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Barbara Jean Blythe Nelson

Jun 27, 1945 Jan 28, 2021

Barbara Jean Blythe Nelson, 75, mother of three and friend to all, passed on January 28th due to longtime health concerns.

Universally regarded as one of the kindest known souls, Barbara’s dream was to serve for the Peace Corps and though her health kept her from fulfilling it in name, she carried the essence of it everywhere she went. Her adoration for her children, her empathy toward every stranger she met, and her passion for nature sang of the light and care that she brought with her very presence.

She could find the beauty in the smallest things and felt true joy in the everyday, which was doubly inspiring for those around her because of the weights she bore. Never one to complain about the lot life gave her, she spoke frequently of the sermons her late brother, Joe, would give to her as a child. “Though we’re cripples, we can achieve anything if we just keep at it.”

She took such notions deeply to heart and always chased her aspirations. Graduating from Westminster with a Master’s Degree in teaching, raising a family of her own, and travelling as much as she was able were just some of the adventures she took along her life and did so with patience, dedication, and a style all her own (namely the brightest colors, boldest patterns, and largest sizes available!).

A true inspiration to live your life with as much love in your heart as possible, Barbara is survived by her sister Bethanne, brother Larry, husband Dale, daughters Amy Marie and Emily Elizabeth, and grandson Christopher Angel. She goes to rest in peace with her parents Melva and Gurne, her brother Joe, as well as her beloved son Daniel Liberty.


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