David Easson Fullerton

David Easson Fullerton


Dave and I had worked together over the years in the Loss Prevention industry. Dave was a true professional and mentor. Later in my career we crossed paths on occasion and it was always nice to catch up with him. I learned of Dave’s illness a year or so before he passed as we were in contact on LinkedIn. Dave was open with me about his battle and I tried to be as supportive and encouraging as possible. Dave never lost his kindness and gentle nature, he was a good man.

After not receiving several replies from Dave over the last number of months, I learned of his passing. My thoughts and condolences go out to the family,

Colin White , Clovis, CA, US Nov 06, 2019

My condolences and prayers for all who are left behind to grieve. Losing someone we love is so difficult. the void they leave will forever go unfilled. May you find comfort with one another's company and in the memories you will always carry in your hearts. - My love to you all.

Dona Malek , Rancho Cordova, CA, US Jan 12, 2019