Brad passed away February 18, 2021 in the home of his brother, Frank. Brad has always been a 'free spirit'! His passions are politics, reading, skiing, biking, history, motorcycles and fast cars. Brad was cursed with 'killer'good looks growing up. He made the best of it! Brad is a survivor. He lived frugally and always had an eye for amazing deals. He put up with Frank's wife's cooking, secretly knowing that he is an amazing cook. His salmon steak dinner was legendary. He put up with, and secretly loved, his adopted fur family, Chopper, Maggie and Romeo. Brad could be found soaking up the sun with a good book on the patio. He would humor Frank's wife by staying up with her watching fireworks or just sitting on the front porch with her watching the sunset. Brad had a huge heart and was so kind and thoughtful-he just didn't let anyone know it. He kept his generosity secret. He leaves behind a beautiful daugher Cambri, who is the light of his life and a true blessing. He has two nephews , Zak and Justin that he grew up with. He is grateful for his good friend, Brian. They spent many hours on their bikes, exploring new adventures. Brad was so cute and funny with Frank's wife's children, Nicole, Matt and Ashley, lots of laughs. Godspeed Brad. We are comforted that you now have peace of heart and peace of mind. You deserve it! Please know that you are loved and remembered. Thank you to everyone who sent food , flowers , cards and plants. We are so grateful.

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Mar 10, 2021

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New York City, New York


Midvale, Utah






  • High School
    Skyline High
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Brad had my daughter and I laughing so hard after Sunday dinner in January. He told us a story about the mother of a girl he dated. She was upset that they were not seeing each other any more. She loved Brad and wanted him to stay with her daughter. He 'ran' into her in a Walmart parking lot. He was meeting up with friends there. She held him hostage in her SUV attempting to convince him to be with her. His friends were stunned, but they thought it was so funny. It took Brad almost two hours to talk his way out of the SUV! The way he told the story was so funny. It was a good time and I am grateful for the memory.

Michelle Jones , Midvale, UT, US Mar 12, 2021