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To our knowledge, the first funeral home in Groesbeck was Connally Funeral Home. In later years there was some competition by one or two other funeral homes but they eventually closed. Mr. William Clay Shelton purchased the funeral home from Connally and operated it until his death in 1957. An employee of Shelton's, William Wayne Kibler, purchased the funeral home from Mrs. Shelton and operated it until his death in 1976. Mrs. Jean Kibler operated the funeral home until 1984 when she sold it to Wade Ricks of Ricks Funeral Home in Teague. Terry Don Roach, a long time employee of Kibler Funeral Home decided to build a funeral home. He gathered 13 stockholders and opened Groesbeck Funeral Home, Inc. on January 1, 1985. In 1988 Groesbeck Funeral Home purchased Ricks Funeral Home and gave the old building to the Senior Citizens Center. In 1990 Groesbeck Funeral Home, Inc. purchased White's Funeral Home in Kosse and now serves that part of Limestone County.

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