David E Fernandez, 56, of Salt Lake City, UT, passed away on July 20 2021.

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David was born in Long Beach, CA in December of 1964. In 1969 the Fernandez family moved to Pierre, SD where in 1983, David graduated from T.F. Riggs High School.

He is a 1987 graduate of South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, where he obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Following graduation David relocated to Salt Lake City, UT and began a career in the aerospace and natural gas industries. He also is an alumnus of South Dakota Mines Triangle Fraternity.

An avid outdoorsman, the mountains of Utah and the surrounding areas afforded David the adventure and solitude that he loved. He enjoyed hiking, rock climbing, scuba diving, cycling, camping and fishing. David was also a world traveler, prolific writer and had a gift for capturing seemingly insignificant nuances of life and recognizing their true and deeper meaning. He was serious and intense, considered himself a philosopher and a poet, was a true friend and ally. He will be dearly missed.

David is survived by his brother Alfredo (wife Monica), nephews Anthony (wife Brooklynn), Agustus, and Annie his loyal canine companion. He is predeceased by his mother Blanca Rosa Fernandez.

A Celebration of Life will be held beginning at 10:00 a.m. on August 21st. Location for this celebration is Sugar House Park (1330 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City), Fabian Lakeside Pavilion.

Your consideration for donation to one of the organizations David supported is requested: Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, UT, Parkinson's Research or Ovarian Cancer Research.


Celebration of Life

Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Sugar House Park - Fabian Lakeside Pavilion
1330 East 2100 South
Salt Lake City, UT

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Anna Spencer

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Jul 25, 2021

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I had the pleasure of knowing and working with David for several years.

Always loved his whit and sense of humour.

My sincere sympathies to his many friends and loved ones.


Glenn , Heritage Pointe, Alberta, CA Aug 15, 2021

I did not personally know David but have been overwhemed by his HERA Climb4Life friends who remember what a great person, friend, and supporter he was to both Sean, our founder, and the HERA Ovarian Cancer organization. He both participated in and helped organize the SLC C4L event after his mother passed from OC. We are SO grateful and grieved by his passing. My thoughts 8are with his family and friends.

Heidi Wells , Denver, CO, US Aug 06, 2021

I met David when I was a dumb kid starting out my career at 18 years old and I ended up working with him for just over 10 years. His wonderfully dark sense of humor not only helped me grow up and realize how life really works, but always warmed my heart in the process. He was a great mentor to me, always pushing me to do more and be better. If not for his constant teasing, I don't think I would be the level-headed business woman I am today. Although we were not in touch for the last couple of years, the news of his passing made my heart heavy. He will be missed.

Emily (Stuart) Dumas , Midvale, UT, US Aug 05, 2021

Yesterday, the immediate family shared one last private moment with David. We are very grateful and appreciate the outpouring of love and support extended from those who were touched by their relationship with him. Through this difficult time the wonderful memories of David each of you have shared, lifted our spirits and has given us strength to carry on. He left an indelible mark on our hearts and in our minds; David’s spirit will be with us always.

Many thanks to those who are making plans for a celebration of David’s life in the Salt Lake City area.

With our sincere and heartfelt thanks,

Monica and Alfredo Fernandez, P. O. Box 223, Middleburg, VA 20118

Alfredo Fernandez , Middleburg, VA, US Aug 03, 2021

I offer my sincerest condolences to the Fernandez family and friends. David became a friend of mine and my family through the climbing community and we remained friends over the years, despite the distance between our homes. He was a very special friend who saw the good in everyone. His generous heart will be missed by many. On behalf of myself, and my kids, we offer our deepest sympathy for the loss of a kind man.

Tammy Andrews , Pacific Palisades, CA, US Aug 17, 2021

Dave/Fred (as some of us jokingly referred to him) and I met when we both worked in Aerospace in the late 80's. We climbed together a fair bit over the years.

Dave was part of the constant Rockreation climbing crew who spent many a night socializing too much at the gym instead of climbing sometimes followed by an attempt at dinner and beverages afterwards. Social gatherings at his place were always fun.

He was a great guy to hang out with. Good climber and I immensely enjoyed the times we roped up together and the social times too.

I'd been wondering what he'd been up to recently and then heard the news from a long time mutual friend. Sad we can't catch up.

Condolences to friends and family!

Brian Cabe Aug 02, 2021

David was a passionate person at work, at play, and adventurous. E.M. Forster once stated, “One person with passion is better than forty merely interested.” David embodied this statement. I had the opportunity to work with David at various businesses. David taught me both business skills and life skills that continue to enrich my life, even today. He will be greatly missed, although his words of wisdom will reside with me forever.

Bart Hunsaker , Clinton, UT, US Aug 01, 2021

Our opportunities to share time with David were small in number but large in quality. He was very kind hearted, patient, and generous with his time and knowledge of many things, such as the outdoors that he loved so much. We miss you, David. Rest in peace.

Alice and Michael , Newcastle, WA, US Jul 31, 2021

Deepest sympathy to the Fernandez Family

I had the pleasure to work with David for more than 15 year

He always was a very up best person to hang out with

We had may business and pleasure trips

He will be greatly missed by all that met David

Ray Jul 29, 2021

He loved going up to Banff for the car show and spending time with you.

Anna Spencer Jul 29, 2021

David was such a great neighbor. I will miss him very much. He would often snow-blow my sidewalk in wintertime, and even helped with my car. What a kind, caring guy! I hope to see him in our next life. My prayers to all his family members and friends. Nancy Day

Nancy Day , Salt Lake City, UT, US Jul 29, 2021

I will miss you cuz’n

Laura Fernandez Farrior Jul 28, 2021

“When we lose someone we love we must learn not to live without them, but to live with the love they left behind”

David was the most amazingly kind, thoughtful, compassionate, caring and intelligent person. He was a true friend. Some of my favorite memories of him were his exceptional gift giving skills, his great taste in music & his kind smile. I will miss him.

-Brittany Wimer

Brittany Wimer , Sauk City, WI, US Jul 28, 2021

We had the opportunity to spend a few dinner evenings with David and Ana in Salt Lake City. He was a unique person and great guy. He was the only person we've ever met who went scuba diving in the South Pole. Best regards to David's family and loved ones. Peter Saenz and Kelly Ingalls.

Peter and Kelly , Glendale, CA, US Jul 28, 2021

David was a kind, gentle and caring person. He went on many scuba trips with us. David saved Rob’s life when he had his accident. I am forever grateful. David and I spent many hours on our last trip to Cozumel and was surprised by David with a huge smile. He always called me “Mom” no matter the location or occasion. I will miss him. Love you David aka “Son”. May you Rest In Peace.

Cindy aka Lucy Reisner , Little River, SC, US Jul 28, 2021

A good friend and dive buddy who was there for me when I needed it the most! Rest In Peace Buddy!

Rob Reisner , Little River , SC, US Jul 28, 2021

From Grantsville to Saba, Cozumel and beyond, always a pleasure to travel and dive with David.

Phil Henriksen , Salt Lake City, UT, US Jul 27, 2021

I got to know David through his good friend Anna. He was always kind and thoughtful and I offer my heartfelt condolences to his friends and family. I know he will rest easier knowing that Anna is going to be taking such good care of Annie, his faithful companion.

Teresa Teubner , West Jordan, UT, US Jul 27, 2021

I met and worked with David at Mooney Controls over 20 years ago. Dusty, David and I also enjoyed the love of scuba diving, traveling to the Caribbean and Mexico. David helped us out at RD Machine whenever we were in need of his engineering expertise. We will miss him dearly

Paula Dastrup Jul 27, 2021

I first met David when I stayed with him for Climb4Life, and then got to know him when he let me live in his spare bedroom when my van broke down. He helped me through a period of darkness, and became a cherished friend and chosen family member. He was one of the most generous people I've known, and always made time to see me while he was in Moab or when I was in SLC. I will greatly miss our conversations, which never shied away from dark or difficult subjects. And I will miss his sense of humor, which managed to balance his desire to embarrass me with kindness and joy.

Lots of love to David's family and friends.

Lots of love to David. I miss you already.

Porscha Doucette Jul 27, 2021

Grew up with David starting at McKinley School in Pierre. Many hours on the river together with friends. Will be missed.

Ross Petersen , Pierre, SD, US Jul 27, 2021

We will miss David very much and will remember all the good times we had with him. He was like a son to us. We want to thank his two very close friends Anna and Kathy for being their for David through his illness and financial help.

Ted and Donna Kemery

Donna Kemery , Pierre, SD, US Jul 27, 2021

David and I loved traveling to SD to see you guys. Every trip was an adventure! We enjoyed working on the cabin, and looked forward to the pig roasts, and meeting/socializing with you and your many friends! They’re lifelong memories! RIP David. .

Kathy , Holladay, UT, US Aug 15, 2021

My deepest condolences to David’s family.

It has been a great pleasure and honor to know David.

I have both worked with and for David. David was both a mentor and good friend when I was starting out in my engineering design career. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with.

David and I shared a love of the outdoors and he and I had some great times on the river.

David was a considerate and generous man. He was someone you could count on. He had a devotion to those whom he knew.

Rest In Peace David. You will be truly missed.

- Dave Youngreen July 26, 2021

Dave Jul 26, 2021

My association with David was small in quantity but large in quality. He was gracious and perceptive. If we lived in the same town, we would have been close friends.

David Word , Atlanta, GA, US Jul 26, 2021

David was a kind and generous man and a very special friend to our family. My condolences to all that cared for him.

Sterling L. Converse , Grand Junction, CO, US Jul 26, 2021

RIP David. It was a pleasure to get to know you. My condolences to the family and friends that lost him at such a young age.

Lillian Smitch , Casa Grande, AZ, US Jul 25, 2021

David was our neighbor for many years. We have missed him and Annie since we moved. We morn his passing. Rest in peace.

Bob Satterfielf , Montrose, CO, US Jul 25, 2021

Knowing David was to like him or Love him as we did. He was a very nice young man with a quite manner that we grew to like and respect. We will truly miss him. R I P David.

Manuel and Lena Tena , Miami, AZ, US Jul 25, 2021


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    “As long as I live, you will live. Someone special as "David Fernandez" will never be forgotten. He will remain in our hearts forever. As long as I live, you will be remembered. As long as I live, you will be loved.”