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Experience the difference at Hanner Funeral Service, where our reputation and quality of service is built upon Integrity, trust, and compassion. We were founded in 1931 by brothers JW and NP Hanner, continued to be guided by HN and HR Hanner, and are currently guided by fourth-generation John Michael Hanner. The funeral business is rooted deep within the Hanner family, from generation to generation and it is who we are. At Hanner Funeral Service, we strive to take care of our families before, during, and after the funeral has taken place. Our job does not end after the funeral is over. We know that grief is a process and has its own timetable for each individual. That is why, in 2010, we opened our new Community Resource Center for Grief and Preventive Care. We also formed Grief Support Groups. We believe that with the proper help, care and resources, we can offer you a total experience to help honor your loved one and move forward peacefully. We are here not only provide you with a professional funeral service, but also to help you and your family have the peace of mind knowing you will make it through this difficult time. We are located in Atlanta, TX, in the piney woods of East Texas, about 50 miles northwest of Shreveport, LA, and about 20 miles south of Texarkana.

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