my condolences to family and friends

Iryna Werner Feb 22, 2022

My deepest condolences to you. Learning of this tragedy was shocking, and I cannot imagine the heartbreak and pain you are experiencing. Dean always had a smile for everyone at Mercersburg and was full of positive energy. He will remain a special force in your lives.

Steve Pessagno , Philadelphia, PA, US Feb 16, 2022

My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. I will always remember his smile and enthusiasm. Love, Mandy🙏❤️🙏

Mandy Aubinoe , Bethesda , MD, US Feb 16, 2022

My deepest condolences to you

Tetiana , son Dean, Jr. and the whole family of your beloved husband Dean’ s passing, Father of Dean.

I am Barbara. Mother of Simón and Mimi Hinton and former wife of Donald Hinton who was a Brother to Lloyd Hinton, Dean’s late uncle.

I had the great privilege meeting Dean at Lloyd Hinton’s Celebration of his life a few years ago. Dean and his son were standing next to me and Simón. Dean was immediately receptive and charming a delight to speak with. He said: “ My I have never met you it’s so great getting to know you. Gosh where have they been hiding you it’s awesome getting to know you. We must meet more often. “ He had the sweetest smile and touched my heart. He was very engaging in conversation and made me feel very comfortable too. His son too was too precious back at this event.

It was a shock to hear about his passing so untimely in life thru my children.

I have read the obituary and found it so awesome that he had so many wonderful events and adventures with you and his son. What beautiful pictures, meaningful memories to have. He lived fully with his whole heart and love. He is looking out for you his loved ones with angel wings in God’s mansion. Rest In Peace dear Dean all our prayers and love for you💖

Barbara El Ouardighi , Ft Myers, FL, US Feb 14, 2022

Thanks Barbara very much for sharing with us such a beautiful memories about Dean! It’s very difficult period to understand that his not around anymore. We where very happy family together, he was my precious love and my best friend…

Tetiana Povtoreiko Feb 16, 2022

Thank you Barbara for your wonderful comments…I am the oldest son of Al and Linda and I was named after Mimi and Simon’s father my dads older brother Donnie.

We all miss Dean greatly, he was taken way too young…

Donnie Hinton , Delray Beach, FL, US Feb 23, 2022

Such an amazing guy, a beautiful, magnetic soul. In 2016 we met in Costa Rica totally randomly and became instant friends.

When we met, he was on the phone speaking in Spanish to his landscaper back in the States. Coyotes had taken his landscaper's son in Mexico and were demanding a ransom. Dean was riding in the shuttle with us from the airport, later I would find out he was making a trip to wire money to the kidnappers. I would also find out later that this small experience was normal behavior for Dean, he would give the shirt off his back for anyone that needed it.

We chatted a bit and I told him good luck, thinking we'd never see each other again. The next day there he was- on a random beach, miles and miles away from our first encounter. We both couldn't believe it, we exchanged info and had the most fun dinner that night. Instant friends, Steph and I still laugh about his goofball antics from the evening.

We kept in touch, texting and messaging, and he even made the trip from Washington to TX for our wedding in 2018. We have a picture of Dean dancing with Stephanie at the wedding, this would be the last time we see him.

How could a person be so amazing and charismatic that you could love them after only spending a few hours with them? This is the type of person he was. He held a special place in our hearts and we can't explain why.

We are in total shock and heartbroken. Our hearts go out to his wife and son, he was loved by so many.

Jordan Austin , Austin, TX, US Feb 12, 2022

Thank you very much Austin to sharing that story with us! He told me something a couple of years ago, but very fluently. He never boasted about his actions, as you wrote above, for him it was normal…..

I still can’t believe that it’s happened to us, it’s so unfair, we were soooo happy together….

Tetiana Povtoreiko Feb 13, 2022

Thank Austin to charging with us your beautiful memories about Dean…

He was my everything. And that story describes very well how amazing person he was! ❤️

Tetiana Povtoreiko Feb 16, 2022

Dino & I will be there.

Jasmina Hinton & Dean Hinton , Washington , DC, US Feb 12, 2022


Tetiana Povtoreiko Feb 13, 2022


  • 1970

    Breathers- Donnie and Danna, and sister- Donna, so happy to have little Dean around 🤍

  • 1975

    Hinton’s family ❤️

  • 1977

    Dean with his brother Danna getting ready for a “Mother’s day”

  • 1980
  • 1980

    My precious love 💗

  • 1986

    Handsome high school student

  • 1988

    Mercersburg Academy

  • 1990
  • Jun 1992

    Cattle Drive with Dean, Brian, and Chris near Mancos Colorado

  • Jun 1992

    Cattle Drive: Mancos, Colorado

  • Sep 25, 1999

    Groomsman in our wedding

  • 2000
  • Oct 2005

    China Trip - Sight seeing Near Qingdao

  • 2010
  • Sep 7, 2019

    The greatest gift & blessing that was given to Dean & me is our precious son, Dino ♥️💔🙏