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Goes Funeral Care is the first full-service firm in Northern Colorado designed to meet changing funeral customs. There is a growing trend toward more simplified services and family involvement. Unique life celebrations and tributes are becoming more desired as well. Years ago that was the way it was, families saying goodbye to loved ones in ways consistent with their lifestyle. Then the industry created bigger and bigger "professional" funeral homes. Cost went up and involvement became something the funeral home "could take care of". We are trying to bring funeral service around. Every person is unique and deserves a life tribute that would reflect a life lived. We encourage such personalized tributes and furthermore offer our services at a sensible price because it is the right thing to do. We do not look for sales but look to provide service. If you want to purchase something, that is a personal decision for you. We also do not believe in "selling up" to increase your costs. We believe a family has the right to choose an appropriate tribute without the burden of high cost or to compromise on quality. We believe in helping you find ways to contain costs and to encourage families to participate in the funeral process.

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