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Wade Funeral Home has its roots in early Hubbard history. Around 1900, Davis Brothers Furniture and Undertaking was opened in downtown Hubbard City. In the next decade, it became Wolfe Funeral Directors and eventually Wolfe and Dobson Funeral Directors and Embalmers. In 1946, George Eubanks came to work for Mr. Wolfe, purchasing partial interest in the home and in 1950, he became the primary owner. For the next 35 years, the Hubbard area was served well by the Eubanks family. Following Mr. Eubanks' death in 1984, his son, Bill, continued to help his mother, Jo, run the family business until 1985, when Mike Wade purchased the home with his father, Bill Wade, who remained co-owner until his death in 1989. Before purchasing the funeral home from the Eubanks family, Mike worked at Shannon's Funeral Home in Fort Worth for six years and at Blair-Stubbs Funeral Home in Mexia for two years. The current facility at 201 NW 3rd Street was built in 1973 by George Eubanks after the March 10 tornado destroyed the downtown facility. The Wade family has done some remodeling and landscaping and the attractive chapel seats 300 with room for overflow.

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