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Mississippi native John Edward Morrison (1848-1926) and his family moved to Texas in 1874, settling first in Tarrant County. They arrived in Young County in 1876, and Morrison purchased several tracts of land. By January 1877 he opened a blacksmith shop on the town square, and in 1884 he formed a partnership with Spencer Boyd Street. Their new venture was called Morrison & Street Grocery. Over the years, J.E. Morrison expanded his business interests to include dry goods, hardware, and lumber. Eventually he opened branch stores in nearby towns. In 1888, with the addition of undertaking supplies to the company's inventory, the Morrison Funeral Home was begun. The partnership with Street was dissolved in 1895, and several of Morrison's children joined the family businesses. Following Morrison's death his son, Adger A., became head of the undertaking business. He expanded the company, and a new building was completed in 1938. The businesses of John E. Morrison have played an important part in Graham's history. Now in its second century, the Morrison Funeral Home continues to be operated by descendants of John Edward Morrison.

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