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The Wharton Funeral Home legacy of service began under direction of Arlus and Helen Chambers in 1948. The business very quickly became the largest and most prestigious provider of funeral and ambulance services in Wharton. For close to 30 years, Arlus continued the tradition of providing the finest in care to his families. Since 1948, the Wharton Funeral Home has remained a family owned and operated funeral home in Wharton. In an age of constant corporate funeral home and family name buyouts, its comforting for families to know there is a family owned and operated firm with a tradition of over 64 years of compassion, consistency, and dignity that families can turn to in their time of need. Arlus built a funeral home dedicated to service and compassion. His three children, Charles Chambers, Gayle Chambers Reynolds, and Jimmie Chambers all worked for the funeral home until they embarked on different careers. Jimmie Chambers stayed in the family business, and he continued to work along side his mother after Arlus passed away in 1975. The Wharton Funeral Home has continued to be run by Jimmie Chambers and his wife, Donna, focusing on the compassion and integrity that Arlus instilled in the business from the day he opened the doors in 1948. Brad Macha and his wife, Ana purchased Wharton Funeral Home from Jimmie and Donna in August 2013. They have dedicated themselves to caring for the precious loved ones in others lives. They hope their experience and dedication will hold true the values set forth by the Chambers family for many years to come. Brad Macha brings 18 years of experience in the funeral industry.

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