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Welcome to Taylor Bros. Funeral Home, one of the oldest, family-owned businesses in town. The firm has come a long way since 1909 when it was organized by Henry Hill, F. G. Ludwig, and Seth S. Taylor. Originally, the business was situated east of the courthouse on 7th St. and was known as Taylor-Hill Furniture and Undertaking. In 1913 Seth S.Taylor purchased the original firm, and he was later joined by his brother, Frank Shaw Taylor. This furniture and undertaking business continued to operate through the years, and in 1932 a branch was opened in Palacios, TX. The furniture business was separated from the funeral home in 1952, with Frank Shaw Taylor, his wife Frances, and his sons, Van Shaw and Don Jean becoming the owners of the funeral home. The funeral home was moved from its first site, to the east side of the courthouse Square, adjacent to Matagorda Pharmacy, then again moved to the north side of the square on Seventh Street. In 1939 it was moved to a fourth location, a brand new building at 1300 Seventh Street. Finally, in 1979, after four moves, Taylor Bros. Funeral Home was situated in a spacious columned building that occupies 12,000 square feet at 2313 Ave. I. The pink brick building, surrounded by white columns and stained glass windows, houses a beautiful chapel (seating capacity for 250 plus separated family seating), business offices, a spacious entrance hall, three reposing rooms, and a family conference room. The firm also includes a cemetery, a monument company, and has a branch office in Palacios, TX. Taylor Bros. has always been family owned.

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