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Spilsbury Mortuary stands majestic against the desert sandstone cliffs of St. George, Utah. Its serene setting provides an elegant backdrop for all types of memorial services. Spilsbury is a trusted name in the funeral industry, and we are committed to giving each family our dignified personal touch. Your wishes will be carried out by our dedicated staff with care and compassion.

Life Stories posted by Spilsbury Mortuary

Photo of TJ Anderson

TJ Anderson

Jun 4, 1977Nov 10, 2023

Photo of Alice Genevieve Thompson Nelson

Alice Genevieve Thompson Nelson

Feb 7, 1921Nov 17, 2023

Photo of Donald James Quinto

Donald James Quinto

Mar 21, 1938Nov 17, 2023

Photo of Ardean Wright

Ardean Wright

May 25, 1943Nov 16, 2023

Photo of Gerald Loraine Cox

Gerald Loraine Cox

Nov 14, 1935Nov 13, 2023

Photo of Marion Worthington Wright

Marion Worthington Wright

Aug 2, 1950Nov 12, 2023

Photo of Douglas Cooper Rogers

Douglas Cooper Rogers

May 12, 1950Nov 13, 2023

Photo of Mickey (Mick) K. Moss

Mickey (Mick) K. Moss

Nov 21, 1938Nov 10, 2023

Photo of Remi Davis

Remi Davis

Apr 25, 2019Nov 6, 2023

Photo of Betty Lou Simone Vaught

Betty Lou Simone Vaught

Apr 5, 1932Nov 4, 2023

Photo of Glenn Ronald Peterson

Glenn Ronald Peterson

Nov 16, 1936Nov 5, 2023

Photo of Alan Keith Bradley

Alan Keith Bradley

Dec 22, 1955Nov 3, 2023

Photo of Gerald Harvey Gorsegner

Gerald Harvey Gorsegner

Sep 15, 1944Oct 28, 2023

Photo of Paul Robert Searle

Paul Robert Searle

Mar 2, 1930Oct 31, 2023

Photo of Elaine Hammon

Elaine Hammon

Oct 19, 1995Oct 26, 2023

Photo of Madge Gillespie Carpenter

Madge Gillespie Carpenter

Mar 13, 1941Oct 29, 2023

Photo of Carmen Marry Sudweeks

Carmen Marry Sudweeks

Dec 20, 1941Oct 29, 2023

Photo of Vina Ruth Miles Bringhurst

Vina Ruth Miles Bringhurst

May 12, 1936Oct 27, 2023

Photo of Dorothy Iris Williams Greene

Dorothy Iris Williams Greene

May 13, 1928Oct 11, 2023

Photo of Jeff Barlow

Jeff Barlow

Dec 3, 1953Oct 25, 2023

Photo of Kathie Lyn Mendoza

Kathie Lyn Mendoza

Apr 21, 1970Oct 24, 2023

Photo of Roma Jean Graff Savage

Roma Jean Graff Savage

Jan 2, 1951Oct 21, 2023

Photo of Deanna Pearl Hinnen Nelson

Deanna Pearl Hinnen Nelson

May 13, 1938Oct 17, 2023

Photo of Max Dutson

Max Dutson

Dec 15, 1925Oct 16, 2023

Photo of James Victor Marshall

James Victor Marshall

Aug 8, 1950Oct 16, 2023

Photo of Arden B Stratton

Arden B Stratton

Jun 20, 1931Oct 16, 2023

Photo of Viola ReNae Quinto

Viola ReNae Quinto

Jul 16, 1948Oct 15, 2023

Photo of Paul Marcus Jessop

Paul Marcus Jessop

Apr 1, 1943Oct 11, 2023

Photo of Kit Delane Reed

Kit Delane Reed

Oct 22, 1949Oct 11, 2023

Photo of Frank Clifford Snow

Frank Clifford Snow

Jan 24, 1943Oct 7, 2023

Photo of Bonnie Kae Olds Ballard

Bonnie Kae Olds Ballard

Mar 30, 1947Oct 7, 2023

Photo of Jane Hardle Garassino

Jane Hardle Garassino

Jan 7, 1948Oct 1, 2023

Photo of Steven B. Andersen

Steven B. Andersen

Nov 19, 1952Sep 30, 2023

Photo of Lou Ann Peterson Gilliat

Lou Ann Peterson Gilliat

Jul 2, 1932Sep 30, 2023

Photo of Rhonda Truman Ford

Rhonda Truman Ford

Apr 21, 1960Mar 18, 2020

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