Dawn Doussard Evans crossed “The Great Divide” on September 4th, 2020, all too sudden and soon. Dawn was brought into this world in Alton, IL from a long line of power, strength, and perseverance on October 4th, 1964 to Gerrie Lorraine Morgan and James Martin Doussard. After moving to Cottonwood Heights in 1981, she attended Brighton High School and graduated a year early from her newfound class. In classic Dawn fashion, she quickly made friends in her short spell at her new school in Utah. Fate would soon have it that lifelong relationships, which she held close to her overflowing treasure chest of a heart, would grow from her independence and the zeal to make it so. With her giant confident smile, and determination in her eye, her pedal to the metal, and her most prized ride, the infamous Trans Am, Dawn held nothing back when it came to a midnight race on State Street in the 80’s. That was Dawn in almost all her interactions. Lead her, follow her, or get out of her way.

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Dawn married Kevin Jess Bushman in 1985 and they divorced in 2006. Together they had two amazing children: Brandon Jacob Bushman and Krystle Dawn Bushman. Dawn later went on to marry her soulmate, Corey Richard Evans, in 2009 surrounded by a close group of family and friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She is survived by the love of her life Corey, her son, Brandon (Lindsey), her daughter, Krystle (Clayton), her stepmother, Evelyn, her brother Kevin (Cindy), and countless nieces, nephews, and friends. All will remember her as the tough as nails, larger than life, force of nature, Rock n’ Roll blaring, louder than all, woman. Dawn was a devoted wife and mother, a fighter, a hold nothing back, sometimes painfully direct, not because it was hurtful, but because the truth sometimes hurts, no-nonsense taking, yet, silliest and most full of life woman. Dawn, you will forever be missed and thought of often. You will continue to be idolized, and admired for the power, strength, and perseverance that you were taught, and instilled in us, and for being a lifeblood of your personal and professional communities.

While she was a powerhouse of a woman, she was the kindest, most thoughtful, beyond generous, and caring woman that countless numbered people were fortunate enough to have met. Even more fortunate are those who knew and loved her well. If she was relentless, it was because she cared so deeply. If she was persistent, it was because she strove for nothing short of the ultimate outcome.

Dawn was destined for and fully honed in on her natural talent of event planning and organizing unimaginably extravagant vacations. Whether it be coordinating a simple concert night, to full on exotic trips with dozens of friends and family, to hosting holiday dinners with family and friends, to planning a massive wedding or Halloween party, no detail was overlooked. No one person was excluded. Some may call her an overachiever, but anyone in attendance should be so lucky. Some of the greatest and most memorable moments were made possible by the ultimate party planner herself, Dawn. The details matter a great deal, and are not to be discredited, but the most important fact remains, she had a magnetic field and true zest for having fun, all the while, making it something beautiful to look at, and even more fun to enjoy. Her unbridled force, love and raw and unfiltered attitude, is what helped to draw so many to her, and together.

Did she make you laugh? Did she make you smile? Guaranteed. Did she razz you a little, just to see how far you could go, then push you even further? Did she pull a prank (or ten) on you? From short sheeting beds, to epic “April Fools” pranks, to silly string and nerf gun fights, to teaching her son how to do his first backflip (by example), and her daughter to toilet paper like a pro? Did she take you in, love, and care for you like her own?

Did you laugh with Dawn until Yes, I'll see you, I'll see you on the other side. tears came out of your eyes and your belly hurt, then embraced in such a way that no matter the good and bad in each other, you were overflowing with pride and love to experience such a mutual level of understanding, warmth, and compassion for the human spirit? Did she go beyond her means, and sometimes, better judgement to help you out in a time of need and be there for you when no one else would? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you already consider yourself fortunate to be in Dawn’s circle. A true friend is a friend when it is convenient, and when it is not. They stand by you consistently, both when you are present, and when you are not. They are genuine and honest with you, they show you who they really are. That is a true friend, and she was the definition of that to so many.

She had her fair share of fears and uncertainties, but she was brave enough to show up, and take reign with her logical and “just” approach. A true leader, through and through. But sometimes our leaders need reassurance and love. They need acknowledgement and a little extra pep in their stride, from time to time. Let us remember to give them that. If there is one thing we can all do to honor Dawn, it would be to check up more often on your strong friends. Give an extra nudge of encouragement to the ones you think have infinite power and strength.

Dawn’s wishes were to be cremated and her family will hold a celebration of life on her 56th birthday, October 4th, 2020. The family welcomes any and all who wish to join in their laughter, tears, and adoration for this fiercely loving soul that made a permanent impression on so many. The Celebration of Life will be held at her son's home beginning at 2:00pm followed by a late luncheon.

In the words of The Prince of Darkness, legendary Ozzy Osbourne, himself “See you on the other side”.


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Sep 15, 2020

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Our hearts are broken at the news of loosing our dear friend Dawn. We will never forget the great times and laughs we all shared at the RyanRanch. We love you Dawn, you made our world a better place and we could never thank you for all of your thoughtfulness and kindness to us. Rest in peace dear friend, our love to you always!

Dan and Ryan Link , Herriman, UT, US Sep 23, 2020