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Larkin is a full-service funeral provider. We make it easy for loved ones to get the details right so they can honor and celebrate the life that has passed on. While we recognize that there are a lot of options out there, the right service is really the only option. At a time when emotions are tender, receiving guidance by someone who has been around and understands your needs can help you find the perfect service. Six generations of serving Utah’s communities has given Larkin a few insights.

Life Stories posted by Larkin Mortuary

Photo of Blake Eric Strong

Blake Eric Strong

May 21, 1961Aug 1, 2022

Photo of Gary Campbell Vaughan

Gary Campbell Vaughan

Jan 9, 1956Jul 30, 2022

Photo of Keith "Rusty" Warren Guernsey

Keith "Rusty" Warren Guernsey

Feb 9, 1949Aug 3, 2022

Photo of Janice Ada Lynn Freking

Janice Ada Lynn Freking

Apr 20, 1930Jul 27, 2022

Photo of Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown

Jul 27, 1973Jul 23, 2022

Photo of William Blaine Clayton

William Blaine Clayton

Dec 7, 1979Jul 24, 2022

Photo of Merlene M. Featherstone

Merlene M. Featherstone

Dec 29, 1931Jul 21, 2022

Photo of Cashton Monte Austin

Cashton Monte Austin

Oct 17, 2006Jul 19, 2022

Photo of Donald George Raines Jr.

Donald George Raines Jr.

Jun 22, 1960Jul 20, 2022

Photo of Karen Sue “Susie” Burke

Karen Sue “Susie” Burke


Photo of Angela Stott Schott

Angela Stott Schott

Mar 12, 1974Jul 13, 2022

Photo of Harry E. Jones

Harry E. Jones

Sep 7, 1933Jul 12, 2022

Photo of Shirley Ann Jacobson Mortensen

Shirley Ann Jacobson Mortensen

May 27, 1945Jul 15, 2022

Photo of Darl Mark Smith

Darl Mark Smith

Mar 28, 1940Jul 10, 2022

Photo of Barbara Kathryn Tate

Barbara Kathryn Tate

May 30, 1944Jul 10, 2022

Photo of Anna Rae Hansen Rueckert

Anna Rae Hansen Rueckert

Feb 2, 1931Jun 6, 2022

Photo of Betty B Barrett

Betty B Barrett

Feb 4, 1941Jul 6, 2022

Photo of J. Richard Clarke

J. Richard Clarke

Apr 4, 1927Jun 29, 2022

Photo of Joyce Elaine Durham Larsen

Joyce Elaine Durham Larsen

Dec 21, 1931Jun 30, 2022

Photo of Craig Rosenvall

Craig Rosenvall

Dec 15, 1954Jul 4, 2022

Photo of Janae Crawford Wootton

Janae Crawford Wootton

Oct 26, 1950Jun 28, 2022

Photo of Ana Makalenani Vea

Ana Makalenani Vea

Apr 4, 1945Jun 23, 2022

Photo of Ronald Gary Osborne

Ronald Gary Osborne

Oct 19, 1942Jun 27, 2022

Photo of John Kevin Kingdon

John Kevin Kingdon

Sep 15, 1957Jun 23, 2022

Photo of Ann Novak Voyles

Ann Novak Voyles

Aug 10, 1924Jun 26, 2022

Photo of LaNez Larkin Plummer

LaNez Larkin Plummer

May 11, 1934Jun 23, 2022

Photo of Dean William Graham

Dean William Graham

Nov 19, 1933Jun 19, 2022

Photo of Katie Lynn Jeffs

Katie Lynn Jeffs

Jul 17, 1996Jun 18, 2022

Photo of Robert Vern Cowan

Robert Vern Cowan

Mar 3, 1939Jun 14, 2022

Photo of Bonnie Lou Grant

Bonnie Lou Grant

Sep 21, 1934Jun 9, 2022

Photo of Ellen Malmborg Skabelund

Ellen Malmborg Skabelund


Photo of Pamela Baker Foote

Pamela Baker Foote

Aug 27, 1942Jun 13, 2022

Photo of Heaven Arianna Ehlers

Heaven Arianna Ehlers


Photo of Elder Robert LeGrand Backman

Elder Robert LeGrand Backman

Mar 22, 1922Jun 3, 2022

Photo of Thomas Alan Erkelens

Thomas Alan Erkelens


Photo of Roberta Elvira Meline Kelly

Roberta Elvira Meline Kelly

Jan 27, 1933May 28, 2022

Photo of Joyce Alene Halley Lund Thomas

Joyce Alene Halley Lund Thomas

Oct 31, 1924May 30, 2022

Photo of Michael Kirkham Jarvis

Michael Kirkham Jarvis

Dec 19, 1940May 26, 2022

Photo of Louise Rounds

Louise Rounds

Jun 18, 1951May 18, 2022

Photo of J. Clark Whitehead

J. Clark Whitehead

Jun 4, 1934May 22, 2022

Photo of William Lynn Nixon

William Lynn Nixon

Sep 13, 1934May 20, 2022

Photo of Beth Alice Hadley

Beth Alice Hadley


Photo of James Peter Marsh

James Peter Marsh

Feb 18, 1953May 18, 2022

Photo of Sarah Jane Moyle Creer Grant

Sarah Jane Moyle Creer Grant

May 6, 1937May 21, 2022

Photo of George H. Maxwell

George H. Maxwell

Dec 7, 1931May 22, 2022

Photo of Joyce Ann Garrick Hathenbruck

Joyce Ann Garrick Hathenbruck

Jan 4, 1950May 21, 2022

Photo of Veda Carol Taylor Daley

Veda Carol Taylor Daley

Aug 26, 1931May 16, 2022

Photo of Robert Curtis "Bear" Christensen Sr

Robert Curtis "Bear" Christensen Sr


Photo of Peggy Anne Watanuki

Peggy Anne Watanuki


Photo of Janice Jordan Hennefer

Janice Jordan Hennefer

Feb 28, 1937May 10, 2022

Photo of Andrew "Scott" Thomas

Andrew "Scott" Thomas

Aug 28, 1977May 3, 2022

Photo of John Burton Anderson

John Burton Anderson

May 17, 1930Apr 29, 2022

Photo of Hal Roger Cannon

Hal Roger Cannon

Oct 15, 1935Apr 28, 2022

Photo of Marvin "Chuck" Charles Pullan

Marvin "Chuck" Charles Pullan

Jun 13, 1961Apr 18, 2022

Photo of Calvin Edward Clark

Calvin Edward Clark

Sep 17, 1929Apr 22, 2022

Photo of Catherine Lavon Bishop Fratto

Catherine Lavon Bishop Fratto

Sep 8, 1938Apr 14, 2022

Photo of George Norr

George Norr


Photo of Kathy Hastings (Taylor)

Kathy Hastings (Taylor)


Photo of Pearl M. Boberg

Pearl M. Boberg

Nov 19, 1930Apr 11, 2022

Photo of James Eugene Petersen

James Eugene Petersen

Jun 17, 1939Apr 13, 2022

Photo of Gordon "Gordy" Dean Jensen

Gordon "Gordy" Dean Jensen

Mar 22, 1938Apr 8, 2022

Photo of Daniel Thomas McGrew

Daniel Thomas McGrew

Mar 1, 1948Apr 9, 2022

Photo of William Brown Farnsworth

William Brown Farnsworth

Aug 22, 1950Apr 9, 2022

Photo of John Guiseppe Willhard

John Guiseppe Willhard


Photo of Barbara Todd Jenkins

Barbara Todd Jenkins

Nov 11, 1939Apr 1, 2022

Photo of Zachary Ray Johnson

Zachary Ray Johnson

Jan 8, 1981Apr 4, 2022

Photo of Elliot Alexander Benson

Elliot Alexander Benson

Nov 17, 2007Apr 4, 2022

Photo of Hillary Adams Bushman

Hillary Adams Bushman

Feb 18, 1984Apr 3, 2022

Photo of Shirley Ida Evans Bliss

Shirley Ida Evans Bliss

Feb 24, 1932Mar 30, 2022

Photo of Robyn Carver Gilman

Robyn Carver Gilman

Jul 11, 1958Oct 23, 2021

Photo of Dorothy Jean Clark Chamberlain

Dorothy Jean Clark Chamberlain

May 3, 1940Mar 25, 2022

Photo of Marcia Gardiner

Marcia Gardiner

Mar 11, 1954Mar 16, 2022

Photo of Sylvia Arm Wunderli

Sylvia Arm Wunderli

Jun 1, 1938Mar 22, 2022

Photo of Jack Lee English

Jack Lee English

May 15, 1925Mar 14, 2022

Photo of Rhea Moser Littlewood

Rhea Moser Littlewood

Nov 1, 1925Mar 19, 2022

Photo of Kelci Anne Santy

Kelci Anne Santy

Feb 25, 1988Mar 16, 2022

Photo of James Martin Paramore

James Martin Paramore

May 6, 1928Mar 17, 2022

Photo of Dona Gay Childs

Dona Gay Childs

Mar 3, 1943Mar 14, 2022

Photo of Faye Richards Nichols

Faye Richards Nichols

Feb 20, 1927Mar 15, 2022

Photo of Robert W. Yates DDS

Robert W. Yates DDS

Oct 9, 1934Mar 12, 2022

Photo of Robert Randall “Randy” Sutton

Robert Randall “Randy” Sutton

Mar 27, 1958Mar 9, 2022

Photo of James WIlliam Tan

James WIlliam Tan

Jan 27, 1999Mar 9, 2022

Photo of Raye Rita Taggart Graham Keif

Raye Rita Taggart Graham Keif

Nov 7, 1930Mar 5, 2022

Photo of Dennis Robert Dalley

Dennis Robert Dalley

Jul 26, 1925Mar 5, 2022

Photo of Daniel Despain Askew

Daniel Despain Askew

May 20, 1978Mar 3, 2022

Photo of Randy John Jones

Randy John Jones

Aug 5, 1959Feb 26, 2022

Photo of Donna Edith Smith Packer

Donna Edith Smith Packer

Oct 20, 1927Mar 5, 2022

Photo of Shirley Jean Davis Rydalch

Shirley Jean Davis Rydalch


Photo of Trey Brandon Patrick

Trey Brandon Patrick

Jul 7, 2015Mar 2, 2022

Photo of Darrell LuRoy Deem

Darrell LuRoy Deem


Photo of Robin Campbell McCabe

Robin Campbell McCabe

Dec 11, 1931Feb 24, 2022

Photo of Marjie Peterson

Marjie Peterson


Photo of Dr. Blaine Hawkes Wilcox

Dr. Blaine Hawkes Wilcox

Feb 16, 1931Feb 20, 2022

Photo of Albert Wesley Duncan

Albert Wesley Duncan

May 5, 1922Feb 19, 2022

Photo of Heather Lynn Condie Kingsford

Heather Lynn Condie Kingsford

Nov 8, 1960Feb 20, 2022

Photo of Shon Dale Thomas

Shon Dale Thomas

Oct 28, 1962Feb 14, 2022

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